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How to connect with customers through various business areas in the organization - with customer support as the center of engagement.

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  • requiescant in pace\nrest in peace.\n
  • 25 min. dele mine erfaringer\n
  • cornerstones of Rebuild21. The engaging and interactive breakout sessions are the exceptional and outstanding experience at Rebuild21.\nOutput will be share and inspire the rest of the world \nThe building manual for 21st century Business\nThe summed up outputs from each break-out session will be published after the conference. \n\n
  • Digital billboard - smarphone - link browser, pong, lastet 30 seconds, won a goodie of your choice. Coupon sent to phone, redeem nearby.\n
  • Digital billboard - smarphone - link browser, pong, lastet 30 seconds, won a goodie of your choice. Coupon sent to phone, redeem nearby.\n
  • customer driven innovation\n
  • The is no hierachy, everyone with a device has a voice. to spread value \n
  • we share, we listen - we re-tell stories - we Develop\n
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  • Det skal gøre noget for afsenderen og modtageren.\n
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  • Marketing R.I.P

    1. 1. Marketing R.I.P
    2. 2. moderated byNATASHA FRIIS SAXBERG @saxberg Web Entrepreneur Author of the Danish Twitterbook & Upcoming“Humans & Digital Media” Affiliated at theCopenhagen Institute For Futures Studies
    3. 3. From CMOver to the 21st century of communicators.We are all a small node in a greater network.FROM ISOLATED ISLAND TO LINKED COMMUNITIES. introduction purpose - cases 10 min.
    4. 4. The future of engagement.Case 1. McDonald’s engages pedestrians with smartphones vs. billboard.#games #coupons #ar #geolocation
    5. 5. The future of conversations.Case 2. Utilize your customer support community#support #seo #saving #scaleIn the first 90 days, the company saw a 75%reduction in the number of support tickets50% of traffic arrive via SEO results2,965 ideas generated by loyal customers132,898 active users created 47,750 topics
    6. 6. The future of creation.Case 2. My Starbucks Idea - users are creators.#ambassadors #community #ideas
    7. 7. Everyone Is A Messenger.THE IS NO PAST AND NO FUTURE - ONLY REAL TIME.The Stage Is Ours - To Define, To Play & To Spread.
    8. 8. Everyone Is A Listener.We are a social species - curiosity drives usforward.Every listener has a unique interpretation.
    9. 9. Everyone Is A Contributor.EVERY STORYTELLER HAS A UNIQUE STORYEvery individual is responsible for depth and value.
    10. 10. The ChallengeWHO ARE THE FUTURE MARKETERS?How do they work, what is their culture, values and flow? challenge presented center of map
    11. 11. Frontiers.FROM MANAGEMENT TO LEADERSHIP.First Followers vs. First Movers.
    12. 12. We Are Defined By Our Stories.Which Stories Do We Tell?
    13. 13. From Hierarchy To Flow.We Don’t Need Hands, We Need Heads.
    14. 14. Redefine ControlIt Is Cheaper To Accept Errors Than To Try To Prevent Them.
    15. 15. Organisations are no longer preventing train crashes.We live in a time of server crashes.We reboot, We Iterate, We improve.
    16. 16. ? Twitter @saxberg Blog