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Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director, Tourism Australia; Nick Baker, Executive General Manager, Consumer Marketing, Tourism Australia and James Gosper, General Manager - Market Development, Wine Australia …

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director, Tourism Australia; Nick Baker, Executive General Manager, Consumer Marketing, Tourism Australia and James Gosper, General Manager - Market Development, Wine Australia presented on the jointly funded food and wine strategy.

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  • 1. Food & Wine Positioning
  • 2. Background
  • 3. FROM: A$70BN in o/night spend in 2009 TO BETWEEN: A$115-$140BN in o/night spend in 2020 Our Vision
  • 4. This year, Tourism Australia conducted a Consumer Demand Research Project in fifteen of Australia's key tourism markets. The research identified that Food and Wine was a key factor in holiday decision making and the most important emotive trigger, closely followed by world class beauty. Background A safe and secure destination. 47% A destination that offers value for money. 39% World class beauty & natural environments. 37% Interesting attractions to visit. 36% Rich history and heritage. 30% Friendly and open citizens, local hospitality. 27% A family friendly destination. 22% Spectacular coastal scenery. 20% Clean cities, good infrastructure. 19% Good food, wine, local cuisine and produce. 38%
  • 5. Only 26% of those who have not been to Australia associated Australia with 'good food and wine'. That figure rose to 60% amongst those who have visited. NOT visited Australia FRANCE 60 ITALY 57 spain 33 germany 31 japan 29 mexico 24 aRGENTINA usa 22 22 visited Australia FRANCE 66 ITALY 58 JAPAN 40 SPAIN 34 GERMANY 34 hong kong 31 thailand usa 30 29 25argentina Background australia 26 THAILAND 21 AUSTRALIA 60
  • 6. For those who previously travelled to Australia, visitors from the UK, USA, France, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea ranked Australia as the No. 1 destination for Food and Wine. Background
  • 7. Insights
  • 8. Significant perception gap on the quality of Australia's food and wine offering. 1. Food and wine is a key driver of tourism. 2. People travel to experience difference. There is a need to define and differentiate Australia's food and wine experiences. 3. Food and wine is a missing ingredient we can use to reignite people's passion for Australia and help overcome over-familiarity. 4. Branding for food and wine is largely being done by Outback Steakhouse, Yellowtail Wines and Fosters. 5. Insights
  • 9. Objectives
  • 10. Objective 2. To give people another reason to choose Australia and move it up in consideration. Objectives Objective 1. Develop a positioning for Australian food and wine to strengthen the tourism offering and tap into the global food and wine trend.
  • 11. All housed under “ There’s Nothing Like Australia” FOOD & WINE THERE’S NOTHING LIKE AUSTRALIA Food & Wine adds depth and substance to There’s Nothing Like Australia There’s Nothing Like Australia brings place and people to Food & Wine
  • 12. Advisory and Steering Groups Industry EngagementSTO ADVISORY COMMITTEEFood and Wine Advisory Committee Angus McPherson Lyndey Milan Destination New South Wales John Hart Restaurant and Catering Australia Hayley Baillie Maggie Beer Tourism and Events Queensland Andrew Cheesman Wine Australia Jeremy Oliver Michael Hodgson South Australian Tourism Commission The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) James Gosper Matt Stone Tourism Victoria Felicia Mariani MD Australian Tourism Export Council Lisa Hudson Michael Moore Tourism Western Australia Ken Morrison CEO Tourism and Transport Forum Luke Mangan Stuart Rigg Tourism Northern Territory Tourism Tasmania Australian Capital Tourism Craig Wickham Tourism Industry Benjamin Cooper Chef Peter Gago Penfolds Wine Neil Perry Chef Shannon Bennett Chef Kylie Kwong Chef Kate Lamont CHEF, Tourism Australia Board Member
  • 13. The Platform
  • 14. Welcoming Openness · Characters Multicultural People Weather · Sunshine Outstanding Natural Beauty Place Fresh · Sustainable Diversity · Safety Island Nation Produce
  • 15. FREE THINKING • To experiment • From convention • Multicultural OPEN • Natural beauty • Open air dining • Ease FRESH • Unpretentious • Diversity • Food security People PlaceProduce
  • 16. There are three reasons why Australia offers food and wine experiences like nowhere else: Our produce – it’s as fresh and diverse as the unspoilt and varied land it comes from. Our people – we’re not bound by tradition, so there’s a freedom and creativity to our food and wine culture. Our place – it’s what we’re famous for. Whether you eat in the open air, or even in the big cities, you’ll find there are breathtaking backdrops to match.
  • 17. Our Flavours. Fresh Thinking. Open Air.
  • 19. Our Creative Challenge
  • 20. • Provoke immediate reappraisal: from blank canvas to culinary excellence • Bring all three elements of the positioning together under one umbrella • Work with the grain of brand Australia • Sit under TNLA, but deliver a clear and unequivocal ‘food and wine’ message • Simple and easily translatable • Premium without pomposity • Durable and involving Our Creative Challenge
  • 21. The Idea
  • 22. We reframe Australia the country, as ‘Restaurant Australia’ – a place where, every second of every day, we’re serving up unique and brilliant food and wine experiences in awe-inspiring locations. Far from a place with very few culinary credentials, it’s a place where everywhere you go, amazing food and wine experiences await you. It’s yet another reason why ‘There’s nothing like Australia’. The Idea
  • 23. Food And Wine Film