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    Wow gold, 20 golds Wow gold, 20 golds Document Transcript

    • Top 8 Tragical Paladins In wow the knights always don’t have a good end. They die, or become theundead, or become death knights. Let’s look at these 8 tragical paladins in wow.1. Alonsus Faol He is not a pld but a priest. He is the founder of Silver Hand and made the rules ofSilver Hand. Uther once learned the Holy Light from Alonsus. Alonsus was also themajor geldbeschaffer of rebuilding the StormWindCity. In memory of hisachievements, people made a statue of him in front of the Cathedral of Light. Laterthe AlonsusChurch which was named after Alonsus Faol was destroyed. The churchwas even not destroyed under Stratholme slaughter and fire, for there was holy flamein this church. But the fire was extinguished by blood knight and three silver handsplds were killed.2. Uther Uther is the founder and leader of silver hand. He had a disciple named Alsace.Uther refused to slaughter the city in front of Stratholme. In the name of heir to throne,Alsace made Uther treason and dismissed silver hand plds. Alsace got the Frostmournand grabbed his father’s cinerary urn. He also killed his master. His aim is not revenge,
    • http://www.bestwowgolds.combut bloodthirst. What a miserable life of Uther!3. Alsace Alsace is a pld, the prince of Lordaeron,wow gold the disciple of Uther. Hesurveyed Lordaeron Plague with Giana. Residents became zombies and attackedAlsace troops. Alsace had choice but to kill the residents. Later he went to attackDread Lord in Northrend. With the help of Frostmourn, Alsace killed dread lord andhe himself was controlled by shadowbane. He became the servant of lich king.Irrationally, he killed his father, master; he destroyed Lordaeron, Quel’Thalas, andDlalran. All of the residents of Azeroth are living in a miserable life. 4. Tirion Fording Diablo 3 Gold He once was member of silver hand pld. His son grew up and became pld of silverhand. The treason of Alsace depressed the son, and then he became puppet of dreadlord. One day the son realized his wrong deeds and decided to leave Hearthglen. Buthe was stopped. When his father hurried there, only to find that his son was killed. 5. Bolvar Fordragon Diablo 3 Items He was a duke, leader, commander. Black dragon, Onyxia, bewitched him with abadge. He decontrolled himself with the help of a marshal, fought with black dragon,and killed the Nathanos Blightcaller. They combated in the wrath gate and exposedMontoya. In the end he died there.6. Turalyon Buy diablo 3 gold He is one of the five heroes of the Dark Portal, the successor of Anduin Lothar,the commander of alliance. At the end of Tides of Darkness, Lothar died. Turalyonguarded the Dark Portal which led to Azeroth. He closed the portal and left in thisdangerous world. Residents in Azeroth live peacefully because of his sacrifice. Whenyou go to the outland or Honor Hold, u will not see Turalyon. He is gone and u will
    • http://www.bestwowgolds.comsee a half elf. He is the son of Turalyon and Aurelia. His name is Arator. His sondreams living with Turalyon, but in vein.7. Morgan Ladimore He was a brave PLD. Because of the attack of Undead Scourge, he said goodbyeto his wife and daughter and combated. After several years, he went back to the RavenHill in Darkshire, only to find his hometown was destroyed and his wife killed. Therewere ghouls around. As a PLD, he protected the country. As a father and husband, hedidnt do what he should. Three night watchmen came to offer help, but were killed byhim. Morgan regretted, and killed himself. To save him, someone went to kill hisspirit. When he knew his daughter was still living and became a night watchman, herelieved.8. Scarlet Crusade When the treason of Alsace brought Lordaeron into chaos, part of silver hand plds organized the Scarlet Crusade. The crusade fought with Scourge and it lasts a long time. Initially, the crusade is an elegant organization. Endless craze and bêtise are nowhere. Later the dread lord controlled the crusade and some sober soldiers left the crusade and built the Argent Dawn. Since then the crusade became the opposite and were doomed to be slaughtered by players.