State of physical activity in saskatchewan

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Presentation outlines the state of physical activity in Saskatchewan.

Presentation outlines the state of physical activity in Saskatchewan.

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  • Despite the many benefits of physical activity, unbelievably, less than 15% of our kids are meeting national guidelines.That means, in a classroom of 25 students, only 4 are getting the minimum requirements.
  • The data used to inform Saskatchewan in motion strategies is gathered annually in the Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children & Youth.Active Healthy Kids Canada is an organization that gathers the best available data from Canada’s leading researchers and compiles it in a concise report card format.The report card provides data on physical activity levels of children and youth as well as a reflection on the many issues impacting the physical activity levels of our kids.In 2009, Active Healthy Kids Canada was contracted to produce a Saskatchewan Supplement to the National Report Card on physical activity for children and youth. The Supplement helped to paint a clearer picture and provide a more detailed baseline of how physically active Saskatchewan children and youth really are. The Active Healthy Kids Canada report card and the Saskatchewan Supplement to the report card both Saskatchewan children and youth a failing grade for their physical activity levels.


  • 1. Less than 15% of Saskatchewan Children & Youth are Active Enough.
    CanPlay 2009
  • 2. Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children & Youth
  • 3. How Active Are Canadian Kids?
  • 4. How Active Are Saskatchewan Kids?
  • 5. Physical Activity at School
    Mandated physical education time
    Implemented physical education time
  • 6. Physical Activity at School
    Saskatchewan Education has launched new physical activity policy guidelines.
  • 7. Sport and Physical Activity Participation at School
  • 8. Physical Activity at Home
    Only 27% of Canadian parents know what the physical activity guidelines are for children and youth.
  • 9. Physical Activity at Home
    Saskatchewan parents THINK their kids are active enough.
  • 10. Physical Activity in the Community
    65% of parents report parks & playgroundswithin ½ km of their home:
    • 34% use them
    • 11. 29% use public programs and facilities
  • 12. Screen Time
    • In 1971, children began to watch TV at age 4 - now it is 5 months
    • 13. 6 hours on weekdays
    • 14. 7-9 hours on weekends
  • 15. Sports Participation
    • 51% of Saskatchewan 5 to 14 year olds regularly participate in sports.
    • 16. Disparities include
    Socio-economic status
  • 17. Active Transportation
    • 65 to 70% of Saskatchewan parents walked to school
    • 18. Less than 20% of their kids do the same