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Media kit for explaining the website, the channels for content delivery, the ad spots and some advertising case-studies.

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Media Kit -

  1. 1. - Media Kit Last  updated  by  the  Marke0ng  Department  ,  June  2013  
  2. 2. Unique: an electronic financial advisor to support the users in calculating installments and interest rates when buying a new car; Accurate and up-to-date prices for new and used cars in Egypt; 15,000 cars posted per month Locations of car service dealers, car agencies; Launched in 2003, is an Arabic-language website, and an accurate, up-to-date source for automotive prices, car service dealers and car agencies in Egypt. is the number one automotive site in Egypt and in the Middle East region.   Category: Automotive An extensive coverage of all events related to automotive industry ranging from new car launch, to the biggest automotive exhibitions in town; A platform for used cars market that is available without brokers’ interference – an annual market of over 3 billion EGP. The only site in the region that has multiple channels: a mobile-version and mobile applications for BlackBerry and iPhone platforms. (more info about mobile advertising options in the Mobile Advertising Kit) An extremely user-friendly interface and design to make it easy for the users to reach what they are looking for;
  3. 3. Audience  Type  and  Site  Sta/s/cs   Users’ Behavior Users spend up to 14 min on site per each visit. More than 75% of the users visited the site more than 2 times a month, which suggests that the site content is engaging enough for visitors to come back and to spend so much time on site. Bounce Rate: 26% à which means that 74% of the users spend at least 1 minute on site at their first visit. Info sources: registered users, Google Analytics , Alexa, Google AdPlanner. 1.8 million Visits 23 million Page Views 550,000 Unique Users Traffic Over AllCompetitive Edge •  Number 1 automotive website based on traffic and content. •  The total number of visits on surpasses the total number of visits for the next 20 websites , combined. • database boasts 300% more posted cars than its closest competitor. •  It is the only site that offers online insurance and an installment calculator.
  4. 4. Audience  Type  and  Site  Sta/s/cs  |  MENA   International Traffic @ 30% Info sources: effective measure
  5. 5. Adver/sing  Programs   WEB  Standard  Formats   Ad Unit Size (pixels) Location Rotation* Leader Board 728x90 All Pages yes Medium Rectangle 300x250 All Pages yes Website Sponsorship Logo Maximum width: 60 Maximum height: 30 All Pages no Take Over Contact us All Pages no Targeting options: •  Country or geographical region •  Time: specific days or hours •  Ad place: §  home page, inner page or run-on-site. §  Avoid your ad to appear on the same page with competitor’s ads or with your own ads. * Rotation ad: your ad will rotate with other ads on the same ad space when the users refresh the page. TakeOver TakeOver Leader Board Medium Rectangle LOGO
  6. 6. Different ad types work to maximize and measure ad program effectiveness: •  A take-over banner is mostly used for branding. •  Other banners can be very creative and engaging so that the advertiser achieves their particular goals: whether high level of participation, subscriptions, video-plays or registrations. Ads Creative: expandable, data capture, video, interactive, rich-media, 3D, EyeBlaster, game. Explore Sarmady’s CREATIVE ZONE. Adver/sing  Programs   WEB  Crea0ve  and  High-­‐Impact  Displays  
  7. 7. Adver/sing  Programs   Mobile  Internet:  banners   Key facts "  Around 140,000 unique users every month on the mobile site. "  70,000 active users on iPhone app "  1,000 active users on BlackBerry app How does it work? Your banner is integrated into mobile site and application by our dynamic ad served by DFP for Publisher. iPhone application Your banner mobile site Your banner BlackBerry application Your banner
  8. 8. Measurements of Success: •  Impressions: the number of times the ad was viewed. •  CTR (Click Through Rate): the percentage obtained dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. The CTR is usually influenced by the existing awareness of the brand, by the banner’s message, offer, creative and placement, and by the timing of the campaign (whether it is related to any holiday or special event). •  Video Plays: the number of times a video-ad was played. •  Submissions/ Registrations: the numbers of people that registered or submitted their information in a data-capture banner. •  Game Plays: the number of times a game was played. Performance Analysis, Optimization and Reporting: Our team constantly analyzes the performance of the campaign and optimizes the results. At the end of the campaign, we release a report that includes all the results and tips for the way-forward. Measurements  of  Success   Performance  Analysis,  Op0miza0on  and  Repor0ng    
  9. 9. Some  of  our  Clients  
  10. 10. Case  Studies   KIA  –  FIFA  World  Cup  2010   Campaign  Goals   •   Brand  awareness  for  KIA  and  promo0on  of  the  offer  to  win  a  trip  to  World  Cup  2010     Campaign  Dura/on   •   30  days   •   March  –  April  2010     Tac/cs   •   Leader  Board  and  Medium  Rectangle  banners  on     Results   •   Click-­‐Through-­‐Rate*:  0.58%  (15  –  30  March)   •   Click-­‐Through-­‐Rate:  0.7%  (14  –  30  April)  
  11. 11. Case  Studies   Google  Chrome   Client:  Google  Egypt     Campaign  period:  September  19th  0ll  December   31st,  2010     Objec/ve:   •   To  obtain  10,000  downloads  of  the   web-­‐browser  Google  Chrome       Digital  Media  used:   •   Take  Over  banner  on,,       Results:   •   0.32%  Click-­‐Through-­‐Rate   •   6.5%  Conversion  Rate  (10,000  people   installed  Chrome  out  of  153,000  people   that  clicked  on  the  banner)        
  12. 12. Rate  Card   For more information on the services you're interested in, rates and banner specifications, please contact us. Our sales team is here to answer your questions and help your brand become part of the digital marketing revolution.
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