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  • Bentley Systems is Sustaining Infrastructure: creating comprehensive solutions for designing, building, and maintaining buildings, bridges, transit, utilities, and more. Bentley delivers 2D / 3D architecture and engineering design software solutions for the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure asset, tailored to the needs of the various professions—the engineers, architects, planners, contractors, fabricators, IT managers, operators and maintenance engineers—who will work on and work with that asset over its lifetime. Founded in 1984, Bentley today has 3,000 employees in 45 countries and is a global leader in developing engineering and architectural software solutions.
  • A major component of Sustaining Infrastructure is the inspection and maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure, and these numbers reflect the need and commitment to those objectives:
  • Inspectors often work in remote areas far from connectivity to their office and have typically relied on relaying paper records to and from their inspection. Even as modern technology has enabled easier methods of electronic recording of results, inspectors still have a need to reference paper drawings of CAD designs and typically are required to overlay observations to drawings manually.
  • The growth of mobile devices and associated applications present an opportunity in infrastructure design just as much as any other industry. Engineering field workers now have easily portable devices that can be leveraged to deliver documents, mark up designs, record inspection data, and collect location-aware photos and observations.
  • Recognizing this, Bentley has developed a next generation i-model file format utilizing SQLite (www.sqlite.org) for use on mobile devices. This mobiledgn file format is a self contained database engine holding data and graphics, enabling distribution and querying of infrastructure design projects across every major mobile platform.
  • Graphic of sdk (get from Mike) slide after this The opportunity : When inspectors bring data and models to the field they have faster access to existing measurements, they reduce identification time of inspectable components, and they increase the accuracy of recorded observations. Bentley’s next generation i-Model format also makes the inspection results portable with design models.
  • EnterpriseHackathon.com Challenges

    1. 1. Philly Enterprise Hackathon Work online, submit by April 19! REGISTER NOW :HTTP://WWW.ENTERPRISEHACKATHON.COM
    2. 2.  Apps with a purpose: health, safety, environment ◦ Connecting developers with enterprises who NEED YOUR HELP Real apps take time to build ◦ Submissions online by April 19 ◦ Finalist demos on May 1 Work with your first customer! ◦ Challenge sponsored customers Technology of your choice! Are you registered yet? ◦ EnterpriseHackathon.com
    3. 3.  Exciting challenges in the healthcare industry: ◦ Innovative solutions that provide value to customers ◦ Globally diverse regulatory constraints ◦ Complexity of managing multiple projects across multiple regions Key technology trends in the healthcare industry: ◦ Mobile applications for patient initiation and adherence ◦ Deeper integration of internal activities to ensure efficiency and alignment ◦ Explosion of data available to pharma about products and trends
    4. 4. • Teva is a $20 billion global pharmaceutical company• Company business goals • Grow our global leading generics business • Expand our specialty business in CNS, Respiratory and select innovation• Technology landscape • IT systems do not enable efficient aligned management of activities • Data environment is rich, but “information” is challenging• Technology goals impact on the business • Create a seamless means to communicate and • manage complex projects across a global team • Flawless execution of new product/project launch• The big challenges • Fragmented approach to managing similar projects in different regions
    5. 5. The problem: new product launches are multi-faceted activities that are nowfragmented in tactical managementWhy? Teva wishes to have one system for managing all levels and layers of globaltactical product launches to ensure efficiency, transparency and alignmentSimplified Project Managementgets medicines to market sooner: Build an app with the simplicity and elegance of Dropbox, but which scales to the complex use cases of a global company like Teva • Get started by focusing on the right design experience • Register and you’ll be invited to a call with Teva to get use case detail • By April 19, demonstrate your design experience through 1-2 use cases Commercialization potential beyond Teva Pharmaceuticals ◦ Address challenges of duplication and transparency in global product launches Success criteria for release 1.0 (in 3 months time) ◦ A running system which allows transparency and alignment of all tactical projects ◦ Model that allows for markets to manage their piece of a launch within the broader framework of the global launch campaign ◦ Single system that captures all activities in support of launch
    6. 6. The problem: single system for global commercial to communicate and share with globalmarkets; such as brand positioning, messaging, market research, materials, and sharedexperiences.Why? Various levels of market maturity creates different needs. Common platform for sharingand learning would unleash the collective power of the global brand team.Simplified Content Managementgets the right medical information to patients:Build an app with the simplicity and elegance of Dropbox,but which scales to the complex use cases of a global company likeTeva• Get started by focusing on the right design experience• Register and you’ll be invited to a call with Teva to get use case detail• By April 19, demonstrate your design experience through 1-2 use cases• Commercialization potential beyond Teva Pharmaceuticals • Create an internal channel for management of globally diverse portfolio• Success criteria for release 1.0 (in 3 months time) • A running system which allows repository of materials, creates communication channel for brand teams and expedites communication and decision making • Model for security and compliance articulated • System provides ease of management, transparency and adds value for stakeholders
    7. 7. Questions? Email Bruno Levine at Bruno.levine@flowatch.com
    8. 8.  Exciting challenges in the water / wastewater municipal space: ◦ Customer engagement ◦ System delivery experience for the customer ◦ Converting information in to action ◦ Customer contact with operators more emergency driven Key technology trends in the water / wastewater municipal space ◦ Leverage the web to lower infrastructure and software costs ◦ Deeper integration between systems ◦ Explosion of data available to operators on the technology side
    9. 9. FLOWatch is a minority owned- Philadelphia based business, dedicated to helping water; wastewater, environmental and industrial systems achieve operational excellence, and cost savings through enhanced data management practices. Company business goals ◦ Positively impact the environment by assisting those who manage our most precious resource ◦ Focused on practical and value add solutions Technology landscape ◦ IT systems ◦ Data environment Technology goals and desired impact on the business ◦ Grow client engagement ◦ Decrease the intervention time ◦ Enhance quality of service and client experience The big challenges we are facing as a business ◦ Build apps to enhance service
    10. 10. The problem: Build the first FLOWatch app Why? Demonstrate the technical feasibility of the FLOWatch app business model as an additional source of revenue and innovation.Stakeholders Available Multiple Possiblewho would judge Systems and Data Technical Solutionssuccess to build upon• FLOWatch IT • FLOWatch • App store hosted by• FLOWatch Client Hosting FLOWatch• DRWA member environment • “Powered by FLOWatch” • FLOWatch concept for apps in information professional or resale exchange model stores  Commercialization potential beyond FLOWatch ◦ FLOWatch will make its schema available to developers for new apps  Success criteria for release 1.0 (in 3 months time) ◦ Demonstrated example of an app built and integrated with FLOWatch ◦ System in place with at least one customer ◦ Development of new applications with FLOWatch partners
    11. 11. A Problem ? •How can I contact my utility? •What information can I share ?Water Utility desires to ? ? interface with customer? Field Crew Executive
    12. 12. Data exchange is a critical step in the overall operation,maintenance and performance monitoring in water andwastewater treatment systems.Timely exchange of data helps field personnel anddecision makers produce significant savings at theenterprise level. Examples include operational dataanalysis, compliance reporting, asset management,minimizing environmental and health risks, enhancingsystem efficacy through the use of predictive modelingplatforms, driving energy or chemical savings.
    13. 13. Inspiring Innovation in the Ops Water /Wastewater Space (2of 2)The current proposal is the first step towards a moreextensive water ops app market , which will allowwater/wastewater operators brake from the currentformat, which is driven by proprietary technologies anda few key vendors.A possible example, could be a combination ofInstagram in the social media (http://instagram.com/ )and public stuff (http://www.publicstuff.com/ ). In thecase of the FLOWatch example the utility customer willbe communicating directly to the utility through theFLOWatch app.
    14. 14.  Interaction and engagement: ◦ One weekly conference call with all hackers to answer general questions ◦ On the third week of the competition a pre-selection process will take place by the Hacketon/ FLOWatch team. ◦ FLOWatch will work with the 5 finalists on FLOWatch interface and sand box testing. ◦ E-mail flowatch.hacketon@gmail.com with questions anytime  Answers will be timely and may result in ad hoc phone discussions Details on the business opportunity ◦ FLOWatch BD Team will be available to answer questions ◦ A FLOWatch demo will be offered at the beginning of the process Details on technical resources ◦ Sample information exchange schema will be made available upon request at flowatch.hacketon@gmail.com ◦ FLOWatch Chief Architect available to answer questions
    15. 15. Questions? Email Ben Rogers at ben.rogers@bentley.com
    16. 16. 17 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM About Bentley © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated
    17. 17. Inspection Industry Overview © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated • $7B in federal funds in 2013; 56% increase over 2012 • Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) signed into law in 2012, $105B in 2013 and 2014 ( http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/map21/) • 18% projected growth rate between 2010 and 2020, 4% above average for all occupations http://www.bls.gov/ooh/construction-and-extraction/construction- and-building-inspectors.htm18 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    18. 18. Inspection Background © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Common requirements for field inspections for buildings, bridges, plants •Referencing as-built or prior condition and measured data •Accurate inventory of structure components •Method to record observations: measurements, notes, pictures, video19 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    19. 19. Inspection Use Cases with Mobile Devices © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Design Construction Operations Site Inspections Safety Inspections Operational Safety Site Meeting Constructability Reviews Maintenance Inspection Design Reviews Material Management Performance Monitoring Punch List Progress Monitoring Quality Inspection and more... Quality Inspection Compliance Checking Commissioning and more... and more...20 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    20. 20. Bentley Challenge © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated • Build a graphical, interactive mobile inspection app – Record inspection data – Collect location-aware photos and observations. – Deliver documents • 2D or 3D model-based (3D model provided) • Leverage Bentley’s new mobile development SDK21 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    21. 21. Data Format for Inspections Mobile Apps © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Next generation of mobile graphics platform providing self contained database engine to: •Hold data and graphics •Enable distribution/querying of infrastructure design data •Support every major mobile platform.22 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    22. 22. Navigator Mobile © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Download Now! http://www.bentley.com/en-US/Free+Software/Navigator+Mobile.htm23 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    23. 23. Business Opportunity © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Bringing data and models to the field with Bentley’s tools: •Reduces identification time •Increase accuracy of recorded observations •Makes the inspection results portable with graphics •Supports multiple platforms24 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    24. 24. The “Bentley Mobile Platform” Stack © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated IS IS Mobile Apps Mobile Apps V V MobileDgn (Application Framework) MobileDgn (Application Framework) iOS iOS Android Android Windows 8 Windows 8 Services Services Services Services Services Services Portable Portable Mobile Mobile UX UX JSON // XML JSON XML C++ API C++ API Services Services Services Services Messaging Messaging DgnDisplay (Interactive Graphics) DgnDisplay (Interactive Graphics) Graphics Display Tool Graphics Display Tool View Navigation Display Framework Framework View Navigation Display Framework Framework DgnPlatform (Data Access) DgnPlatform (Data Access) DGN DGN DGN DGN DGN DGN Business Business Relationships Relationships Projects Projects Models Models Elements Elements Properties Properties SQL SQL Geo Geo Geometry Geometry Data Modeling Data Modeling Units // Standards Units Standards Indexing Indexing Coordination Coordination Next Generation i-model25 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    25. 25. Success Criteria © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Hackathon Results (2.5 weeks): •Concept application running on Android or iOS consuming sample models and demonstrating inspection approach initiated from a model •Demonstrated understanding of basic field needs and inspector roles. •Innovative concepts for interactive, model-driven inspections •Innovative use of Bentley’s SDK26 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    26. 26. Resources for Hackers © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Interaction and engagement: •Bentley’s Center City office will be open to all Hackathon teams twice a week for in person interaction with our developers. Come meet us! •E-mail access to a central point of contact (Ben Rogers, ben.rogers@bentley.com) for further questions Details on technical resources •Full access to Bentley’s Mobile Platform stack through the MobileDgn SDK •Source code of sample applications •Face to face access to the developers behind our SDK. •Sample 3D mobile i-model •SQLite resources available on http://www.sqlite.org27 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
    27. 27.  $50,000 grant for winning teams in Life Sciences and Infrastructure $25,000 grant for winning teams in Water & Utilities $1000 AWS credits for winners, $600 for finalists Three months of incubation at VentureF0rth Mentoring services from local entrepreneurs Your first customer!And yes, the IP is yours (see site for more info)
    28. 28.  Select one or more challenges that excite you! Register Now: http://www.enterprisehackathon.com Plan to engage with your sponsor next week ◦ Meetups at Bentley, calls with Flowatch and Teva Plan to do “a weekend’s worth of work” building By April 19, submit screens/video + slides online Finalists get a week in April to prep a live demo Prizes awared May 1 at our Shark Tank Email satwik@alum.mit.edu with questions!