Architecture Design Feedback: A Customer Perspective
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Architecture Design Feedback: A Customer Perspective






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Architecture Design Feedback: A Customer Perspective Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Focus Group Findings : Three Design Comparison Company Y, Location S
  • 2. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES  Comparison of three proposed design concepts  Aspects of overall design  Elicit reactions to features like views, balcony, terrace design, ventilation etc.  Comparison of the proposed design concept vis-à-vis other designs
  • 3. RESPONDENT PROFILE  Common Characteristics  SEC A, Age 30-40, Senior Managers OR Businessmen  Disclosed Salaries between 1-2 lac per month  Couples since the decision is usually a joint one  Each focus group will have 3 couples  Budget for new house : 1 Crore & Above  Current Residential Location  Group 1 : Residing in Location S  Group 2 : Residing in Bandra to Mahim
  • 4. CONCEPTS  A total of six concepts shown  3 of Leading Architect (Concept A, Concept B, Concept C)  3 Company Y concepts (Concept D, Concept E, Concept F )  Concept D : Single Tower  Concept E : Two Towers  Concept F : Two Towers Connected  Concept Showing Process  Individual rating of all six. Company Y concepts (coded D,E,F) discussed in-depth  Sequence rotation for the second group  P.S. : Leading Architectconcepts were fully fleshed out , with a lot of detail. On the other hand Company Y concepts were partially fleshed out, and a lot of detail pertaining to residential living was absent
  • 5. Key Findings
  • 6. INDIVIDUAL RATING: AVERAGE SCORE GROUP 1 GROUP 2 (Average Score) (Average Score) Concept A 8.5 8.5 Concept B 5 6.5 Concept C 6 7 Concept D 6.5 6.5 Single Tower Concept E 7.5 7.5 2 Towers Concept F 7 6.5 Connected 2 Towers
  • 7. OVERALL RANKING OF CONCEPTS 1. Concept A 2. Concept E : Two Tower 3. Concept F: Connected Two Towers 4. Concept C 5. Concept D : Single Tower 6. Concept B
  • 8. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT A  Only positives, no negatives  Beautiful design  Unique  Less monotonous lines  Looks residential  Everybody has their own view  Full access to light/ air  Not too many flats per floor – no cluttered/ congested feel  “Like Eiffel Tower”
  • 9. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT E (2 TOWER)  Positives  Modern design  Round building …breaks monotony of straight lines in building design  Nice complex…garden, pool etc.  Seems to have all modern amenities  Better than concept D which has only straight lines  Better than concept F – less cluttered feel  Negatives  Since the concept is not fully fleshed out and details pertaining to residential living are not prominent, the concept looks like a commercial complex to some respondents although lesser than concept D and F
  • 10. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT F (CONNECTED 2 TOWERS)  Positives  Round building looking nice…breaks monotony of straight lines  Modern Design  Negatives  Connected buildings not liked – gives a cluttered and congested feel  Lots of closely spaced flats , often overlooking each other  Makes it look more like a commercial building.Like a modern call centre example : Mindspace, Malad
  • 11. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT C  Positives  Spacious  Greenery, Pool, Fountain….. Negative  Too many flats on the same floor, might get congested  Too many wings in the complex During some building/ complex celebration people will step on each other’s toes.  Building design common- only straight lines
  • 12. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT D  Positives  Modern looking  All flats getting a good view  Negatives  Looks like a commercial complex  Monotonous design
  • 13. REACTIONS TO CONCEPT B  Hardly any positives  Negatives  Very common  Old fashioned design  Lobby might be huge but small flats
  • 14. CONCEPT E PREFERRED OVER THE OTHER Company Y DESIGNS  This concept was liked best out of all three.  It was considered modern  It was considered more unique than concept D and less congested than F  Balconies picked up spontaneously  Glass seemed to add to the design and merge seamlessly with it
  • 15. Reactions to Individual Elements
  • 16. REACTIONS TO ELEMENTS  Balconies  Prefer covered ones; for security; for prevention from dust etc.  Open balconies used for drying clothes etc; spoil the look of the building  Two options for the terrace  Terrace should be partially covered  Terrace should be covered to prevent rain, but allow light  Cross ventilation  Was not an issue even when the flat plan shown  “with such a lot of open space and greenery around, it will not be a problem”  Perception that towers do not ventilation issue
  • 17. PREMIUM ASSOCIATED WITH DUPLEX FLATS  Duplex Flats  Top Floor Duplex preferred to Ground Floor Duplex  One can have ones privacy on terrace but not so for ground floor garden (people from other floors can see)  Ground Floor duplex with private gardens  20-25 % premium over normal flat rate  Top floor duplex with private terraces  30-35 % premium over normal flat rates  Some respondents gave it the same premium as ground floor (20%)
  • 18. REACTIONS TO VIEWS  Overall reaction to views was great  “like Lonavala..”  “You don’t get this kind of view in Mumbai city”  “Very open….and green”  Reactions to Refinery  Some were indulgent….it is far…so not a problem  Some cautious…..’this can lead to diseases in the future’  Reactions to Rehab :Generally Negative  Most felt that “No, but nobody would want to look out…cant live overlooking this”  Some respondents felt that “Will not matter from 6th floor”
  • 19. THE VIEWS Rehab View Approach Road Hill Building Complex View View Playground View Facing West – good in view of Vastu* *vastu /vas·tu/ (vahs´too) [Sanskrit] a traditional Hindu system of space design whose purpose is to promote well-being by constructing buildings in harmony with natural forces
  • 20. PREMIUMS ASSOCIATED WITH VIEWS Rehab View Rate : 6,500 + Approach Road Hill View View Building Complex Rate : 9,500 + Rate : 9,500 + Playground View Rate : 10,000 +