Honorary Doctorate to Colonel N M Verma - 7th june 2014


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Honorary Doctorate to Colonel N M Verma - 7th june 2014

  1. 1. SARITSA FOUNDATION (SARITSA CHARITY TRUST) A Mobile University For Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate  Change – Mission National Security. “"Reach to People, Talk to People and Prepare People“ Builds capacity to reduce risks from disasters and climate  change by advocating and practicing. People Centered, People  Led, and People Owned Resilience – Investing in Life Saving  Education.
  2. 2. Colonel N M Verma conferred    Colonel N M Verma conferred  with Doctor of Honors by the  Open International University  Open International University  for  Complementary  M di i   d H it  Medicines and Humanity,  Colombo Sri Lanka at Kuala  Lumpur on 7th June 2014.
  3. 3. It is pleasure to share with you that Colonel N M V Di G l S i F d i dVerma, Director General, Saritsa Foundation and Founder Trustee has received the Doctor of Honors Degree on 7th June 2014 at Kuala Lumpur. The Degree of Doctorate is a singular honor which was conferred on him on the basis of his hi t i h it i i d itachievements in humanitarian services and merit of excellence for imparting Life Saving Education to minimize loss of lives of women, girls, children, youth disabled seniors and common citizens inyouth, disabled, seniors and common citizens in past 14 years.
  4. 4. I always look forward for your good wishes, encouragement and supportwishes, encouragement and support to our mission. Thanking You – Prof. Smita Kadam, Executive Director
  5. 5. Prof. Dr. Sir. John Hopson,  Director Grand­master, The , Knights of Charity, (England) The  Open University presents the p y p Honorary Doctorate to Colonel N  M Verma.
  6. 6. Prof. Dr. Sir. George g Angelinakis, Athens GREECE,  the Senate member the Senate member  congratulates.
  7. 7. Prof. Dr. Sir. George  Angelinakis, Athens GREECE,  the Senate member  congratulates.
  8. 8. A Proud Moment for Colonel  N M Verma ­ expressing  gratitude to the National g Flags.
  9. 9. The Chairman of the Senate The Chairman of the Senate  Committee and the Vice  Chancellor at the DiasChancellor at the Dias.
  10. 10. Prof. Dr. Sir. John Hopson, Director­ G d t  Th  K i ht   f Ch it  Grandmaster, The Knights of Charity,  (England), The Open International  University and Senate Members University and Senate Members  arriving for the convocation.
  11. 11. With the members of Senate.
  12. 12. C l l N M V   ith P f  Si  K R Colonel N M Verma with Prof. Sir. K R  Lewin, President World Associations  Organization ­ AustriaOrganization  Austria.
  13. 13. d hAt a dinner with Senate  members.
  14. 14. C l l  N M V   i h  h  Colonel  N M Verma with the  youth of the University.
  15. 15. Hospitality – Reception by the representative  of members of Senate of the  university.
  16. 16. With the Pilgrims of Huz at Kuala  Lumpur Airport.
  17. 17. Colonel N M Verma at the  convocation.
  18. 18. Colonel N M Verma with Dr (EM) Colonel N M Verma with Dr. (EM)  Saiful Bahri Abdullah and Dr.  (EM) Masliaton Mohd Khairi Billy(EM) Masliaton Mohd Khairi Billy.
  19. 19. Colonel N M Verma with Colonel N M Verma with  Commander Amila of Sri Lankan  Navy ColomboNavy, Colombo.
  20. 20. I humbly request all the people who y q p p love and serve humanity to strengthen  the mission of Colonel N M Verma to  i if S i d iimpart Life Saving Education to most  disadvantage and most vulnerable  women  girls  children  disabled      women, girls, children, disabled,  youth, seniors and common citizens to   protect lives. Please donate  for this p cause.
  21. 21. Please Visit following links: bYouTube :  http://www.youtube.com/user/saritsafoundation G d  TV li k f  S i  F d i   idGoodness TV link for Saritsa Foundations video http://www.goodnesstv.org/en/videos/recherche/ saritsa/ Slide Share: http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?sear chfrom header&q saritsachfrom=header&q=saritsa
  22. 22. COPE  B k F d ti   A t liCOPE ­ Barake Foundation ­ Australia http://copeinternational.ning.com/video/vi deo/search?q=saritsa+foundation Word press:   http://saritsa.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/http://saritsa.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/ senior­exectives­reliance­prepare­for­ disasters­24­05­2013/
  23. 23. Please Contact/Donate saritsa@vsnl.net OR saritsafoundationindia.in@ gmail.com htt // t b / / it f d tihttp://www.youtube.com/user/saritsafoundation Mob­ 09323157377,  T l 91 22 24366370 Tel­ 91 22 24366370  Fax ­ 022­ 24370138 Website wwwsaritsafoundation org (Only Website­ www.saritsafoundation.org (Only  Mozilla Firefox)
  24. 24. Donation/Support by  donors/supporters be sent on name  of Saritsa Foundation(Saritsa Charity  T ) b  Ch /D f    Trust) by Cheque/Draft to  Corporation Bank, Mumbai Worli Branch India  SB Account No  Branch India. SB Account No.  017400101011299. IFSC :  CORP0000174.
  25. 25. Donations in Foreign Currency may g y y please be donate on the following  account.  Bank ­ Corporation Bank ,Worli Branch  Account Holder Name­ Saritsa Charity Account Holder Name Saritsa Charity  Trust (Saritsa Foundation) Foreign Account No ­ 017400101020490 IFSC Code ­ CORP0000174
  26. 26. Transfer of the Donation/Support on  name of Prof. Smita  K d  E ti  Di t  th h Kadam, Executive Director through  Western Union Money Transfer, Mumbai IndiaMumbai India. Address for Western Union Money  Transfer –Prof. Smita Kadam
  27. 27. National HQ –National HQ – Flat No.­3, Pankaj CHS, S R Keer Marg, Bhandar Lane  Mahim West  Mumbai  400016Lane, Mahim West, Mumbai – 400016. Email for information ­ saritsa@vsnl.net Tel. – 91 22 2436 6370 Mob ­ 91 9870008717