7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad Campaign


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This pdf file describes about seven relevant metrics of a pay per click ad campaign. It is presented by http://www.ppcadsmanagement.com/

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7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad Campaign

  1. 1. 7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad CampaignBy www.ppcadsmanagement.com
  2. 2. IntroductionIf you are a newcomer in thefield of internet marketing,then its necessary tounderstand each and everymetric of a PPC adcampaign. To makemaximum utilization of yourcampaign for enhancingyour business and sales youneed to pay equal attentionto each metric of yourcampaign. The upcomingslides contain details ofrelevant metrics of acampaign.
  3. 3. Click-Through Rate(CTR)CTR stand for click-throughrate. It is the ratio of number ofclicks by the number of times ithas been displayed. It isexpressed in percentage. If aCTR of an advertisement is 6%,then it reveals that for every 100impressions, there are 6 clicks.
  4. 4.  Conversion RateConversion rate givesyou a measurement ofhow many visitorshave ended up bytaking meaningfulactions. It is the rate ofconversion of trafficinto buyers.
  5. 5.  Quality ScoreTo improve the search resultfor their users Google haveintroduced a dynamicvariable to maintain therelevance between the ad,landing page and keywordsused. It is measured within 1to 10. Google rewards thoseadvertisers who havesucceeded to maintain allthe parameterssuccessfully.
  6. 6.  Wasted SpendIt gives you the measure ofhow much money you havewasted in per click that dontcovert. If you want to prevent youradvertising dollars from beingwasted then you should makeuse of negative keywords. It isan effective way to checkirrelevant traffic from yourbusiness and sends onlypotential customers. Itimproves the conversion rate.
  7. 7. Cost Per ConversionThe value of cost perconversion is reallyimportant for deciding thesuccess or failure of yourcampaign. It is calculatedby dividing totaladvertising cost by thenumber of conversions.
  8. 8. Impression Share It gives you themeasurement of how oftenyour ads get displayedwhen someone searchesfor your keywords. Forexample an ImpressionShare of 50% reveals thatfor every 100 searches,your ad get displayed 50times.
  9. 9. Bounce RateYour bounce rate revealsthe relevance of your adwith your landing page.Lower bounce rate isusually great for your adcampaign. If your ad andlanding page is capableenough to fulfill thedemands of youraudience then you surelyachieve a low bouncerate.
  10. 10. The expertpay per click consultantsneed to work hard oneach and every metric ofan ad campaign to meetthe growing demands oftheir clients. Theyshould keep themselvesinvolved in constantresearch work and thustry in every possible wayto enhance their clientsbusiness and sales.
  11. 11. Contact UsPPC Ads ManagementY8, Block - EPSector V, Salt LakeKolkata - 700091INDIAPh: +91-33-40200838email info@ppcadsmanagement.com