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Pekka Viljakainen

  1. 1. Образец заголовка Venäjän rooli‒ Образец текста ‒ Второй уровень globaalissa ‒ Третий уровень tietotaloudessa ja ‒ voiko Suomi toimia Четвертый уровень ‒ Пятый уровень siltana? Pekka A. Viljakainen Skolkovo Foundation email twitter @pviljakainen 0
  2. 2. Big enough to do the job, 18 000 IT professionals in close to 30 countries Small enough to One of the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and global leader in selected care segments Net sales approximately EUR 1.8 billion © 2009 Tieto Corporation Listed in NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and Stockholm Founded in 19681 2009-11-16
  3. 3. Innovations, Modernization, Leadership. Is it possible? 3 30 3003
  4. 4. What is SKOLKOVO? Research and Education Skolkovo Foundation City development R&D centers 4
  5. 5. WHAT IS SKOLKOVO FOUNDATIONSkolkovo Foundation is a development agency focused on growing high technologycompanies in Russia Focused on building Russian Silicon valley campus and growing start-up community Skolkovo campus to consist of 3 communities: – Skolkovo Institute of Technology (together with MIT), – R&D centers of high tech corporations (~50) – start-ups (~1,000) Skolkovo campus operating as a tax free economic zone Over 1,200 start-up business plans reviewed in 10 months Preselected 227 start-ups as residents of the free economic zone 43 start-ups supported with non-dilutive financing for the total of $170 m $140m to be committed before the end of 2011
  6. 6. KEY ADVANTAGES OF BECOMING A SKOLKOVO RESIDENT1. Increase your capital efficiency: a) Tax benefits (No profit tax, no VAT, 14% Social taxes) b) Non-dilutive financing from the Skolkovo Foundation up to $10m2. Enjoy lower administrative burden: a) Quota-free recruitment of foreign employees b) No import duties on hi-tech equipment3. Obtain better access to markets: a) Tight links to global leaders (information on technology roadmap) b) Easier access to purchasing by Russian state-owned companies c) Help in accessing international financial markets4. Information and PR support
  7. 7. Innovations, Modernization, Leadership. Why this is important? Russian companies Doing business in doing business in Russia. Finland. “Doing in business in Russia is like doing business “Russian companies starts to buy significant in any fast growing and vibrant economy.” stakes of the European / Finnish flagship companies.” “Russia is the most significant growth market in Europe during 2011-2030.” “Russian companies wants to be best in this planet.” Bottlenecks for growth: 1. Totally outdated views about Russia Bottlenecks for growth: (consumer behavior, legistlation, fast rise of 1. Massive shortage of business leaders who the new playstation generation) are born in knowledge driven businesses 2. Lack of leadership and language capabilities in 2. Top down leadership style vs. people Finland business 3. Lack of business leaders in Russia 3. Only short term development actions 4. No short-cuts in byrocracy (customs, working 4. Very limited understanding (and even visible permits, etc) fear) of Russia in key markets like 5. Russians accepts only best of the best (in UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark world)7
  8. 8. Entrepreneurship society. Why it is important? 1. Best, young talent does not work in big companies, driven by top-down leadership 2. The impact of 100 companies employing 100 people for the economy is bigger than one company employing 10 000 people 3. Agility, speed and innovations are driving growth, instead of cheap labour or benefits of mass production 4. Global talent networks have already made resources and possibilities equally available for everyone8
  9. 9. Entrepreneurship society. How to make it happen? Nobody can establish a society alone. It is like building an eco-system, where everyone is a volunteer. So what to learn from other countries, other societies, other cultures? Mid-size Media companies Start-ups Universities HR Banks / community Investors Big Government/ Public Technoparks Enterprises Legistlation Funding9
  10. 10. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) watched by the investors Phase 2: Beta version out!Phase 1: Start-up setup Phase 3: First commercial Phase 4: Scaling up and Interaction starts withphase product is out! getting international! clients!(excitement) (big hopes and a lot of money is burning) GO / NO-GO GO / NO-GO GO / NO-GOHow quickly you can by-passthis phase? (20-200 days)Some companies remains hereuntil they die! Number of talents working in start-up capable for international expansion (this is not only about language) Number of end-users, revenue growth, visibility on the media, end-user feedbackMAGICAL MOMENTS TO BE RECORDED:1) When is the first real revenue ruble arriving to account 5) When the CEO have more foreign direct2) When is the first real revenue ”dollar” arriving to account reports than your own nationality3) When your headcount of talents hits 30 and 150 persons 6) When your revenue hits 1 MUSD or number of4) When the first foreign subsidiary has been opened end-users 1 000 000 10
  11. 11. 5 Topics to recognize and consider1. Generation sift in Russia is a reality 2012-20172. Stereotypia about Russian business culture needs an immediate check: What is a real ”country risk”?3. Exchange programs (students, labor, companies) are still totally under utilized4. Finland is in global competition as a gateway for Russian entrepreneurs (California, New York, Latvia, Wien) ‒ Easy access to come and work in Finland ‒ Competitive taxation system and conditions for living (kinder garden, schools) for ex-patriots ‒ Investments of SME companies over the border (both directions) SUPPORTED by strong enough, centralized functions in Moscow and in Helsinki ‒ Knowledge of Russian language5. Russia wants action oriented proposals about co-operation and enhancements. 11
  12. 12. Образец заголовка Venäjän rooli‒ Образец текста ‒ Второй уровень globaalissa ‒ Третий уровень tietotaloudessa ja ‒ voiko Suomi toimia Четвертый уровень ‒ Пятый уровень siltana? Pekka A. Viljakainen Skolkovo Foundation email twitter @pviljakainen 12