What asanas do for you


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What asanas do for you

  1. 1. SRI MADHWA YOGA ACADEMYwww.srimadhwayoga.com call 9884730721
  2. 2. • Introduction to Yoga.• Different types of Yoga.• Hatha Yoga.• Suryanamaskar.• Few asanas and its benefits• Yogis @ Work
  3. 3. • Yuj – Samskrt word• Work as worship unaffected by results, to earn the grace of God• Meditating, worshipping on God• Directing our senses towards Almighty• Action towards God- Yoga, otherwise Bhoga
  4. 4. 1.Hatha Yoga- Body fitness yoga,- Asanas and Pranayama2.Bhakthi Yoga- Service, love, praying, chanting3.Japa Yoga- Repetitive chanting of Lord’s names4.Karma Yoga- Performance of duties as worship to God- Puja5.Jnana Yoga- To know the stories, glories of God
  5. 5. • Pulse rate decreases• Respiratory rate decreases• Blood pressure decreases• Cardiovascular efficiency increases Respiratory efficiency increases (respiratory amplitude and smoothness increase, tidal volume increases, vital capacity increases, breath-holding time increases)• Gastrointestinal function normalizes• Endocrine function normalizes• Excretory functions improve• Pain decreases
  6. 6. • Respiratory efficiency increases (respiratory amplitude and smoothness increase, tidal volume increases, vital capacity increases, breath-holding time increases)• Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase• Weight normalizes• Sleep improves• Immunity increases• Promotes value based living style• Eradicates vices
  7. 7. • Strengthens thighs, calves, hamstrings• Relieves stiffness in hips and knees• Calms mind• Opens up hips• Ideal posture for meditation
  8. 8. • Stretches posterior muscles like hamstrings, buttocks, neck, lower and upper back etc• Limbers spine• Tones abdominal organs• Improves digestion• Rectifies menstrual and genito urinary problems
  9. 9. • Drives laziness and invigorates body• Removes tension in neck and shoulders• Reduces hipline and waistline• Makes spine flexible• Cures constipation• Alleviates back pain
  10. 10. • Stretches the back• Tightens abdomen• Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulders, thighs• Opens lungs• Releases gas in upper G.I• Cures hunches
  11. 11. • Tones thyroids, parathyroids• Blood flow to brain• Tones abdominal organs• Loosens upper spine• Provides vitality
  12. 12. • Strengthens nervous system• Balances anabolism and catabolism• Cures many respiratory ailments• Reduces hypertension
  13. 13. • Clears off nasal passages• Flow of breath balanced• Strengthens lungs and heart• Improves eyesight
  14. 14. • Tones nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system• Good for blocked nostrils and common cold• Strengthens abdominal muscles• Removes fatigue• Expels upper abdominal gas
  15. 15. Delivers Benefit to Benefit to Employee EmployerFitness Optimum More results performanceUnruffled Skill & perfection Wonderful resultMindSpiritual Righteous attitude Less corruptionorientationFreedom Healthy physique More workingfrom vices hoursDynamism Efficiency Outcome
  16. 16. Yogasanas ExerciseWell being Awards & trophiesSlow& steady Violent and fastmoves movesPersonality No attitudinaldevelopments changesNo fatigue or injury Frequent injuries
  17. 17. Increases mental Not veryconcentration and appreciablecalmnessPacifies whole Excites and incitessociety violenceSick persons too Not for the sick andcan practice convalescing
  18. 18. Increases flexibility Leads to stiffnessReleases mental To some extenttension greatlyImparts feeling of Leads to tirednessfreshnessRegulates heart Shoots heart rate,rate, pulse rate etc BP etcMassages all Does not work upinternal organs any internal organs
  19. 19. Helpline 98847- 30721