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New paper JR

  1. 1. Richardson 1 “You can’t expect things to change by its self. you have to be willing to take that firststep.” Everyone talks about change but no one is ready to make that move, social workers takethefirst step every day. There are three different types of social workers. Mental health andsubstance abuse, Medical and public health, and Child and family support. Everyone deserveschanceto have a normal life and social workers give people that chance. Social workers are veryimportant. The longest journey starts with the first step, Social workers take the longest journeyto make your life easier.Social worker is someone that helps with immediate needs as wellresearch to improve the future. Social workers are people that reach out to the community. Theytravel to jail houses, nursing homes, group homes, and many more places (ehow). Social workerare very important they take the extra step that most people are scared to take or do not knowhowto take it. They are just doing their job nothing less maybe more then what they need to do.They protect they support these families. Social workers take the extra step to bring peace intoyourlife. Mental health and substance abuse is the field where they help these people go throughtreatments. Social workers for mental health and substance abuse deal with people that has areally bad habit that they can and need to get rid of. Social workers help them cope with their
  2. 2. Richardson 2problem they also have succession for months, sometimes even a year or longer. They send themto rehab and check on them from time to time to make sure that they are keeping up their end ofthe deal. Social workers help anybody that is in need but they really help those that want to helptheir self. They treat individuals with mental, emotional or substance abuse problems, includingabuse of alcohol tobacco. Known that I helped someone and I can start to see the growth andchange in people.. This is about as important a job as many (social worker (LCSW)). This fieldof social workers can also be known as clinical social worker , occupational social worker evengerontology social worker. Social workers should be emotionally mature. Mental health andsubstance abuse have to deal and face their clients go through withdrawals andit isn’t easy. Theyoffer a referral to people with debilitating problems. Mental health and substance abuse socialworker become a part of the support (wise geek). Social workers give people another chance tolive a peaceful life. Medical and public health is when the social worker take these families that are dealingwith some type of medical condition; they also deal with families that need help to pay for a visitto the doctor. Our society hates to think about illness, death or any harm to the body. Socialworkers expect the unexpected. Social workers help people that have some type of sexuallytransmitted disease, they help families deal with diseases such as cancer. Medical and publichealth social workers help families learn how to cope and deal with the unthinkable, they support
  3. 3. Richardson 3these families. They help families get insurance like Medicaid and Medicare. They help familiesfind a way to get help so they do not have to leave in pain or suffer from anything. They aredesigned to help families on low income and can’t not do what needs to be done to protect themand their family. Social workers see the beauty in others even when they are sick that’s whatmake them important.They refer patients or family to community resources to assist in recovery(career planner).Medical and public health social workers are mostly employed by the hospital,government and service agencies and some are even self-employed (ehow).Social workers workeven when they aren’t on the clock to make sure that they give you another chance at a great life. Child and family support this field of social worker is when they try to keep thesefamilies together. Social workers are more like liaison (Beth). These social workers have to bewilling to listen and understand where these families are coming from. They have to have anopen mind and heart. There are two different tracks of integrations sexually and physical (Beth).This has to be the hardest field of social workers because it becomes emotional. “I can’t think ofanother issue that effect more people in this country where less is being done (USA Today).Many social workers feel as if the country isn’t doing enough. Child and Family support has todeal with that broken heartedmother who can’t protect her children from her abusive boyfriend,that mother who can’t feed her children and you try and tell her that you have to take themaway. Once a child and family social worker gets involved with your family they have to stayaround for four months and visit your home they don’t always have to call and tell you that theywill be visiting. Few families deals work with social workers because they don’t want hear whatthey have to say. While in interview with Laura Beth Robertson she said what makes it hard forthem is that when families hear social worker they don’t want to listen, which sends everythingdone hill. They have to take to everyone in your family, friends even people that you work and
  4. 4. Richardson 4the ones that no nothing about you just to make sure that you aren’t any harm to the children oryour family. Social workers provide these families with flexibility, they also provide positivebehavior and support services. One of the hardest things they have to deal with is situations thataren’t my choice. They seek foster homes or arrange adoptions for children, they even counselparents single or married. Child and Family support social workers work at the school to makesure that the children has someone to talk to in case of an emergency. They do there hardest sothat you can live your life with hope. With every up there is a down with every good there is a bad. Social workers have todeal with the good the bad and the ugly. They have no idea what they are opening the door up towhen they come to visit you they just know that it’s time to help (LSCW). Social workers aren’tjust people that sit behind the desk they go out and help the communities help people like youand I (New York). Don’t take it lightly when you hear social worker because this job goesfurther out than the walls. It takes honor courage and commitment to be a successful socialworker. Social worker is someone that helps with immediate needs as well as research toimprove lives in the future. They are important because they help your life become easier. Theydo things not to harm you but to help your get over your problem, help you cope and to help youand your family stay together. Social workers have a strong desire to improve other people lives(campus). Social worker Laura Beth Robertson stated that all social workers need to make thereday go smoothly is a “Thank You”. She said knowing that she help someone else life bettermeans the world to her and the rest of the social workers. Mental and substance abuse socialworkers help people that are addicted to something and they are harm to you and others. Medicaland public health help families and people deal with whatever illness it is down to cancer or H IV. Child and family support help families stay together. They take children out of abusive
  5. 5. Richardson 5relationships. They give the mother a peace of mind. They help families no matter the situationno matter how much the family doesn’t want to work things out. They are important becausethey give people a second chance to live their lives with peace and hope. That is a job of a socialworker to help others.