local neighbourhood marketing with an example clinic marketing


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local neighbourhood marketing with an example clinic marketing

  1. 1. Clinic Sales & MarketingKey Objectives:• Reward Customer Loyalty• Increase Customer Satisfaction• Increase Access & Awareness
  2. 2. Clinic Sales & MarketingRewarding Customer LoyaltyIncreasing Customer SatisfactionImproving Access & Awareness
  3. 3. Reward Customer Loyalty• Reward Customer Loyalty by building an active databaseand making them feel special• Breaking customers into regular & special• All :Email Greetings during Festivals, New Year , Clinic’sAnniversary• Regular : Email Birthday & Anniversary Wishes• Special : Small pack of specially wrapped chocolates duringB’day• Reward Customer Loyalty by improving services andintroducing new services/products• This will be done by profiling customers and understandingthem better
  4. 4. Reward Customer Loyalty• Reward Special customers by invites to specific events• Every Last Saturday/Sunday booked for a small session inimproving awareness of dental health & advancement indental technology• Mobilizing the patient community for a social cause andencouraging their participation ‘Bring your maid or herchildren for subsidized treatment’• % of Fees Devoted to a Social Cause based on 2-3 causessupported by clinic like CRY
  5. 5. Memorabilia Ideas• Typical stuff like Mugs, Pads• Book on Quotes, Calendar with Quote of the Month• Special type of tooth brush
  6. 6. Clinic Sales & MarketingRewarding Customer LoyaltyIncreasing Customer SatisfactionImproving Access & Awareness
  7. 7. Increasing CustomerSatisfaction byTestimonials• The Clinic doctor/executives should engage with guests,get testimonials• Get Testimonials & Put them up• Sharing with him/her a reference or a testimonial from an oldsatisfied customer is a great way of putting all his doubts to rest• Testimonial Wall• Small booklet on dental health along with the mandatorypersonalized checkup by Dr. Dinesh
  8. 8. Improving CustomerSatisfaction by ImprovingPeople Capability• Best Practice Highlights• Customer Service Standards• Standard Phrases• Functional Standards• Telephone Etiquette• Standards Phrases• Call handling• Personal Grooming Standards• Dress Code• Personal Hygiene• Creating Scripts• Review Purpose• Identify Situations• Involve Staff• Fine Tune• Performer of the Month, Feedback of the Month
  9. 9. Improving CustomerSatisfaction by MeasuringCustomer Feedback• How well do you know your customers?• Feedback Programme• Satisfaction with service• Residential and income profile• Kids & their names, Occupation• Daughter named Erica• What percentage of your business is new vs. repeat?• instruct your serves to at least ask the very simple question,Have you been here before?• Have you recommended to someone?• How often do existing customers return, visit patterns
  10. 10. Clinic Sales & MarketingRewarding Customer LoyaltyIncreasing Customer SatisfactionImproving Access & Awareness
  11. 11. Increasing CustomerAwareness by ThemeBased Merchandisizing• To improve awareness of existing customers througheffective internal merchandizing (posters, flyers, tent-cards) focusing on a specific theme every month• Merchandizing should carry a specific campaign/theme• Merchandising should be inviting and encourage interest.• Posters - Should always highlight the campaign• Flyers sharing information on the various services offeredi.e. will be placed at the counter of the Clinic for allcustomers to pick up• Small Engaging Quizzes & Riddles can be developed
  12. 12. Increase CustomerAwareness by OnlineSocial Media• Need to actively look at social media• Need information which can be keyed by the data entryperson• Information processed by us and updated on various socialforums by the data entry person• Start an active blog on dental care• Facebook page for the Clinic. Used as an updating andenriching medium for existing/prospective customers• Videos of machines and doctor presentation on Youtube,with the patient’s permission
  13. 13. Increase CustomerAwareness by OnlineMarketing• Using Search Engine Marketing focusing on all relatedkeywords for person looking at say ‘ Dental Clinic inBandra’• Register details on information portals likewww.Justdial.com & Yellow pages• Quickr• Sulekha Classified• Register Clinic on any medical organization website thatprovides details/contacts related to specific medicalrequirements• Healthcheck.in• Establish differentiation from competition by recreatingClinic online and facilitating community development• Quality of website is indeed an indicator of the level of servicethey can expect• Showcase Clinic.
  14. 14. Contact UsSarvajeet Chandra•+91 9920803060•sarvajeet@theadiva.com•sarvajeetchandra@gmail.com•www.mastersungroup.com05/17/13