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Satt Reality Estate & Property Consultants

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Satt Reality Company Profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILESatt Reality Estate & Property Consultants
  2. 2. A BOUT U Sv Satt Reality Estate & Property Consultants, located in Mumbai, the commercial & financial centre of India, with our Head Office in Malad, is one of the leading Real Estate Consultancy, with dedicated team of Professionals, bringing to the forefront, our diverse & rich expertise in Reality estate, helping buyers make informed decisions about their property purchase & facilitating sellers in highlighting and marketing their valued properties in terms of sale, purchase or rentals.v We strongly believe, Every client s need is specific & unique and we strive to meeting these specific and unique needs of each client by giving individual attention to each client s requirements, addressing & attending to these specific & unique needs & providing service delivery that is par excellence.
  3. 3. A BOUT U Sv Our paradigm is Customer Convenience, which in today s world has replaced the predominant factor for Place . Thus our driving force is to create a platform based on our core value of Customer Convenience, in addressing specific & unique requirements of each individual client.v We are your link & your perfect Partner in Reality Estate, facilitating the both ends of the spectrum, i.e Prospective Buyers and Property Sellers or rentals, to come together in addressing their quintessential requirements, thus creating an aura of wow factor , by our efficient service delivery, backed by our expertise and updated market know how, to enable our clients make an informed decision in regards to Reality estate.
  4. 4. S ERVICES OFFERED BY U Sv We offer versatile and comprehensive range of services and considerable knowledge of the market place. Our experience will ensure that you are in safe hands, while Buying and Selling any property. Our services includes :v Real Estate is always a worthwhile investment. Whether bought, sold, rented or owned for commercial or residential purposes, it requires tremendous planning, research and strategy. We are empowered with in depth knowledge of the real estate market and thus can provide you effective guidance in terms of investments.
  5. 5. S ERVICES OFFERED BY U Sv Documentation Services Assistance in procurement of Stamp Papers and complete registration process in courts. We also provide document services to the clients which makes the procedure of buying & selling much easier. Our services include: t Registration of Property t Transfer of Properties t Agreements t Schedule title search and legal documentation t Arrangement of Loan for/ against property from financial institutions/ banks
  6. 6. S ERVICES OFFERED BY U Sv Sale & Purchase of Residential & Commercial Properties While guiding you through the entire process, till final transaction/acquisition of property. We assist the clients in buying and selling of Residential & Commercial Properties: Plots, Flats, Shops, Offices, Bungalows, Villas, Independent Floors and support them in a hassle free dealing.v Rentals & Lease of Residential & Commercial Properties We guide you through the entire process, till finalization of the Rental or Lease of Residential/ Commercial property. We assist the clients in rental or lease of Residential or Commercial Properties: Flats, Shops, Offices, Bungalows, Villas, Condos, Studio apartments, Service apartments etc.
  7. 7. S ERVICES OFFERED BY U Sv Short Term Rentals & Short Term Lease of Studio Flats/ Apartments/ Condos/ Service Apartments We assist you in finding suitable Studio Flats/ Apartments for Short term lease for your visit or stay in Mumbai, with services also extended to Foreign Nationals/ Expatriates/ Outstation delegates/ Visiting Dignitaries/ Exhibitors/ Participants in Exhibitions in Mumbai/ Corporate Clientele s requirements for their staff. We assist the clients in Rental or Lease of Studio Flats/ Service Apartments/ Condos for short term stay in Mumbai. We ensure each clientele s requirements & comfort is taken care of attending to their quintessential requirements based on their location and place convenience.
  8. 8. S ERVICES OFFERED BY U Sv Consultancy Services For NRI Clients We are specialized in offering our services to NRI clients and save their valuable time with our quick and hassle free services. Providing initial information on the commercial and residential property market in and around the capital region (including advice on gross rental, availability, normal Lease terms and structures, Location alternatives and tenure issues).v After Investment Service We also provide after investment services for regular updates regarding properties
  9. 9. W HY U Sv We locate perfect property, through our experience, knowledge and expertise which meets your specific requirements.v We do not compromise on quality of services rendered and our professional charges irrespective of the size and value of the deal.v We provide our services at a very reasonable charge.v We believe in long, trustworthy and crystal clear relationships.
  10. 10. W HY U Sv We assure you that you will have a one to one meeting with the Buyer/Seller before entering into any deal to evaluate individual credentials. Base work regarding evaluation of credentials of an individual is undertaken at our level.v Our team works vigorously to ensure the needs and desires of the clients. Right from conceptualization to the completion of the transaction, we leave no stone unturned: to give concrete shape to our clients dreams. Our team will provide ultimate personalized solutions with a good understanding of clients specific concerns.
  11. 11. W HY U Sv Our documentation services give a hassle free dealing and save the valuable time of our clients.v Utmost Clients satisfaction in condition of Honesty, Clarity, Dedication & Sincerity.v Excellence in service and quality in implementation.v Our client relationship is founded on mutual respect and trust.v Compensation that fairly reflects the value we deliver is all that we expect from our clients.
  12. 12. C ONTACT U S Sattproperties Sattproperties