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Corporate Presentation


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Corporate Business Profile presentation of Anaecon India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Corporate Business Profile presentation of Anaecon India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. COMPANY PROFILEAnaecon India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd 506, Padma Tower II ,Rajendra Place 22, New Delhi-110005
  • 2. • Type of Company: Private Limited• Date of Incorporation: 1st August 2002• Territorial Operations: Pan India and neighbouring countries• South India Office: Chennai• Employee Strength: 25
  • 3. Organizational Structure:Top Administration Technical Sales Team R&DManagement SupportBoard of Admin. & Technical Regional ConsultantDirectors finance Manager Support Manager ManagerGeneral Accounts Customer Managers EngineersManager Manager Support EngineerDept. General Field Supervisor Technicians Area Managers Skilled LabourManager Executive Skilled Labour Engineers/ Secretary Application Specialists Stores Supervisor
  • 4. Industry Interface:The CEO holds a total of 20 years in the field of Design and execution of medical gas pipe line systems (MGPS) and marketing of medical equipments especially for Anaesthesia, Endo surgery and intensive care faculty• From 1986- 1996 worked with BOC India Ltd. (the then Indian Oxygen Ltd.) for their health care division• From 1996- 1997 worked with Wipro Biomed for their medical division.• From 1997- 2001 worked with PES Installation as a Director on their board.• From 2001- 2002 worked with Unissi India as a Director on their board.Since then working as a free lance consultant for Hospital Planning for specialized services like MGPS and even full hospital planning including Architectural work etc. along with equipment planning and marketing medical equipments from some of the leading companies.
  • 5. Our Principals:Spencer Heinen & Lowenstein Philips Care EssentialVitalograph Zefon International Ganshorn CamiAirsep Biegler Air Safety Iradimed
  • 6. Product Portfolio: Emergency care & Ambulance Fabrication Respiratory Diagnostics & ICU Products Therapy MR Safe Anaesthesia & Accessories Ventilation
  • 7. Anaesthesia Worksation:•15” TFT touch screen•Built in AGM module•Ventilation modes : IMV, SIMV, PCV,Man.Spont. SPCV, PSV, HLM(optional)with complete Spirometery includingloops.•Precise electronic gas mixture in a wideflow range of 200 ml/min up to 18 l/min.•Integrated heated closed circuit withinsp & exp Flow measurement.•Operator Selectable emergency flow•Integrated AGS system
  • 8. VENTILATORS:•12” TFT touch screen with a swivel –mounted and removable colour display.•Pre-oxygenation function to reducedyselectasis.•Automatic patient detection.•All modes including PCV with volumeguarantee and mixed modes.•Automated adaption of inspirationpressure according to the type ofventilation.•Alarms auto set function.•Zero cost of flow sensors•Automatic Suction routine
  • 9. Neo-Natal Ventilator•The Leoni Plus neonatal and pediatricventilator functions according to the constantflow generator principle.•Ventilation Modes : CPAP / nCPAP, IPPV /nIPPV, SIPPV, SIMV / SIMVsupport, PSV SIPPVPSV SIMV, HFOV, add. Volume Guaranteeadd. Volume Limit•Optional HFO Ventilation•With full Graphics and mechanics•Rate Up to 200•Dedicated vents designed for neo-natalapplication can handle pre-matures as small as700 gms.
  • 10. Desktop SpirometersGanshorn Spiroscout fm Germany•PC Based Spirometery Device•Calibration free Ultrasonic Sensor• Modern and Intuitive interface•Gives Over 50 parameters•Can also perform Capno-volumetrystudy. The only of its type in theworld.Vitalograph Alphatouch fm U.K.•Independent Spirometery Devicewith integrated display & printer•Pneumotach Sensor with no movingparts & hence accurate• Modern and Intuitive interface•Gives Over 50 parameters•Storage space for over 10,000subjects life time data•8 Hrs Battery back up for camps
  • 11. PFT system:•Only Company to incorporate Breath ByBreath compensation factor.•First company to incorporate ultrasoundsensor in PFT system.•In stress ECG we don’t observe data to stopthe test under emergency or at patientthreshold but in ergo Spirometery we canperform this function.•By using it hospital can save the cost of heartcatheter (approx 1200 $).•Hb corrected DLCO values•Most useful tool in organ transplantmanagement strategy and for ATdetermination
  • 12. Patient warmer:• 1000 Hrs filter Life.•Air pick up from sideways so nodust.•5 temperature setting.•Disposable blanket which can beused on any machine.• Hose cover can be easily washedso infection control is achieved.•Automatic temperature cut-offfrom 46 to 43c. Dual thermistortemperature detector.
  • 13. Blood Fluid Warmer:•Lowest cost ofconsumables•Wrap around tubing cando high infusion rates•Easy to operate andsetup with temperaturegradient
  • 14. MRI ANAESTHESIAWORKSTATION:•Specially designed for use in the MRIenvironment . It can be used on 1.5tesla to 3.0 tesla MR Systems.•Can be placed within 1 meter of thebore and hence uses standard circuit.•Different coloured alarms which arevisible from all sides.•Optional AGM facility.•Integrated 12” touch screenVentilator can operate as ICUVentilator
  • 15. MRI Safe Pulse Oximeter:•10.000 Gauss complaint, safefor placement anywhere in theMRI room.•Uses Masimo SET technologyfor artefact free SpO2measurement.•Zero RF artefacts resulting intoquality scans.•Can be remote controlled fromoutside MRI room.
  • 16. MRI Safe Infusion Pump:•10.000 Gauss complaint, canbe placed anywhere in theMRI room.•Small extn. Tubing ; low drugwastage and quick occlusionalarm.•Operator selectable highpressure alarm.•Vented Syringe set foraccurate drug delivery.•Optional integrated Pulseoximetery and remote.
  • 17. POPA Connector •A new concept in BP management •Results in Hygiene, patient safety and versatility there by giving better work flow in the OR domain Pressure Infusor •Results in better patient Safety and Hygiene •No over pressurization : 300 mmHg •See through pouch case to know the drug being infused •Large Bulb for quick pressurization •360 deg visible sealed pressure gauge
  • 18. Breathing Filters HME &HMEF•Wide Range of filtersfor use with Typical SolutionsVentilators etc.•Third party validatedfor quality out put byNelson Lab•FDA registered & CEMarked•Special solution forSpirometery filters toprevent crosscontamination
  • 19. Oxygen Concentrator:•Most lightweight. CanWeigh as low as 2.3 Kg•Lowest PowerConsumption in industry•Purity level more than94% with Oxygen PurityIndicator•Alarms for oxygen purity, power, pressure etc.
  • 20. Emergency Solutions:•Over 17,00 products to give youwidest choice of options indisaster and emergencymanagement.• Leader in innovating new &helpful patient handling &stabilizing techniques.•Most modern self rollingstretcher having lowest CGallowing patient handling even insitting posture.•Variety of kits to suite differentapplication like first aid,emergency, airway management,resuscitation
  • 21. Testimonials: • PSG Hospital, Coimbatore• AIIMS, New Delhi • Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore• LHMC, New Delhi • Stanley Hospital, Chennai• Fortis group of Hospitals • Apollo Hospital, Chennai• Max group of Hospitals • RCC Hospital, Trivandrum• Formula 1 Race India, 2011 • Monilek Hospital Jaipur• B.L.K Memorial Hospital • CMC Hospital Ludhiana• I P Apollo Hospital, New Delhi • Nova Hospitals Delhi• Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi • Tirath Ram Shah Hospital Delhi• Dewanchand Agarwal Delhi • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi• Holy Family Hospital Delhi • St Parmanand Hospital Delhi• G B Pant Hospital Delhi • Maharaja Agarsen Hospital Delhi• SMS Hospital, Jaipur • DDU Hospital Delhi• RNT Medical College Udaipur • Batra Hospital New Delhi• SGPGI Lucknow • Swami Dayanand Hospital Delhi• PGIMER Chandigarh
  • 22. Why Us?• High level client satisfaction with excellent tech and apps support.• Products from best of the global companies with high market repo.• Patient safety, end user convenience and Hygiene point of focus.• Ethical business framework.• Cost effectiveness & timeliness.• Experienced & efficient team of professionals working on quality knowledge base.
  • 23. THANKYOU Follow us on