20 Hot Shots For The iPhone 5


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Apple is a household name for beautiful creations such as their Mac computers, iPads and iPhones. That is why it is one of the few companies able to cause a stir when it comes to releasing their new devices.

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20 Hot Shots For The iPhone 5

  1. 1. 20 Hot Shots for the iPhone 5Have you had the same on your list?Apple is a household name for beautiful creations such as their Mac computers, iPadsand iPhones. That is why it is one of the few companies able to cause a stir when itcomes to releasing their new devices.Perhaps it is the only tech giant that makes people list down all their expected and mostwanted features for their gadgets. This is both a blessing and a tough responsibility forApple as they really have to improve their products so as not to disappoint theirfollowers.And speaking of lists, here is one list that gives the netizens their 20 hot shots for theiPhone 5!20. Enhanced voice controlWant to use your phone without accessing it using your hands? You can do it betterwith iPhone 5! There’s no need for you to reach out for it when you don’t have to. Nomore texting while driving if you can go all out with voice control!19. Micro-HDMI outNo more $39 Digital AV! Send HD videos to televisions and projectors hassle-free!18. Removable batteryUser replaceable batteries for an iPhone device? Sounds impossible, but let’s still crossour fingers.
  2. 2. 17. Expandable memoryNot happening but we will all be delighted to have it.16. Biometric securityThere’s already a patent about this, but it’s worth hoping for anyway.15. NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication Technology)The iPhone 5 as a social networking tool and as an iWallet? Sounds pretty cool.14. More memoryAn iPhone 5 with a 64GB memory? This better be true!13. Improved home screen and notifications systemTake pleasure in having a more personalized and customizable home screen with a real“dashboard” to begin with. Not to mention, a better and streamlined notification systemto enjoy.12. Better cloud-computing support5GB support for iCloud? Not funny, this should really be something to look out for.11. Video chat (FaceTime) over cellular networkIn iOS 5, anything seems to be possible for FaceTime. But oh, wait, what’s this?Carriers have total control? Okay, not news to me.10. Flash supportThis is really something that the iPhone users would want to have! Why can’t it be?! Butwe still want to ask for it anyway.9. Better cameraThe iPhone 5 was said to sport an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash to be providedand supplied by Sony.8. Dual-core processorThe iPhone 5 was said to have the A5 chip, the powerful processor that is in the iPad 2.Imagine what it can do to our mobile experience. This is something to watch out for.
  3. 3. 7. Improved 3D graphicsThe iPhone 5 will apparently get the PowerVR SGX543MP found in the iPad 2.6. Universal carrier support (CDMA and GSM)More and more hints are saying that the iPhone 5 will support both CDMA and GMSnetworks. Ta da! A universal iPhone!4. Better battery lifeJudging from the trend that Apple is on, I assume that there will be 40% better batterlife for the iPhone 5.3. Fewer failed and dropped callsThere will be a change in design. No more “death grip” amigos! The antenna was saidto be back and the hiccup Apple made with the iPhone 4 should now becovered…perhaps.2. Larger screenRumors say that the iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch edge-to-edge screen. Well, what can Isay? It’s about time, Apple!1. 4G network compatibilityThe next big thing is actually the 4G network compatibility with the iPhone. If theiPhone 5 comes out with this technology, then Apple sales are expected to go boomonce it hits Verizon’s counters.In the rule of demand and supply, producers must be able to know the demands oftheir consumers and customers to be able to profit more on their sales.If Apple is listening to the needs and wants of their customers, they will surely get thetop spot in the mobile jungle. It will be needless to say that they will dominate thewhole market share with their expanding number of followers and supporters.
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