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Success landor final_10242005


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • 1. SUCCESS STORYRenewing brand power Global firm takes brands from concept to reality using Adobe® Illustrator® CS2 software and the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Products such as toothpaste, laundry detergent, and dog food are essential ingredients of life for today’s consumers. But how do shoppers select among brands when they gaze at shelves lined with dozens of alternatives in their local supermarkets? With clients such as Procter & Gamble and representing brands like Crest, Tide, Febreeze, and Iams, Landor Associates understands that consistent branding can persuade consumers to select one tube, box, or bag over another—a high-stakes proposition for companies catering to choosy consumers.
  • 2. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, clients rely on Landor Associates’ ability to increase product appeal and customer loyalty. “At Landor, our job is to create a cohesive strategy, theme, and visual identity for clients,” says Joe Stitzlein, design director for Landor Associates in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Consistent, appealing branding is what helps keep consumers loyal and ultimately increases clients’ revenues.”“From increasing Landor Associates is among the world’s most recognized branding and design consultancies. performance to Offering a multidisciplinary range of brand strategy, design, naming, interactive, and research services, providing key Landor helps clients worldwide create, renew, and enhancements that strengthen their brand power. make it easier to A complete design environment Much of Landor’s design process revolves around work with vector creating vector artwork such as logos and line art for packaging. The primary application the firm has at art, we can work its designers’ fingertips roughly 70% of the time is more efficiently and Adobe Illustrator CS2 software, used in conjunction with the other components of the Adobe Creative Suite 2. creatively than ever Landor’s designers also use Adobe Photoshop® CS2 using Illustrator CS2.” software to incorporate imagery into designs, and Adobe InDesign® CS2 software for multipagePhillip Lauer, documents such as corporate identity guidelines. Forsenior technology specialist, Landor, standardizing on the Adobe Creative Suite 2Landor San Francisco promotes productivity across the workflow, from At Landor, design is a highly collaborative affair. By standardizing on the Adobe Creative Suite 2, everyone generating initial concepts to final output. can share files. Once materials such as packaging line art are developed in Illustrator CS2, advanced “Exciting capabilities in Adobe Illustrator CS2 presets for generating Adobe PDF files and integration software such as Live Paint and Live Trace with Adobe Acrobat software enable staff to create promise to streamline our packaging workflow customized files for efficient electronic reviews. tremendously,” says Phillip Lauer, senior technology specialist for Landor San Francisco. “At the same time, overall improvements to Illustrator CS2 and the Adobe Creative Suite 2 are saving time and money. Adobe is providing what we need to improve our business, and that’s not just my opinion, it’s the consensus here at Landor.” The Adobe Creative Suite 2 enables an integrated, speedy workflow for Landor designers. Drag-and- drop functionality between Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2 saves time in combining vector and bitmap artwork. And, designers can easily leverage artwork to produce corporate identity guidelines From branding elements and billboards to ads and and publish them in Adobe Portable Document brochures, Landor creates a wide variety of client materials using the Adobe Creative Suite 2. Adobe Format (PDF). “The Adobe Creative Suite 2 is software enables an integrated, speedy workflow continually becoming a more cohesive, productivity- for Landor designers. For instance, drag-and-drop enhancing design environment,” says Lauer. functionality between Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2 saves time in combining vector and bitmap artwork.
  • 3. Practical improvementsDesigners start by creating composite boardswith dozens of different concepts. Illustrator CS2provides tools that enable creative freedom inpresenting a variety of ideas. They often take scansof hand-drawn line art and trace them using LiveTrace, then fill it in with colors using Live Paint.Live Paint lets them work with color and objects in asingle layer, making it easier to visualize and presentideas. Once a concept is decided upon, designersstart producing artwork in Illustrator CS2.Says Lauer, “From increasing performance toproviding key enhancements that make it easier towork with vector art, we can work more efficientlyand creatively than ever using Illustrator CS2.”Efficient reviewsOnce materials such as packaging line art aredeveloped in Illustrator CS2, advanced presetsfor generating Adobe PDF files and integrationwith Adobe Acrobat® software enable staff to createcustomized files for efficient electronic reviews. Forinstance, staff can create standard Adobe PDF filesor highly compressed files that can be sent to clientsfaster over the Internet.Clients can use the markup and review tools inAcrobat to provide their comments. Electronic reviewstypically shave days off the review cycle and cansave clients tens of thousands of dollars each yearotherwise spent creating multiple rounds of printedproofs distributed by overnight delivery services.From sales to final artworkOnce packaging artwork, logos, and other elementsof a client’s corporate identity are developed, Landordesigners provide clients with interactive, Web-based corporate identity guidelines specifyingdetails such as typefaces, corporate colors, and logosizes. Easy access to these detailed instructions helpclients preserve branding consistency.Designers can place native Illustrator and Photoshopfiles such as logos and photos into layouts of identityguidelines in InDesign, without having to flattenthem first or manage multiple versions of files.InDesign CS2 then offers one-click output to AdobePDF for posting online.
  • 4. “Adobe software is enhancing creativity while enabling faster, more efficient creation of packaging line art and other materials on a daily basis. At Landor, it’s essential to equip our staff with the best tools available to achieve the best results for clients. We’ve found what we need in the Adobe Creative Suite 2.” Company Landor AssociatesPhillip Lauer, senior technology specialist, Landor San Francisco Headquarters in San Francisco, California, offices worldwide Challenge • Create world-class brand identities for clients as efficiently as possible • Streamline creation of corporate identity guidelines and sales materials Solution • Take advantage of drag and drop functionality between Adobe Illustrator CS2 and the full Adobe Creative Suite 2 to maximize Landor manages branding for design potential and efficiency some of the most prestigious companies in the world, including • Move to electronic reviews using Procter & Gamble. The Adobe Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF Creative Suite 2 helps Landor Benefits and its clients in creating, renewing, • Provided more freedom in creating and strengthening brand power. and presenting a variety of ideas to clients • Saved artists hours in creatingPolished portfolios Performance to spare artwork for packages using LiveIn addition to increasing workf low efficiency, Because the entire Adobe suite of applications is Trace and Live Paintintegration among the Adobe Creative Suite 2 optimized for Mac OS X, designers have noticed • Accelerated the workflow withcomponents enables Landor to improve creation substantial performance gains, contributing increased integration, enhancedof sales materials and proposals. Regardless of the to increased productivity. According to Lauer, performance, and optimizationoriginating application, designers can assemble Illustrator CS2 is exceptionally fast, an attribute for Mac OS Xwork into an impressive portfolio in InDesign CS2. that can’t be overstated in its importance. • Enabled creation of interactive corporate identity guidelines in“Landor designers rave about InDesign CS2,” says The Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications take advantage Adobe PDF Stitzlein. “They especially appreciate advanced of Mac OS X attributes such as multithreading and • Reduced time and costs associated typographical controls and support for OpenType, multiprocessing, enabling designers to work on e-mails, with reviews cycles by tens of which enables them to elevate type as an art for example, while a Photoshop CS2 filter is running in thousands of dollars annually and takes them back to the days of traditional the background. A handy progress bar in the Mac OS X • Assisted in creating sophisticated typography produced using lead type.” Dock gives designers a visual cue of when tasks are sales and marketing materials complete. The ability to multitask their way throughSample work can also be easily showcased in client the day is a boost to designers’ productivity. Tool Kitpitches. Account executives often output artwork • The Adobe Creative Suite 2.created in a variety of the Adobe Creative Suite 2 “Adobe software is enhancing creativity while Components used include:applications for placement into Microsoft PowerPoint enabling faster, more efficient creation of packaging • Adobe Acrobatslide sets. According to Stitzlein, the process of line art and other materials on a daily basis,” says • Adobe Illustrator CS2combining artwork and generating PowerPoint Lauer. “At Landor, it’s essential to equip our staff • Adobe InDesign CS2presentations is more seamless than ever. with the best tools available to achieve the best • Adobe Photoshop CS2 results for clients. We’ve found what we need in the Adobe Creative Suite 2.” • Apple Power Mac G4 and G5 computers running Mac OS X Adobe Systems Incorporated • 345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA • Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Apple and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Power Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. OpenType is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2005 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. 95005844 1005A