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Bosco Quizzard '13 Bosco Quizzard '13 Presentation Transcript

  • X was first discovered thousands of years ago by the Native Americans, the first evidence of X is from 3600 B.C. was found in New Mexico. The English who came to America in the 16th and 17th centuries learned about X from the Native Americans. During the Great Depression, X was comparatively cheap at 5-10 cents a bag and became popular. Thus, while other businesses failed, the X business thrived and became a source of income for some struggling farmers. X is the official state snack food of Illinois. What is X?
  • X was originally white with blue fringes. Following the great catastrophe of 1950, X was criticized for lack of patriotism. So, the local newspaper, Correio da Manhã held a competition to design a new version of X. The winning design was by Aldyr Garcia Schlee, a nineteen year old from a small city Pelotas. The new X were first used in March 1954 ,and since then has been in use since then. What is X?
  • The year when A was born, electricity had reached the country A belonged to. To commemorate this major happening, the father of A decided to name him after Thomas Alva Edison, the founder of the electric bulb. Who is A? View slide
  • X was born in 1884 in Bristol, England, and died in September 1895. In 1898, three years after X’s death, Francis painted a picture based on a photograph of X listening intently to a wind-up Edison-Bell cylinder phonograph, substituting a disc gramophone for the phonograph. The painting was sold to Y in 1900 for a 100 pounds ,was to be the turning point of Y to be one of the most successful brands in the world. Identify X and Y. View slide
  • The biblical Y has been interpreted in many different ways. Some say its resin whereas others say that it is the excretory product of aphids. The interpretations of Y ranges from mushrooms to fungi to even popcorns. In botany, it is used to refer to any form of sugary liquid or semi liquid sap exuded from a plant. What is Y?