Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan


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Improvement Story session at the 2013 Saskatchewan Health Care Quality Summit. For more information about the summit, visit www.qualitysummit.ca. Follow @QualitySummit on Twitter.

The implementation and on-going enhancement of the eHealth Saskatchewan Clinical Portal to complement existing systems to support improved health care province-wide through electronic access to important clinical information.
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Kevin Kidney

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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan

  1. 1. Electronic Access to Information BenefitsPatient Care in SaskatchewanKevin KidneyThis Session is sponsored by:
  2. 2. Kevin Kidney, Project Director EHRDenise Junek, Vice President eHealth & Business Services
  3. 3. Empowering Patients, Enabling CareBetter knowledge translates to better care.The 5 Rs of the Electronic Health Record:• The right information• About the right client• Available to the right person• In the right place• At the right time
  4. 4. Electronic Health Records inSaskatchewanPatient data is created and stored in various systems specific to the needs ofproviding patient care within that care setting. For example:• Sunrise Clinical Manager• Physician Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems• Pharmacy Information System• Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving andCommunications System (PACS)• Saskatchewan Immunization Management System (SIMS)• eHR Viewer
  5. 5. • A secure website developed for Saskatchewanhealth care providers that provides access topatient profiles regardless of where theypresent for care or where they live in theprovince.What is the eHR Viewer?eHealth Saskatchewan
  6. 6. Facilitate sharing of informationacross the continuum of careMore accurate, complete, andtimely picture of the patient’shealthEasy to use and accessHospitalPharmacyRadiologyLabPrimaryHealth CareBenefits for Providers
  7. 7. Reduced wait time (phone/fax)looking for informationMore appropriate treatmentdecisionsFaster diagnosisBenefits for Providers
  8. 8. “The eHR Viewer is the best lab information source Ihave seen…the interface is intuitive.I can quickly log on from anywhere; it is easy to findpatients; and best of all, even if a patients tests weredone in another health region, the results are stillimmediately available.“Dr. Milo Fink – Saskatchewan Physician
  9. 9. Reduce duplicate laboratorytestingReduce duplicate medicationBenefits for PatientsSupport patient confidentialityDATAPRIVACYConfidentialPersonal Health InformationAuditingPasswordAccessLockProtect
  10. 10. “Since I began using the eHR Viewer I have been ableto impact patient care in a positive way each andevery day.”Kimberly Sentes – Saskatchewan Pharmacist
  11. 11. Building the eHR Viewer
  12. 12. What were our goals?• Provide value to the patients• Provide value to clinicians/health care providers• Align with health system priorities• Continue to leverage the supportinginfrastructure for the EHR• Continue to evolve the EHR infostructure• Continue to Add Value – make it “do-able”
  13. 13. − Diagnostic images− Clinical encounters− Integration with hospital systems− Patient Portal− Remaining Health Regions & Canadian BloodServices LabsThe Evolution of the eHR ViewerFuture20132012201120102009- Provincial Standard Lab message- SDCL & Sunrise Labs− Pharmaceutical profile (PIP)− Drug Allergies & Contraindications (PIP)− Sun Country, Mamawetan, SaskatoonBloodBank Labs− Immunization information− Discharge Summaries− Clinical Document Repository− Chronic Disease Management Data− Clinical Observation Repository− Prince Albert Parkland & Prairie North Labs- Lab Distribution to EMR’s- Regina Qu’Appelle & Saskatoon Labs− eHR Viewer (IDM, patient demographics &Lab Results, Privacy services)− Saskatchewan Lab ResultsRepository(SLRR)− Five Hills & Kelsey Trail Labs
  14. 14. What is available through the eHRViewer?A number of sources of clinical data are available in the eHR Viewer: Demographic information to uniquely identify a patient Laboratory Test Results (over 26,000,000 tests) Dispensed Medications (over 105,000,000 dispenses) Known medication allergies and intolerances Immunizations Transcribed Clinical Reports – Discharge Summaries Chronic Disease Management indicators
  15. 15. Protecting the Patients PrivacyThe design and implementation of the eHR Viewer was undertaken with the foremostregard to securing and protecting the Patients health data.• Extensive Privacy Impact Assessment• Meet requirements under HIPPA• Access only to Authorized Health Care Providers• Detailed auditing of system usage• Stringent password creation rules• Options for the Patient to limit access to their health care data:• Data “Masking”• “Full Block”• Ability for Patients to request audits of access to their profile
  16. 16. eHR Viewer DEMO
  17. 17. TrainingPatient
  18. 18. Laboratory Information
  19. 19. Medication Information
  20. 20. Immunization Information
  21. 21. Chronic Disease ManagementInformation
  22. 22. Delivering the eHR Viewer
  23. 23. Delivering the eHR ViewerIn our pilot phase, we worked closely with 100+ healthcare providersto ensure the Portal is meeting expectations and delivered in aneffective way.Improved our approach and developed newtools to facilitate a “lean” implementation: Streamlined sign up process Online User Self Registration Online Acceptance of User Agreements Online training and self-directed tools andsupports Online User account management (Passwordresets)
  24. 24. eHR Viewer Users and Sites8 8 8 8 9 10 1220293848598148 48 48 48 52 52 5668981121281542010501001502002501-Mar-12 1-Apr-12 1-May-12 1-Jun-12 1-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 1-Sep-12 1-Oct-12 1-Nov-12 1-Dec-12 1-Jan-13 1-Feb-13 1-Mar-13Sites Total Users
  25. 25. Delivering the eHR ViewerThe eHR Viewer is currently in many health caresettings:• Community Pharmacies• Walk-in Clinics• Specialist Clinics• Family Practice Clinics• SIAST Campus Health Center• Saskatchewan Cancer Agency• Wascana Rehab• Regional Laboratory Medicine MedicalStaff (including Pathologists,Hematopathologists, Medical Biochemistsand Medical Microbiologists)
  26. 26. • Currently positioning ourselves to deliver the EHR Viewer toa wider variety of care settings over the next six months• Delivery efforts will focus on:– Meeting the significant demand being created by “wordof mouth” and expressions of interest– Supporting physicians enrolling in the Chronic DiseaseManagement Quality Improvement Program– Meeting the needs of all healthcare providers across amid-size health regionDelivering the eHR Viewer
  27. 27. The Future
  28. 28. 55QuestionsFor more information:Kevin KidneyProject Director, EHReHealth SaskatchewanOffice: 306.337.5510Mobile: 306.591.2654E-mail: kevin.kidney@eHealthsask.ca
  29. 29. 56Thank youFor more information:Kevin KidneyProject Director, EHReHealth SaskatchewanOffice: 306.337.5510Mobile: 306.591.2654E-mail: kevin.kidney@eHealthsask.ca