NYU Lesson: Twitter Hustle 101


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Given as a part of a Marketing certificate program through NYUSCPS, this deck breaks down Social Media and Twitter basics, and includes tips for Guerrilla PR/Marketing (and how to optimize conferences). It includes highlights from Instacube, one of the most successful crowdfunding projects. It was first presented to Matthew Knell's class of geniuses and I hope to present similar stories to classrooms and conferences in the future!

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NYU Lesson: Twitter Hustle 101

  1. 1. Twitter Hustle 101 Brush your social shoulders off and own it. Savannah Peterson @SavIsSavvy Savannah@Shapeways.com
  2. 2. Hello. My name is Savannah. - Social Media Manager and Shop OwnerCoach at Shapeways, the leading consumer brand in 3D Printing - Marketing Ninja at D2M - Product Public Relations - Started Savvy Marketing Seattle - Former Fox Sports Network Northwest Associate - Founding member of PugetSoundOff.org, a localized youth civic engagement website
  4. 4. Objective: Get in front of press with zero budget and launch a product that doesn’t physically exist. Approach: Find all the cool reporters… Tactics: … and charm the Hell out of them April 15th, 2012: @SavIsSavvy: Hey @Mashable, I just won your @Babson #EntrepreneurialInspriation contest, any chance I get a discount to #MashableConnect? Big Fan  April 16th, 2012 via DM: @Mashable: @SavIsSavvy, sure thing!We’ve got you down for $2,000 off the ticket price, just enter code ______! See you in Orlando! #ProTip #1:You can’t get what you don’t ask for… and twitter is a great place to ask for anything.
  5. 5. TellYour Story (Over and Over)
  6. 6. Make the Human Connection #ProTip #2: The Pool at Night as 5x the ROI of the Sessions During the Day. Full Stop.
  7. 7. #ProTip #3: Go.Viral.
  8. 8. Every Reporter is onTwitter. FollowThem. @JonFingas: I just wish a PR person would pitch me with “Here’s this thing, this is what it does and it’s cool because…” @SavIsSavvy: @JonFingas Bring it. If I pitch to your liking, can I get some @Engadget love? @JonFingas: DM me.
  9. 9. #ProTip #4: Anyone Can HireYou • @Weijmarshausen: I really want to wear a #3DPrinted Dress!The Intersection of Technology and Fashion fascinates me • @Weijmarshausen: I didn’t realize you were such a fan! We’ll have to get together next time I’m in SF…
  10. 10. Communicating a Challenging Message Cultivating the Conversation Empowering Individuals/Influencers
  11. 11. Who is your community talking to when they’re not talking to you? Where is this conversation taking place? June 21st: Shapeways has 15,000Twitter Followers June 28th: Shapeways has 25,000Twitter Followers Today: Shapeways has 40,000Twitter Followers
  12. 12. #ProTip #5: Social is an Engine without a Kill Switch. Don’t get in the car without a map.
  13. 13. Thanks & Don’t be a Stranger! • @SavIsSavvy • @Shapeways • Savannah@Shapeways • Savannah Peterson on LI/FB/RebelMouse etc.