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Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
Digi Marketing For Blogger Event
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Digi Marketing For Blogger Event


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Digi Marketing

Digi Marketing

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  • The American Election: It was a campaign of many digital firsts… and here are some of the highlights… Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy online … and Barack Obama announced his VP running mate via SMS and email. In general, John McCain relied on more traditional media, but his campaign did sponsor a contest for the best user-created "Joe the Plumber" spot… There were user-generated videos throughout the campaign... a spoof of Apple's 1984 spot with Hillary as Big Brother (if you haven’t seen it, you should)... and the “Yes We Can” music video, which was viewed by tens of millions of people online. No matter how you feel about the results, Barack Obama ran a truly groundbreaking campaign. In fact, two weeks before he was elected President, he won another election. At the ANA conference, the nation's brand builders voted him... Ad Age's Marketer of the Year for 2008. No doubt about it, the Obama team ran a very smart campaign. They used all the traditional media— television, radio, outdoor— they had an outstanding field effort, and they stayed on message throughout. But one of the smartest things they did was to look at what was happening in digital media... and ask themselves: “What can we do with all these new opportunities for interactivity and engagement?” They recognized that the Internet gave them the chance to go direct…to stay in constant dialogue with people, without any “interference” from the establishment press. (Imagine what the next four years will be like if Obama governs the same way he campaigned… direct to the people...) What the traditional press thinks and does... doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone’s going around them.” the Obama campaign understood this and worked it brilliantly. They had a state-of-the-art website with all the bells and whistles. Barack and Joe Biden had pages on all the right social media sites… and they joined Twitter, so supporters could track their movements on the campaign trail moment-to-moment. The campaign had its own “Race to the White House” game… and they advertised inside a couple of dozen X-box games. They created the “Obama Mobile” network, built their own iPhone application, and offered free downloadable ringtones. They became masters of CRM, managing more than 4 million donors and volunteers with daily updates, requests for money (there was a “donate” button in every email and on every page), requests to call and visit toss-up states. When you didn’t respond to the request to call and get names to call, they sent you names. They even used a sweepstakes…First, 5 people and then 10 (5 new donors, 5 past donors) would be selected to go to Chicago to watch the election returns with the Obama inner circle. (They called it a “front row to history.”) They used every trick in the Marketing 2008 handbook, and used each well. Team Obama brought their “brand” to life across media in ways that no political campaign had done before… by realizing that—in the world of digital marketing—“if you can think it, you can do it.” They brought Obama to the people…and they won. Number 1 profile on Facebook Most popular Twitter profile Over 180,000 daily website visitors* 2.9 million strong phone list Over 53,000,000 videos viewed on YouTube** Over $200,000,000 raised online***
  • And the story continues with the hot off the press news last Friday where the entire world can log on to Facebook and through CNN can watch the show live. Consumers worldwide have bought into Obama, because he is someone and promises something they can believe in
  • Transcript

    • 1. DigiMarketing Kent Wertime Ogilvy Japan March 31, 2010
    • 2. Tectonic Shifts
    • 3. 1996 U.S. (66%) Rest of World (34%) The Global User Base 2010 U.S. (13%) Rest of World (87%)
    • 4. The Digital Device Shift billions 1.0 PC users 1.3 landline phones 1.4 credit cards 1.7 internet users 1.5 TVs 1.8 active sms users 4.0 mobile subscribers
    • 5. 2010 No Mobile 2.6 Billion Have Mobile 4.1 Billion (60%) A Mobile World
    • 6. 2010 Developed World (33%) Developing World (67%) A Mobile World
    • 7. Traditional Media Digital Media TV IPTV Radio Digital Radio Billboards Digital POS
    • 8. Traditional Media Digital Media Source: IBM, The End of Advertising as We Know It, 2007 . Based on a survey of mo more than 2,400 households in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia Impress R&D 2009 62% 1-4 hrs/day 9% 6+ hrs/day 62% 1-4 hrs/day 12% 6+ hrs/day
    • 9. Today, time that people can connect to the Internet is 21.9 hrs/day. (Time that people are in the environment which enables to connect to the Internet; Source: Internet White Paper 2009)
    • 10.
      • Chart and call out on social media
      Sources ADMA, Synovate, Nielsen. Notes: SM – Social Media users DIGITAL: A GREAT WAY OF KEEPING IN TOUCH & SHARING 456 million social media users in Asia 202 million SM users in China 75 million SM users in Japan 27 million SM users in Korea 20 million SM users in Indonesia 62% trust consumer opinion online higher than TV, radio, magazine. 7/10 markets that rely most on word of mouth are in AP
    • 11. Sources ADMA, Synovate, Nielsen. AND CAN BE ACCESSED 24/7 ON-THE-GO – AS A RICHER EXPERIENCE. Mobile Internet access overtook PC access by 11.3% in 2009, becoming the leading platform for people in their 20s Source: Internet White Paper 2009 592 million mobile subscribers in China 155 million – mobile internet 65% of whom browse music and entertainment at least 1x per week. 65% of affluent Asians have a phone with internet capabilities. 70% of Japanese mobile users use QR codes actively. 13.7 million Koreans watch mobile TV 52% use mobile internet 35% use mobile internet to follow blogs. 82.4% of Japanese experienced on-line shopping Source: Internet White Paper 2009
    • 12.
      • People are replacing their trust in traditional authorities with trust in each other
    • 13. Awareness to influence: the new communications model Leaders Elders Experts Celebrities Alternative opinions Friends and family The man on the street The Age of Deference The Age of Reference The man on the street Friends and family Alternative opinions Celebrities Est. authorities Elders Leaders Most trusted source Least trusted source
    • 14. A New Age of Influence Building Source: Ogilvy/Henley Center Community Branding Brand Target Target Target Target Target Target Target Mass Communication Direct Marketing Brand Target Target Target Brand Target
    • 15. Obama
    • 16. Real Time News and Participation to Create Influence
    • 17. Japanese Government now part of the discussion hatoyamayukio Name 鳩山由紀夫 Location 日本 Web http://hatocafe.k... Bio 政治の話に限らず、身辺に起こったいろいろな話題について書いていければと思っています。ご意見ご感想は @hatoyamayukio でお願いいたします。首相執務室の専用モニターに届きます。今後、政策についてのご意見をハッシュタグでいただくことも考えております。いただいたご意見は会議などに活用させていただく予定です。 少しずつ暖かくなってきて、公邸の池の鯉も冬眠から目覚め、泳ぎ出しました。一匹だけ小さなのがいて、大きい鯉に押し負けそうになるので、「頑張れ」と応援しています。 10:26 AM Mar 14th via Keitai Web 今日は、奈良で地元の企業や児童養護施設の方々のお話をうかがいました。製薬会社の生産現場や薬草園を拝見したり、施設で元気なこどもたちに接し、いにしえの都・奈良で未来への手ごたえを感じました。遷都 1300 年を機に、当時のままに復原された「大極殿」の威容に息を呑む思いでした。 9:03 PM Mar 13th via Keitai Web Following View all…
    • 18. Digital Tectonic Shifts
      • The users are there
      • Devices are becoming digital…& mobile
      • Media are increasingly digital
      • People’s time is increasingly devoted to digital
      • People have fully accepted mobility
      • Advertising & marketing spend is going digital
    • 19. Spending still lagging behind consumer adoption of Digital Source: eMarketer 2008, Zenith Media Forecast Dec 08; Nestlé PFME Analysis 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 % Consumer Time Spent Online (US) % Global Advertising Dollars Spent Online 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% The marketing confidence gap
    • 20. Traditional Media Digital Media Traditional Marketing DigiMarketing
    • 21. Three Eras of Digital Marketing
      • New & Experimental
      Mass & Mainstream Predominant Form of Marketing
    • 22.
      • DigiMarketing Shift:
      • A defining topic for a generation of marketing
    • 23. 12 DigiMarketing Shifts
      • From Traditional To DigiMarketing
      • Viewers…………………………………………Participants
      • Impressions…………………………………….Involvement
      • Broadcast Mindset…………………………….Addressable Mindset
      • Schedule-Driven……………………………….Time-shifted, Borderless
      • Marketer-Driven……………………………….. Consumer-Initiated
      • Push Marketing………………………………..Opt-in and Share
      • Traditional Media Planning……………………New Media Planning
      • Managed PR……………………………………Digital Influence
      • Integrated Marketing………………………….. Unified Marketing
      • Data-Blind………………………………………Data-Driven
      • Post-Campaign…………………………………Real-time
      • Partial ROI...……………………………………Optimization
    • 24. Japan’s shift is just as dramatic
    • 25. The Japan Shift
      • Traditional Marketing
      • Traditional media channels
      • “ Sequential” marketing
      • Minor role for data
      • Marketing Today
      • More two-way marketing
      • Multiple brand entry points
      • Major role for data
      • Mobility playing key role
      • Innovation @ retail
    • 26. Explosion of Media Channels
        • digital TV* - podcasts* - viral*
        • print - mobile* - blogs*
        • digital media* - live events - VOD*
        • radio - email* - retail POS*
        • branded content* - direct mail - eMoney*
        • gaming consoles* - DVR* - digital OOH*
        • mp3/iPod* - outdoor - social applications*
        • packaging - search*
        • digital video* - collateral
      * Infinite possibilities for individualization
    • 27. Major shift Inquire by Phone Always Search Anywhere, Anytime Watching TV at home Chatting SNS Diary, Home Video Blog ・ twitter ・ YouTube
    • 28. Thank You!