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Online Marketing for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals. What do you need to know before you start investing in online lead generation for doctors. MD Clients (a division of WOM Communications, LLC) as a proven partner and vendor. All rights reserved

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MD Clients - Healthcare Marketing - Marketing for Doctors

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Why Web Marketing?<br />Lower Cost Than Traditional Media <br />Higher Conversion Rate<br />Engaged Auditory That Trust Internet Sources <br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  3. 3. What Sources Consumers Consider The Most Trustworthy?<br />People eager to search anything over the internet, but they trust Physicians more than any other internet sources. <br /><br />Do You Have A Website?<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  4. 4. Searching for <br />Online Health<br />Data?<br />It is very important that the name of a Physician shows up in many directories, search engines, and health portals to create a solid consumer trust. <br />The more sources point back to the same Physician, the better is consumer response<br /><br />www. <br />You are Here<br />.com<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  5. 5. Why Build <br />A Website?<br />Why build your own website, when so many Marketing Agencies will suggest you using their “free” microsites? <br />Because your site is permanent and belongs to you even if you do not want to pay for any extra marketing services<br />Because you spend time and effort to add your profile to the directories and health sites and want to make sure they all point to one place only – your site<br />Because you may always convince marketing agencies to run their programs directly on your site and save all gained SEO credits to yourself.<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  6. 6. Paid Search <br />& Google<br />Get Real: Most of Paid Search Advertising Programs for Doctors run on Google AdWords. “Other” 5% may include Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.<br />Efficient, but expensive<br />Less Effective and More Expensive during the Holiday Season (August through January) <br />Short-Term only. Stop paying – and Paid Search Programs stop working for you. <br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  7. 7. SEO & <br />2nd Tier Paid Search<br />Major Issue: Most cannot explain how SEO & 2nd Tier work. The results aren’t instant, as with Google Search, but last much longer. <br />Good News: The results are measurable!<br />On-Site SEO covers Site Content, Localizing issues, Clean Code W3 Compliancy, Metadata, Server Speed & Security, IP neighborhood <br />Off-Site SEO covers relevant links that point back to your site from health portals, local and health directories, search engines, and social networks<br />2nd Tier Paid Search/Content Match covers Paid search from Social & Professional Networks, Web TV networks, and Emerging Search Engines and Lists. <br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  8. 8. The Truth is: To succeed, you need them all. <br />“Traditional” Paid Search vs. SEO + 2nd Tier<br />Paid Search (Google, 2nd Tier)<br />On-Site SEO (Website, Server, IP)<br />Off-Site SEO (Directories, Forums, SM)<br />Microsites, Landing Pages <br />Your Core Site<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  9. 9. Consider Online Marketing for Doctors to be a seasonal type of marketing. Paid Search (PPC) will be most effective during February – July, and SEO takes its turn from August to January. <br />When Does It Really <br />Drive Business?<br />75% PPC<br />25% SEO<br />75% PPC<br />25% SEO<br />Properly Addressed Marketing Budget brings 45%-55% of referrals to conversion <br />Spring<br />Summer<br />75% SEO<br />25% PPC<br />75% SEO<br />25% PPC<br />Fall <br />Winter<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  10. 10. Paid Search + SEO<br />Measurement & Reporting<br />Any Marketing Campaign Can be measured by:<br />Number of Visitors/Followers<br />Number of Impressions<br />Number of Links<br />Number of Conversions through Phone & Web Form<br />Overall Buzz<br />Phone Call<br />Web Form<br /><ul><li>Required Fields
  11. 11. Traffic –Conversion Source
  12. 12. Call Recording
  13. 13. Reverse Lookup
  14. 14. Local Recognition
  15. 15. Reputation Management</li></ul>Monthly Reporting <br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />
  16. 16. MD Clients vs. “Other” Marketing Agencies<br />Copyrights @ WOM Communications, LLC<br />