Corporate Profile- Saswat Kumar Panda


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Professional Summary- Saswat Kumar Panda, CEO & Founder, Learnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Corporate Profile- Saswat Kumar Panda

  1. 1. Saswat Kumar Panda - Profile Summary CEO & Founder, Learnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd. IT Innovation – Research- Entrepreneurship- Social Media Strategy - Digital Consulting- Branding Strategies Right from his initiation into entrepreneurship in the final year of his college, he has been one of the youngest and most promising upcoming consultants in the digital consulting and business strategy space in this region. He is the CEO & Founder of LTPL and is leading a team of high-caliber leads, some of them associated with the prestigious Fortune 500 list. His exposure to key International and National Enterprises as an IT strategy consultant has helped him evolve a unique high-impact and low-cost design and delivery model that is best suited to these testing times. With his never-say-die attitude he has made the company stand where it is today. Beginning humbly, Saswat was quick to identify high-performing untapped resources, available within the constraints of space, time and resources and created a research based boutique culture, trying to excel in the niche domains where services were offered. He achieved it with never before envisioned insights in the projects he has had the privilege to consult on. Himself a graduate of the university of hard knocks, he supports and nurtures the spirit of entrepreneurship, among his co-change makers, in his organization.  IT Strategy & Planning  Project Management & project lead strategies  Technology management & Governance  IT process set-up and optimization  Client Management and Partnering  Collaboration initiatives and team building  Organization and staff development  Digital Marketing Strategies  Idea conceptualization and Development  Entrepreneurship development practice  Product Strategy & Development  Marketing Models and Strategies Outstanding accomplishments in managing an enterprise, managing growth, and building class “A” team to build new models of sustainable enterprise space. Consulting in IT and Marketing models to help enterprise with top-notch experts to guide strategic roadmap. Selected Accomplishment  At Dhamra Port Company Limited < One of the biggest upcoming port of India>  Product Conceptualization- Employee Communication Portal  Requirement Analysis and Design of UI  Lead the deployment process  Identifying and implementing innovative module structures  A unique employee communication model delivered for Intranet connectivity of employees for greater synergies.  JGREN India Pvt. Ltd.<Japanese Enterprise>  Design of responsive architecture for development of corporate website for India operations.  Identifying key Social Media Integration and implementing the same.
  2. 2.  Strategy consulting and roadmap design for mobility and improvisations to implement IT for the upcoming power plant.  Uniquely serviced responsive design and delivered in 4 working days for international release.  Innovative Supply Chain ERP  UI conceptualization.  Guiding team for system study  Product architecture and technology management  Managing the business process engineering.  Cost optimised ERP designed for SME’s with robust Microsoft framework.  – <Product Development, Scotland>  Product Development strategy  Concept Delivery  Project Management  Handled complexities of the functionalities to produce quality results for client.  Dr. Bhagbanprakash - <key Adviser to Govt. of India>  Development of key strategies for Social Media integration  Development of Portal architecture and technology management  Roadmap strategy development for future Social Media Marketing and development of E-Book for web presence.  Development of Collateral- Video for June Returns in association with PR Agency  Unique positioning of a rich portfolio for the first time for Web presence.  <Portal of Regional Film Industry>  Strategic delivery of model to market the renowned portal.  Social Media Marketing strategy development  Legal Online Copyright implementation  Delivery of Online PR strategies  Only big successful running portal after 75 years of Ollywood Cinema to direct for web initiatives by the industry.  NYKS, Govt. of Odisha- Centralised Database Development of connecting ULB’s  Strategic delivery of model to market the renowned portal.  Social Media Marketing strategy development  Legal Online Copyright implementation  Delivery of Online PR strategies  Delivered on time, and best at an unbeatable price for software development by any player in Govt.  Bajaj Online Service, Bhubaneswar- <Sampark Bajaj, a key dealer implementing>  Bike servicing online.  UI Conceptualization.  Product Development strategy  First Online Bike Service portal in Odisha  RKD Constructions, Bhubaneswar- <Super Class Civil Contractor, Odisha>  Portfolio design strategy  Roadmap of International Presentation through content development strategy  Product strategy and content development for the unique positioning by an IT company for the first time in Odisha.
  3. 3.  Sikkim Manipal University- <Premium world class Indian University>  Conceptualization of Mobile App  Delivering in collaboration model with Interactive Avenues  Unique cost model to deliver the mobile marketing of renowned university.  Jade Magnet- <Mobile App Development strategy>  Product Development strategy and Cross Platform IT enablement  Mobility based platform implementation for all hand held devices  Identifying key technology risk management for mobility release and solving them  Buddy Jar , USA <Product Development of a Unique Social Media & Fund Management>  Product Development strategy partner  Business Analysis and implementation strategies  Product complexity was handled really well by the team.  , UK  Product Development strategy partner  Business Analysis and implementation strategies  Ecommerce Best Practice Implementation Important positions Company Names Roles Learnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India CE0 & Founder Principle Company as Managing Head Jgreen India Pvt. Ltd, Japan based Indian operations IT Strategy Consultant NYKS, Govt. of Odisha Project Consultant to a ULB Database development Up To Start, Portugal IT Strategy Consultant & Business Co-owner BMET, India IT Strategy consultant GHZ Networks, USA IT Ambassador for India Operations <Project-Right to Internet>, Social Enterprising Activity Program Dr. Bhagbanprakash, India Digital Strategy Consultant, Social Media Strategy Consultant, India IT Strategy Consultant, Social Media Strategy Consultant Edgars Company limited, Tanzania IT Strategy Consultant and Product Development Adviser Barasch Waisome Foundation, USA It Strategy Consultant & Product Development Adviser Broadstrong Consulting Room, China IT Strategy Consultant and Collaborative Project Delivery Head from India Business Analyst-2010-11 Karma Strategies Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. Idea behind Entrepreneurship The basic idea of unique modeling of these 3 areas is: 1. Service: Would assure consistent growth to our clients often out-pacing the market and we retain the clients by building long term relationships. 2. Product Development: It should be one of the unique plans to position the company as a brand for resolving business pain areas of emerging enterprises. We have several plans on this, which is huge in itself but commercial space can be mentored by people of your stature to make it a definite success. 3. Consulting: We have Ex-Directors, VP of different big MNC's who have shown considerable interest in building all plans to position us as a futuristic management consultants based out in Eastern India serving developing nations and markets of ICT. We are basically focusing on team and almost we are ready with a good blend of high end consultants, Ex-Infosys people as project managers, and new young guns as upcoming service consultants to our clients for an aggressive growth. We have entered into high-potential partnerships to register our presence on the international scene (September-Middle East) Digital Security Summit 2013 where we feel a strong possibility to present unique, scaled, high-impact solutions and create a lasting reputation as a dedicated band of high-performers. Media  CEO Story-  Blog-  Delegate & Bronze Sponsor to ICT Outsourcing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2013,  Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In  Website: Declaration: All information specified in the document is true and transparent to the best of my knowledge. Saswat Kumar Panda Skype: saswat1986 Cell: +919040880335 Email: & CEO & Founder, Learnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Technology Business Incubator, Supported by DST & NSETB, Govt. of India Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India