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Media kit for explaining the website, the channels for content delivery and the ad spots.

Media Kit -

  1. 1. - Media Kit Last  updated  by  the  Marke0ng  Department  ,  June  2013  
  2. 2. is the most popular Egyptian news aggregator, founded 2003. Millions of users rely on for their daily news from all sources. is unordinary news aggregator website which aggregate news from a wide range of news sources (150+) with different trends and areas. collects -with no human interference- the similar articles from different sources together in different groups. In addition to that also classifies articles for different topics and sections. sorts the articles with respect to its importance to the users so that users can know and read what is the breaking news as soon as it happens Finally, technology is a powerful software engine to crawl, cluster, rank, and tag any content , language independent. Brief Overview
  3. 3. Audience Type and Site Statistics Audience Users spend more almost 8 minutes on site per each visit. Around 80% of the users visited the site more than 2 times (Aug 2012 – Nov 2012 ), which suggests that the site is engaging enough for visitors to come back. is strongly popular between males from 21 to 50 years old. 18 Million Visits 63 million Page Views 6 Million Unique Users Traffic over allCompetitive Edge • Present on all platforms, WEB, WAP, and Soon on iPhone & Android apps •  Social media popularity with over 328,000 Facebook fans and 25,000 Twitter followers •  Alexa #15 Most Visited Website in EG and the 2nd news website. •  News aggregation for Egypt where you can see the updated News from 20 Minutes, an hour, 4 hours,… etc Info sources: Google Analytics & Effective Measure
  4. 4. Audience Type and Site Statistics |MENA
  5. 5. Adver&sing  Programs   WEB  Standard  Formats   Ad Unit Size (pixels) Location Rotation Leader Board 728X90 Run on Site Main Pages yes iframe banner 728X90 Run on the news pages no Medium Rectangle 300X250 Run on Site Main Pages yes Take Over (Sponsorship) 2 sides: left 175x1009 & Right 175x1008 Home Page and section Pages no TakeOver Leader Board Medium Rectangle TakeOver Targeting options: •  Country or geographical region •  Time: specific days or hours •  Ad place: §  home page, inner page or run-on-site. §  Avoid your ad to appear on the same page with competitor s ads or with your own ads. * Rotation ad: your ad will rotate with other ads on the same ad space when the users refresh the page.
  6. 6. Different ad types work to maximize and measure ad program effectiveness: •  A take-over banner is mostly used for branding. •  Other banners can be very creative and engaging so that the advertiser achieves their particular goals: whether high level of participation, subscriptions, video-plays or registrations. Ads Creative: expandable, data capture, video, interactive, rich-media, 3D, Overlay, game. Explore Sarmady s CREATIVE ZONE. WEB Creative and High-Impact Displays Adver&sing  Programs  
  7. 7. Measurements of Success: •  Impressions: the number of times the ad was viewed. •  CTR (Click Through Rate): the percentage obtained dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. The CTR is usually influenced by the existing awareness of the brand, by the banner s message, offer, creative and placement, and by the timing of the campaign (whether it is related to any holiday or special event). •  Video Plays: the number of times a video-ad was played. •  Submissions/ Registrations: the numbers of people that registered or submitted their information in a data-capture banner. •  Game Plays: the number of times a game was played. Performance Analysis, Optimization and Reporting: Our team constantly analyzes the performance of the campaign and optimizes the results. At the end of the campaign, we release a report that includes all the results and tips for the way-forward. Measurements  of  Success   Performance  Analysis,  Op0miza0on  and  Repor0ng    
  8. 8. Key facts Around One million unique users every month on the mobile site. How does it work? Your banner is integrated into mobile site by our dynamic ad server DFP for Publisher Different ad types work to maximize and measure ad program effectiveness: •  Rich Media banners can be very creative and engaging so that the advertiser achieves their particular goals. Adver&sing  Programs   Mobile  Internet:  banners   Your banner Your banner will appear in this space
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