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Call out for instructors

  1. 1. Who we are:The University of Regina’s Business & Professional Development department (BPD) is part of the Centrefor Continuing Education (CCE). BPD offers one and two-day courses and seminars designed to meet theneeds of busy professionals who want to stay competitive in our ever-changing economy. BPD offersseminars in project management, leadership, professional management, marketing and sales, as well asa variety of workshops and customized training. Our team puts emphasis on real-world expertiseassuring a stimulating balance between theoretical and practical information in its program delivery.What we are looking for:As a result of our continued growth and emerging demand in the marketplace, we are seekingexperienced instructors to facilitate courses within our new Business Analyst Professional Certificate.Certificate Description:Business Analysis is the discipline involving the identification of business needs and associated potentialsolutions to business problems. Understand and apply a new level of knowledge for Business Analysis inyour roles and responsibilities and understand all the steps in the Business Analysis Process.The Business Analyst Certificate will consist of 7, 2-day courses based on the learning areas of theBABOK. The certificate will begin with a Fundamentals of Business Analysis course that must becompleted prior to all other modules. Upon completion of this certificate, all students will be requiredto attend a final practicum.Required:  Ability and desire to develop content based on the BA Book of Knowledge (BABOK)  Ability to facilitate courses during the weekdays  Certified and/or long time career in Business Analysis  Desire to teach adult learners in the field of BA  Enthusiastic energy in the classroom and maintain a positive learning environment  Ability to customize content and delivery to reflect client needs  Ability to work across a variety of sectors and industries  Ability to teach using hands-on, real world and relevant examples
  2. 2. Timeline:Course materials (manual, case studies {subject to copy write}, articles, Power Point slides and otherhandouts) must be submitted to Business & Professional Development, ready to be printed, at least twoweeks prior to the start of a course. The first course (Fundamentals of Business Analysis) will be onThursday and Friday, April 18-19, 2013. The remaining six courses will be available in the Spring/Summer2013 and Fall 2013 semesters.How to apply:If you meet the requirements, teaching at Business & Professional Development may be the place foryou! Interested in applying? Please email a brief cover letter that includes qualifications for teachingadult learners, summary of content expertise and updated CV. If you have any questions, please contactRachel Werrett, Business Development Consultant by email at or 585-5739.