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Travel Guide For Los Angeles & Universal Studios

Travel Guide For Los Angeles & Universal Studios

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  • 1. Designed by STAL.A.
  • 2. Location ofLos AngelesLocation- 7.00 GMTLanguageEnglishSpanishTime ZoneSouthernCalifornia(Golden State)SeasonJune –SeptemberDesigned by STA
  • 3. CurrencyUSD $American Dollar1 dollar = 100 centsCoins1, 5,10,25 & 50 cents$ 1Banknotes $1,2,5,10,20,50 &100Exchange Rate1 USD = 54.38 INRDesigned by STA
  • 4. Introduction• Officially the City of LosAngeles, often known by its initialsL.A.• Second most populous state in USA.• Called as “City of Angels”• Surrounded by Vast Mountainranges, Valleys, Forests.• Beautiful beaches along the PacificOcean, and nearby desert.Designed by STA
  • 5. Getting toLos AngelesLos Angeles InternationalAirportIATA Code: LAXBus & Train ServicesRegular Service from near byStatesDesigned by STA
  • 6. Designed by STA
  • 7. HollyWood• It is a district situated in Los Angeles, California.• It is famous due to its fame & cultural identity as the historic centre of movie studios.• The Word Hollywood often used to represent American Film & Television industry.• Each Letter is 30ft Wide & 50ft High. Designed by STA
  • 8. HollywoodBoulevard• It is the famous street inHollywood.• The eastern end ofHollywood Boulevardpasses through LittleArmenia and Thai Town.• Famous Attractions onthe Street are : Kodak Theatre Manns Chinese Theatre Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood Sign Ripley’s Believe it or not• It Starts at SunsetBoulevard & ends atVermont Avenue.Designed by STA
  • 9. KodakTheatre• It is a live performanceAuditorium.• Renamed as “DolbyTheatre”• Since 2002, the Theatrewas also the home forAmerican Idol.• Most famous for RedCarpet Ceremony “TheOscar”• It is First Permanenthome for the OscarAward Ceremony (March2002).Designed by STA
  • 10. Mann’s ChineseTheatre• From January 2013 it isKnown as TCL ChineseTheatre.• Its was also Known as“Grauman’s ChineseTheatre”.• Opened on 18thMay1927• Home to numerousPremiers & 2 academyaward ceremonies.• Theatres most distinctivefeatures are the concreteblocks set in theforecourt, which bear thesignatures, footprints, andhandprints of popularmotion picturepersonalities from the1920s to the present day.Designed by STA
  • 11. HollywoodWalkofFame• It Consist of 2500 five pointed terrazzo & brass stars in the side walks.• Stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry.• It is a popular tourist destination, with a reported 10 million visitors in 2003.Designed by STA
  • 12. BeverlyHills• It is a city surrounded by city of Los Angeles.• It is home to shopping district Rodeo drive.• It is the Most exclusive area in the Hollywood & home to several Celebrities.Designed by STA
  • 13. Rodeo Drive • It is a Shopping districtKnown for designer label& haute couture fashion.• The name generallyrefers to a 3 – block longstretch of boutiques &shops.• It is Known as one of themost expensiveshopping districts in theWorld.• The Centre divide on thisstreet was a horse pathuntil 1950’s.Designed by STA
  • 14. UniversalStudios• It is a Movie studio & Theme park.• Its official marketing headline is "The Entertainment Capital of LA“ & in summers it is“The Coolest Place in LA”.• It is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood movie studios still in use.• Lights Camera Action !!! Enter the World of illusions.Designed by STA
  • 15. Main Attractions(Shows in Universal Studios)It is Divided into 2 parts:• Upper Lot Studio Tram Tour The Simpsons Ride Water World Shrek 4-D Special effects stage• Lower Lot Jurassic Park Revenge of the Mummy TransformersDesigned by STA
  • 16. StudioTramTour• The signature ride of the park.• 40-45 minute ride on a tram to the theme parks back-lot.• Includes King Kong 360 attraction, JAWS, Earthquake, and Curse of the Mummy.• Some effects may be too intense for young children.Designed by STA
  • 17. WaterWorld• A live Sea War Spectacular based on the Film Waterworld 1995.• The show is 16 minutes long.• Includes stunts on water, land, and overhead, supported by manypyrotechnic, flame, water, and other special effects, including the explosive crashlanding of the seaplane.Designed by STA
  • 18. Revenge ofThe Mummy(The Ride)• A 2 minute indoor steel roller withspeeds up to 45 miles per hour.• Features forward motion andbackwards motion.• Most intense ride due to veryaggressive drops, climbs, and turns.• Guests of serious health conditionsare not recommended to ride.Designed by STA
  • 19. Designed by STA
  • 20. TheSimpsonsRide• The ride is based on the animated television series The Simpsons.• The ride itself is 4.30 minutes long but original footage for the ride can be seen in thequeue, and there is also a pre-show video.• At least 24 regular characters from the series make an appearance, all voiced by theiroriginal actors. Designed by STA
  • 21. JurassicPark(The Ride)• A flat bottomed boat ride about theJurassic Park adventure.• The only water ride at the park.• Each boat carries up to 25 guests.• The water ride lasts for 5:30minutes.• Features several types of dinosaurs.Ride ends with a 84 foot plungesplashdown.Designed by STA
  • 22. Designed by STA
  • 23. Shrek 4DShow• “Meet Shrek & Donkey” is the Cartoon 3-D Film.• The attraction that puts you in the action amazingly.• It was Started in 2003.Designed by STA
  • 24. SpecialEffectsStage• The show takes guests through demonstrations of the design of Universal Picturesfilms special effects, which are added during a films post-production.• The live attraction has two hosts: an older, practical effects guru and a younger, digitaleffects artist.Designed by STA
  • 25. Transformers (The Ride)• The Ride-3D is an immersive, next generation thrill ride blurring the line betweenfiction and reality.• Cost US $ 100 million.• Fusing HD 3D media and flight simulation technology, this epic ride creates anexperience unlike anything this planet has ever seen.Designed by STA
  • 26. Designed by STA
  • 27. Designed by STA