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Do you want people to find you on Google?
Do you want to learn what SEO means & how easy it is to do?
Do you want to understand why participating in Twitter & Facebook & YouTube is important for your business or blog?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will enjoy hearing from Kristin Rohan (Founder of SassySEO.com) how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Social Media can drive traffic to your site, develop better relationships with your visitors, and help them understand and value what you offer.

With over a trillion web pages existing and more than 250,000 new pages being created daily, you want your community & fans to easily find and contact you. You want them to interact with your site / blog and have a reason to come back – whether to buy / engage, learn more about you, or find helpful resources.

Think about these facts:

MediaMatrix reports that over 85% of people on the Internet use search engines.
According to Marketing Sherpa: 30% of high quality leads and 37% of high quantity leads come from Search Engine Optimisation.
A survey from Forrester Research focusing on online retailers states 70% of the retailers see SEO as being the most effective way to increase customers.
According to SXSW, 40% of Google results are now “Social Search” results – meaning content picked up from places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media are critical to your site’s success and an important part of your overall strategy–a strategy that is based around creating quality content, building and participating in your community.

Kristin will share easy tips to help:

Search Engines Find You
Search Engines Rank You
Prospects Find You
Customers & Prospects Value You
Kristin Rohan is the Founder & Director of SassySEO (http://SassySEO.com) -- offering quality & strategic Marketing & Media Solutions using Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media tactics. With 15 years in Silicon Valley, CA and over 2 years in Sydney, Kristin has gained a wide-range of experience in Marketing, Sales & Media.

She's held jobs at several agencies, helped manage some of the first technology websites for clients, aided in Media - Global and local Planning and Buying, and helped build Media & Marketing strategies for a wide range of technology & consumer clients.

When she's not hosting Champagne Fridays in Surry Hills (Fridays at 430pm), you can see Kristin on SassySEOTV (http://www.youtube.com/user/SassySEOTV) where she shares her insights on quality SEO, and on her blog, SassySEO Insights (http://sassyseo.com/sassyseo-insights/) where she writes about strategic, quality & ethical SEO. Kristin also creates & presents SEO Comics & Workshops as the Sassy Assassin (http:/SassyAssassin.com).

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Let's Talk About Blogs -- SassySEO

  1. 1. SassySEO.com presents...Let’s Talk about Blogs! ...with Kristin Rohan the Sassy Assassin of SEO Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  2. 2. A Sneaky Peak...• Let’s Get Strategical• Don’t get caught up in the Hype!• SEO Best Practices• Easy Tips for a More Effective Site• Top SEO Mistakes• How to Get Traffic• Let’s Talk - Get Social Media to work for you!• How Can Search Engines Find/Rank You?• How Can Prospects Find You?• How can Customers Value You?• How Can Customers Value You?• Sassy Business Tips Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  3. 3. Let’s Get Strategical• Who do you want to be / Site Objective?• What’s your Passion / Niche?• Who is your Community?• Who is your Competition?• What are your Products/Services = $$?• What’s your Long Term Strategy? Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  4. 4. Don’t Get Caught in the Hype• SEO Tactics / Tools Always Changing• There are No Guarantees for #1 Ranking• Stay Strategic - Think Long Term• Keep site / strategies Simple & Clean• More is not Always Better• Lead Back to Sales / Engagement Cycle Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  5. 5. SEO Best Practices•Quality, Refreshed Content (Blog)•Effective Home Page•Easy Navigation/Clean Design•Titles, Descriptions, Keywords (Meta)•Headings•Friendly Urls•Universal Footer / Site Map•Link Strategy (internal / External)•Tag Media•Social Media•Understand Analytics & Measure! Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  6. 6. Easy Tips for an Effective Site• Proper Home Page• Organised / Easy Navigation• Concentrate Similar Content• Be Easy to Contact• Call to Actions (Pages & Posts)• No Dead End Pages• Blog Content Mirror Site Content• Be a One Stop Shop with Resources• Use Video!• Link Internally Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  7. 7. Top SEO Mistakes• Duplicate Content / Tagging• Home Page Catch-All Posts• No Vision or Long-Term Strategy• No Measurement / Analysis / Optimisation• No Updated Content• No Social Interaction Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  8. 8. How To Get Traffic• Write Quality / Passionate Content• Refresh, Update Regularly• Optimise Content• Link to Related Content• Engage with Visitors• Comment on Other BLogs• Use Social Media Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  9. 9. Let’s Talk• Facebook - Build Fans & Engage; Lite Site; Promote Events & Video; Help People; Answer ?’s• Twitter - Promote; Follow; Engage; RT; Share• LinkedIn - Network; Find Partnerships; Build Expertise• Flickr - Promote Business Using Photos; Increase Awareness• Delicious - Drive Traffic Thru Relevant Articles & Posts• StumbleUpon - Get Site Found & Recommended; 2nd Largest Social Site• YouTube - 2nd Largest Search Engine; Promote Expertise, Improve Ranking for Keywords Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  10. 10. How Can Search Engines Find / Rank You?• Keywords / Key Phrases• Meta Data• Updated Relevant Content• Links (Internal & External)• Social Media Content• Tagged Media• Resources Your Site Should be a Relvant & Valuable Destination for Your Industry! Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  11. 11. How Can Prospects Find You?• Keywords / Key Phrases• Paid Search• Updated Relevant Content in Social Media• Word Of Mouth - online / offline• Recommendations / Reviews• Your Fans / best Customers Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  12. 12. How Can Customers Value You?• Find Your Passion• Be Authentic• Care About Them• Don’t be Everything to Everybody• Offer Valuable Resources• Listen and Engage• Ask for Testimonials & Stories• Share Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  13. 13. Sassy Assassin’s Business Tips• Find Your Passion• Be Authentic• Care About Your Community• Have Confidence in What you Offer• Attend (& Enjoy) Events• Meet (& Enjoy) People• Be Approachable & Human• Find Inspiration In Different Places• Connect & Share (tips, favourite businesses, resources)• Support Other Women & Organisations Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO
  14. 14. Stay in Touch! Kristin@SassySEO.com @TheSassySEO & @SassySEO - Twitter SassySEOTV - YouTube KristinNystromRohan - LinkedIn SassySEO Essentials Emails - SassySEO.comSEO Comics & Workshops - SassyAssassin.com Kristin@SassySEO.com  @TheSassySEO