My sisters keeper
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  • 1. My sister´skeeper
  • 2. My sister´skeeper
    Name: Saulo David Nava Moctezuma
    Teacher: Nora AlinGuzmanPelagio
    Grade and Group: 3°E
    N.L: 19
  • 3. Characters
    Jesse: Isthelittlesister of Kate, shebornfor a purpose. Hisfathersgetthe idea to use her as a donator, likeifsheis a refaccionary. Shedonate a lot of parts of hisbody, and finally Kate askherfrom a favour. Shegettheservices of a lawyertoowntherights of hisbody.
    Kate: She has cancer, and hismother try tosaveher, withthecrazy idea of having a sisterto use it as a donator. Sheissufferingwithhisdisease, and repetidlyshesaidhismotherthatshewantsto die. SheconvinceJessetodefendherself, so she can die.
  • 4. Sara: Sheloveshisdaughter Kate, and shewill do everythingforher. Sheevenhave a fightwithhishusband, and withdoctors, and witheveryonethattellherthathisdaughterisgoingto die.
    Brian: Sara´shusband. At first he helphishusband in hiscrazyprojects, butfinally he realice that no matterwhathappen, herdaughterwill die. So he try toenjoygood time withherbeforeshe die.
    LawyerJudge de Salvo: He tookthe case of Jessebecause he getinterest in her, and try tohelpher. FinallywithhishelpJessegettherights of hisownbody. He helpJessebecause as equal as her, he cannot control hisbody.
  • 5. The places thatappearthemost are: Thehouse, the hospital and theschool
    In thehouseweremoments of hapiness, moments of fightings, moments of angry, etc.
    The hospital wasmarkwiththepresence of Kate
    Theschoolwasless show in themovie, and in oneparttheygotothebeach
  • 6. Kate wantto die
    Kate convinceJessetofightforhisbody
    Jesseaskedforthehelp of Judge de Salvo
    Kate felldownwithhisdisease so sheneedanotherdonation
    Jessesaid no tohisparents
    Sara visitJudge de Salvo
    Thejudge of the case interview Sara, Jesse, de Salvo and finally Kate
    Brian gotothebeachwithhisdaughter Kate, onedaybeforeshedied
    Kate toldthetruthtohismother
    Kate died
    Jesseearntheownership of hisownbody
    Thefamilygetunit, beforelosinganimportantmember of it
  • 7.
  • 8. I reallylikethemovie, because I thinkit has a reallyimportantmessage, and show thatsometimeswedon´trealizethatwehaveeverything, and thatGodprovideusfood, health, energy, protection, love, friendship, family, etc. Godprovideuseverything and sometimeswe look that as normal, and wedont realice thatsomepeopledonthavethethingsthatwe do. Thismoviehelpyoutoappreciatewhatyouhave, and tovalueallthings in thisworld. Ithelpsyoutoo, tonotdiscriminateotherpeoplebecausewhattheyhaveorthey are orbecausethey are sick; youshouldthinkthat , thatperson in thissituationcouldbeyou, or a friendor a familiar; butGodknowwhydon´t, and youhavetobethankfulwithhim, becausewehavelifejustbecause HE wantstogiveittous.