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  • Business process managementBusiness process management is a managerial discipline which treats business processes as assets. These assets directly improve the enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility (flexibility).SharePoint – Document Management System. Document management system is a set of computer programs used to track, store, process (through workflows), and versioning of electronic documents (sometimes including images). Project Management – full project planning, based on PMBOK guide. PMBOK = Project Management Book of Knowledge
  • The current process suggests that all documents handling to be processed through paper documents.Internal route of the procedureThe issue is provided in the office of National Center of Social Health and Analysis (NCSHA) at the Ministry of Health (MoH)A correspondence is processed by the MoHThe correspondence is sent to Community Health directorate (attached to MoH)The issue is reviewed and approved by an expertThe issue is sent for a signature by the deputy minister. The letter is prepared in three copies – one for the archive of MoH, one NCSHA, and one for the issuer
  • A full list of project tasks could be found on the respective Microsoft Project Document.
  • Deeper analysis on document management system, developed by Technical University of Sofia (Acstre Procurement).What steps would you suggest for implementing SharePoint Foundation for the TU-Administration at the English Language Department of Engineering?Define clear workflows for each year, including Master degree.Implement the DMS for the entry documents for first year students as a pilot project.Undergo the necessary trainings where appropriate.Implement the rest workflows one by one.
  • Final year master thesis presentation

    1. 1. Business processes and documentmanagement system for regulatoryadministration in e-government services.Implementation in “Approving Contents of aBeverage Procedure”, Ministry of Health
    2. 2. Presentation Roadmap• Purpose• Possible DMS Considerations• Current State of the Procedure• The E-Service, Based on SharePoint• Project Management• Conclusion
    3. 3. PurposeThe purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate skills inthree areas:• Business process management• SharePoint technology for electronic document management• Project management, based on PMBOK guide
    4. 4. Possible DMS Considered for theProject• Microsoft SharePoint• Microsoft Dynamic NAV• M-Files• OpenDocMan• Archimedes 2000• Acstre Procurement• DOCMAN©2.5
    5. 5. Current State of the Procedure Copy for the Issuer Copy for MoH Approved? Letter of Rejection Review by MoH Expert Community of Health Directorate MoH Copy for the Deputy Minister Issuer NCSHA Deputy Minister
    6. 6. The E-Service, Based on SharePointTechnology Prepare a Send an email Stop workflow Motivating Letter Store the Motivating Letter Rejected into a DB Issuer STEP 3: Change STEP 1: Store the STEP 2: Start STEP 4: Review and Send approval for documents status documents in a workflow to review approval by MoH document set to ‘For Review by database the document set Expert. MoH Expert’. Send an email Approved Store the approved STEP 5: Review and Set content issue into a sign by Deputy approval status database Minister
    7. 7. Project Management forImplementation of SharePoint• Time Management• Cost Management• Risk Management• Training Time
    8. 8. Project Management. TimeManagement
    9. 9. Project Management. CostManagementThe cost management falls into twopieces:• Consultancy• Technological
    10. 10. Project Management. CostManagement. Consultancy Charge per Input Resource Hour Estimated Hours Total Cost Project Conceptualization Manager BGN 15.00 120 BGN 1,800.00 Internal IT BGN 10.00 120 BGN 1,200.00 Administrative BGN 8.00 120 BGN 960.00 Administrative Experts BGN 8.00 40 BGN 320.00 Expert Judgment (Contractor) BGN 10.00 200 BGN 2,000.00 Expert Judgment Training (Contractor) BGN 10.00 96 BGN 960.00 Project Putting into Practice Manager BGN 15.00 24 BGN 360.00 Project Monitoring Manager BGN 15.00 72 BGN 1,080.00 Administrative Experts BGN 10.00 72 BGN 720.00 TOTAL: BGN 9,400.00
    11. 11. Project Management. Cost Management. Technological Charge per Estimated Input Charge per Resource Estimated Hour Hours Total Cost Input Hardware Resource Standard hardware Hour Hours Total CostResource Charge per Hour Estimated Hours Standard Total Cost (standard) consume BGN 4 000,00 BGN 4 000,00Standard hardware hardware Windows Server 2008 Sofware (serverconsume BGN 4 000,00 Hardware (standard) BGN 4 000,00 license) consume R2 BGN 4 000,00 BGN 1 628,00 BGN 4 000,00 BGN 1 628,00Windows Server Windows Sofware2008 R2 BGN 1 628,00 Sofware (server license) Server 2008 R2 BGN 1 628,00 BGN 1 628,00 BGN 1 628,00 (SharePoint Sofware (SharePointlicense) SharePointSharePoint Standard BGN 10 952,00 BGN 10 952,00SharePoint license) Foundation BGN 0,00 BGN 0,00 SoftwareEnterprise Software360,00 (Additional BGN 84 (Microsoft Microsoft CAL (NOTE: this360,00 BGN 84 cost Office License) Office Connection BGN 4 736,00 is considered per BGN 4 736,00FAST search license Setup 32 560,00 Licenses)Internal IT item) BGN 32 560,00 BGN Training BGN 130,24 BGN 130,24 Environment Software Specialist BGN 10,00 40 BGN 400,00 Expert (Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office BGN 94 720,00 BGN 94 720,00 License) Judgment Microsoft Office BGN 18 944,00 BGN 18 944,00 (Contractor Setup Training BGN 10,00 24 BGN 240,00Internal IT Specialist BGN 10,00 Setup Working Internal IT Internal IT BGN 400,00 40 Environment Specialist BGN 10,00 40 BGN 400,00Expert Judgment Environment Specialist Expert Judgment 10,00 BGN 24 BGN 240,00(Contractor) BGN 10,00 Expert24 BGN 240,00 (Contractor BGN 10,00 24 BGN 240,00 Judgment Setup WorkingInternal IT Specialist BGN 10,00 24 (Contractor BGN 240,00 BGN 10,00 24 BGN 24 240,00 Environment Internal IT Specialist BGN 10,00 BGN 240,00Expert Judgment Expert Judgment(Contractor) BGN 10,00 24 BGN 240,00 TOTAL: (Contractor BGN 10,00 BGN 11 24484,00 BGN 240,00 TOTAL: BGN 218 148,00 TOTAL: BGN 36 774,24
    12. 12. Project Management. RiskManagement
    13. 13. Project Management. Training Time Course Name Description Basic Microsoft Office Training The course should provide a basic Course computer literacy to the experts involved in the procedure. Such a course, should include knowledge on the following products from the Microsoft package: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Such a course takes around 3-5 days. Basic Internet Literacy Basic browser literacy for browsing the SharePoint libraries. SharePoint training The SharePoint training should involve the following: Login to SharePoint web site SharePoint navigation SharePoint terms (such as libraries, site, workflow, etc.) Working with SharePoint workflows Individual course for SharePoint workflows, depending on experts’ assignments Administration of a SharePoint farm (required for the IT Department specialist, who will administer the SharePoint farm)
    14. 14. Conclusions• Reduced Storage• Flexible Retrieval• Flexible Indexing• Improved, Faster and More Flexible Search• Controlled and Improved Document Distribution• Digital Archiving• Improved Internal Operations• Improved Issuer / Client Service and Satisfaction
    15. 15. References Used Business Process Management, © 2012 Alliance Of Meeting Management Companies, process-management.html Wikiepdia, Document management system , Acstre, Official home page, United Software Writers Ltd., Products and Services, Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, © 2012 Microsoft, us/applications/document-manager-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm-4294981286 Demo: Document Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint, YouTube, Procedures for providing administrative services, forms, and templates, Ministry of Healthcare of Republic of Bulgaria, Windows Server® 2008R2 How to Buy, © 2012 Microsoft, server/2008-r2-buy.aspx Compare SharePoint Editions, © 2012 Microsoft, Comparison.aspx A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (PMBOK guide), Project Management Institute (Corporate Author), Publication Date: December 31, 2008, ISBN-10: 1933890517, ISBN-13: 978-1933890517, Edition: 4 Original Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems, Azad Adam, Publication Date: August 24, 2007, ISBN-10: 0849380596, ISBN-13: 978-0849380594 SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management, Todd Kitta, Publication Date: September 6, 2011, ISBN-10: 0470584653, ISBN-13: 978-0470584651, Edition: 1 Professional SharePoint 2010 Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer), Tom Rizzo, Publication Date: May 10, 2010, ISBN-10: 0470529423, ISBN-13: 978-0470529423, Edition: 1 Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (Books for Professionals by Professionals), Sahil Malik, Publication Date: June 8, 2010, ISBN-10: 1430228652, ISBN-13: 978-1430228653, Edition: 1 Writing That Works; How to Communicate Effectively In Business, Kenneth Roman, Publisher: Collins Reference; 3rd revised edition (August 22, 2000), ISBN-10: 0060956437
    16. 16. Thank You for Your Attention
    17. 17. Questions?