How food and wine can leverage country branding: Wendy Perrin: Savour Australia 2013


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Presented by keynote speaker Wendy Perrin, Condé Nast Traveller's Director of Consumer News and Digital Community, courtesy of Tourism Australia, this session focussed on the importance of food and wine to a country’s international image, reputation and branding and how food and wine defines the perception of a country’s culture.

Wendy explored the relevance of food and wine in prompting travel to and within a particular country and encouraging consumption in market. This session laid the foundations for discussion about how Australian wine can play a greater role in ‘brand Australia’ and how the Australian wine industry can transition wine into the lifestyle space to better reach consumers

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  • How food and wine can leverage country branding: Wendy Perrin: Savour Australia 2013

    1. 1. Wendy Perrin Condé Nast Traveler Director of Consumer News & Digital Community Country Image & Culinary Connection
    2. 2. DRINKS AROUND THE WORLD Pisco Sour in Peru Caipirinhas In Brazil Beer In Belgium Scotch in Scotland Port in Portugal Sherry From Spain Stout from Ireland
    3. 3. BEST CULINARY EXPERIENCE IN WORLD How do you form your ―best culinary‖ opinion? 83% First-hand experience 53% Travel magazines 40% Talking to family and friends 32% Guide books 30% Food magazines 26% Television programs 22% Expert opinions 17% Zagat ratings 17% Reviews/recommendations 17% Food and dining blogs 17% Local press 13% Search engines 7% Social media
    4. 4. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELERS Current travel habits • 5 long-haul (flights at 8+ hours) international trips a year • 56 hotel nights for long-haul trips • $6,980 spent per vacation • Travel to Australia/New Zealand • 5% traveled in last 12 months • 9% are considering a trip in the coming year
    5. 5. Today’s traveler is… • A foodie: 85% ―enjoy trying new restaurants‖ • Curious: 82% completely agree ―there’s no better way to learn about cultures than through travel‖ • A leader: 77% say, ―Traveling enables me to be ahead of the curve on culture, business, politics, cuisine and style‖ • Social: 72% love sharing their travel experiences (86% of travelers 18-34) CONDÉ NAST TRAVELERS
    7. 7. ―We strongly discourage the use of cell phones, unless you’re posting food porn on Instagram. #EMPELLON‖ – menu at Empellón Restaurant, New York City #foodie #yum #nom #foodporn #instafood
    8. 8. PREFER FINE OVER FAST Every month, I eat at… • Fine dining 68% • Café 66% • Coffee shop 50% • Casual chain 46% • Lounge or bar 39% • Fast food/quick serve 38% • Michelin-starred 13% • Food trucks 11% But not TOO fancy
    9. 9. AND WINE OVER WATER Every month, I drink… • Wine 79% • Bottled still water 68% • Cocktails 58% • Shelf spirits 56% • Premium spirits 54% • Craft beer/microbrew 42% • Import beer 41% • Bottled sparkling water 40% • Champagne 27% • Mass beer 25% • Aperitifs 18%
    10. 10. TRAVEL MOTIVATIONS Then • Planned ―cultural experiences‖ • Checking sights off a list • Visit museums and monuments • Typical tourist fare • Going by guidebooks • 80% of travelers cited culture as top motivator in 2009. Dropped to 69% in 2013 NowVS • Local immersion • Finding new sites off the beaten path • Visit local artists and artisans • Resident’s favorite hidden gems • Listening to friends and fellow travelers • 85% are driven by the ―need to know, explore, and experiment‖
    11. 11. TRAVEL EXPERIENCES Will travel for food • Dining out is the #1 vacation activity • 62% want to enjoy culinary, wine or liquor tastings while traveling—up from 51% in 2012 • 52% have planned a trip that has centered on culinary—up from 43% Mercado Central
    12. 12. ITALY FOOD & WINE • Cooking experiences, truffle hunts • Rustic/authentic (not extravagant or Michelin-starred) • Connection with interesting, charismatic locals • Private homes/estates/vineyards • Exclusive personal attention • Element of surprise
    13. 13. IMPORTANT ELEMENTS Which is important while traveling? 72% Fresh seafood 60% A national style of cooking I like 59% A cultural heritage of food and wine 56% A range of multicultural food options 53% Natural fruit and vegetables 51% A country’s overall culinary reputation 47% Local foods grown/raised in pristine environments 43% High grade meat and livestock 43% Interesting and exciting street food 41% Renowned cheese and dairy 36% Vineyards with great food offerings 34% Award-winning restaurants 23% Award-winning wineries
    14. 14. INTERESTING ACTIVITIES Which are of interest while traveling? 86% Eating authentic regional cuisine 69% Sampling artisanal products 66% Fine dining 65% Tasting locally made wines or beers 64% Shopping at local markets 61% Touring local wineries or breweries
    15. 15. MEALS INTO MEMORIES What makes a dining experience unforgettable? The majority say… 91% Great-tasting food 80% Overall service 62% Warm welcome from staff/owners 58% My dining companion 55% A gorgeous view for you 53% Décor/ambiance 50% Unique cooking style or ingredients 50% Surprises from chef during the meal Not to be forgotten… 47% Variety of menu offerings 41% Celebrating a special occasion 41% Quality, organic or local ingredients 40% Great value 38% Dining outdoors/al fresco 30% Wine/spirit and food pairings 27% Wine selection 17% Chef reputation 10% No formal menu 8% Big splurge
    16. 16. The majority say… 71% What I tasted during the experience 63% My companions 62% Location of culinary experience 50% Ingredients Not to be forgotten… 41% Staff who created the experience 39% What I learned from the experience 37% Homemade/artisanal 33% Wine/spirit and food pairings 29% Trying cool activity never done before 26% Store/place where bought food or had the experience 26% Place of origin (food grown or made) 24% Stories heard during the experience 16% Packaging 6% Expert ratings What makes a non- restaurant culinary experience unforgettable? UNFORGETTABLE FOODS
    17. 17. ―Eating Mallorca in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Visited a 100 year old cafe called Le Bombanerra with my husband on our honeymoon. The cafe was weathered and full of regional flair. The old coffee maker which was as old as the restaurant itself made the best coffee I've ever tasted, the front window on the street was filled with pastries. We ordered some inside to go with the coffee, We sat in the noisy cafe chatting with each other and enjoying our coffee and pastry. Both of which were unique to the region, the cafe was filled with locals and tourists alike. A real gem.‖ ―Cooking classes in Thailand. It was so magical because they took us out into the gardens to pick all the vegetables and herbs needed for the dishes. Great learning experience.‖ ―An early morning hot-air balloon ride over the Willamette Valley celebrating the release of a vintage pinot noir -- including pours in the basket -- followed by a champagne breakfast back on the ground. And it was our first balloon ride, a magical experience by itself.‖
    18. 18. The majority say… 64% My companion 61% Wine and food pairings 56% Style of wine selection 52% Location of wine drinking Not to be forgotten… 35% Not having to drive home afterward 35% Country of origin 26% Sommelier service 18% Waiter service What makes a wine experience unforgettable WINE TO WRITE HOME ABOUT
    19. 19. SHERRY & PORT • New, up-and-coming wineries and winery resorts • Hot architecture/wonders of the world • Wine tasting combined with river cruising • Colorful local festivals • Hands-on participation in the winemaking SPAIN & PORTUGAL
    20. 20. A BETTER EXPERIENCE What would change your perception of a food experience or wine brand? 44% Customer service (waiter, sommelier, owner) 43% My companion liked it 40% Learning how it’s made 37% Recommendation from expert you’re learning from during the experience 37% Knowing it’s homemade or locally made 29% Natural ingredients 23% Reading recommendations from an expert 21% Eco and sustainable practices of company 18% Reading customer recommendations 16% Award-winning product or experience 5% Expert opinion on packaging or in signage 91% Tasting and liking it
    21. 21. WHISKEY • Exclusive tastings and pairings • Private clubs, off-limits cellars • Scotland food boom • Michelin stars matter SCOTLAND
    22. 22. Denmark, Copenhagen What places a city on the culinary map?
    23. 23. Gaston Acurio, ambassador to Peruvian cuisine Lima, Peru WORLDWIDE
    24. 24. Wendy Perrin Condé Nast Traveler Director of Consumer News & Digital Community Country Image & Culinary Connection Contact: E-mail: Twitter: @wendyperrin