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  • Volcanoes!
  • Black Peak • Location: Alaska Peninsula • Hight: 3,386 feet • Extinct • Last eruption: unknown • Major features: There is a caldera at the eastern edge, this caldera contains two small lakes. • Type: stratovolcano
  • Carlisle • Location: Aleutians • Hight: 5,315 feet • Dormant • Last eruption: November 16, 1987 • Major features: This volcano has yet to be studied for major features. • Type: stratovolcano
  • Douglas • Location: Alaska Peninsula • Hight: 7,021 feet • Active • Last eruption: Never • Major features: The summit has a crater with a small lake. Douglas has an active fumarole on the north side of the crater. • Type: stratovolcano
  • Gilbert • Location: Aleutians • Hight: 2,684 feet • Extinct • Last eruption: Non eruptive activity on April 18, 1947 • Major features: The northern flank is steep and is heavily eroded. • Type: possibly a stratovolcano
  • Wrangell • Location: Wrangell Volcanic Field • Hight: 14,163 feet • Dormant • Last eruption: March 26, 1930 • Major features: There is a caldera at the summit. • Type: shield volcano
  • Glossary • Vent: An opening in the earths surface through which magma erupts or volcanic gases are emitted. • Crater: A steep-sided, usually circular depression formed by either explosion or collapse at a volcanic vent. • Fumarole: A small volcanic vent from which gases and vapors are emitted.
  • Glossary • Stratovolcano: A steep-sided volcano, usually conical in shape, built of lava flows and fragmental deposits from explosive eruptions. • Shield Volcano: A gently sloping volcano in the shape of a flattened dome and built almost exclusively of lava flows. • Caldera: A large crater formed by collapse or subsidence of the ground surface following a great eruption.
  • Glossary • Dormant: A volcano that hasn't erupted for a long time, but can still erupt. • Active: A volcano that has either erupted recently or is about to. • Extinct: A volcano that hasn't erupted in a really long time and will not erupt again.