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Marketing Presentation on SchoolERP, complete automation solution for schools
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Marketing Presentation on SchoolERP, complete automation solution for schools


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SchoolERP is a cloud based complete automation solution for schools. It allows the management of a school a complete visibility into all the operations of a school.

SchoolERP is a cloud based complete automation solution for schools. It allows the management of a school a complete visibility into all the operations of a school.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. SchoolERP 1 END-TO-END OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION FOR A SCHOOL mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 2. About the Solution 2 SCHOOL ERP mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 3. About the Solution 3  School ERP is a web-based hosted enterprise solution (ERP) for schools.  It is a complete automated system to handle all the information related to students and all the other resources of a School.  It helps to manage different users of the system like Principal, Students, Parents, HODs, Class Teachers, Teachers, Librarian, Accounts and Academic Administration.  One could track the complete operations of the School along with MIS on various parameters depicting the overall view of the academic and other operations.  The management can have a bird’s eye view of all aspects of a school at the click of a mouse while individual users have access to their respective area of operations  The solution has with most advance integrated “Vehicle Tracking System” (for School Buses), which gives real-time location of the bus along with speed and fuel monitoring  The attendance is through most advance ‘wireless’ biometric solution for most authentic and quick attendance system, where reporting to parents is instant and without manual intervention mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 4. Benefits 4 SCHOOL ERP mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 5. Benefits 5  Anytime Anywhere Information – The management can login from anywhere since it is a cloud based system which in turn provides much better control over operations  Ease of Use – It requires hardly any training for the users to adapt to and reduces the dependency of people because of attrition  Improves Overall Efficiency – It is a very good productivity tool in the hands of different users of the system and removes duplicity of record keeping thus letting you get rid of all the excel sheets & registers and other primitive methods of tracking  Scalability – This solution provides scalability for any number of users having multiple roles that of Director, Principal, HODs, Class Teacher & Teacher, Students, Library, Academic Admin and Parents mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 6. Benefits 6  Removes Duplicity of effort – No record is entered twice in the system and the data is shared across different departments  Maintains Confidentiality - Each user can only operate in his/her domain  Image – The usage of this automated system greatly impacts the image of the institutions in the eyes of the students/parents/Teachers therefore improving the brand equity  Reporting - Several reports allow complete control over the operations of the institution mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 7. Screenshots 7 SCHOOL ERP mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 8. Main Dashboard 8 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 9. Dashboard of the Director 9 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 10. Dashboard of the Principal 10 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 11. Dashboard of the Class Teacher 11 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 12. Dashboard of the Teacher 12 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 13. Dashboard of the Parent 13 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 14. Dashboard of the Student 14 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 15. Dashboard of HOD 15 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 16. Dashboard of Admission Admin 16 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 17. Dashboard of Accounts 17 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 18. Dashboard of Librarian 18 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 19. Dashboard of Hostel & Transport 19 SchoolERP – Presentation Ver 1.0
  • 20. Dashboard of Mass Communication 20 SchoolERP – Presentation Ver 1.0
  • 21. Dashboard of Exam Controller 21 SchoolERP – Presentation Ver 1.0
  • 22. Features 22 SCHOOL ERP mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 23. Product Features 1. Intuitive Interface 2. User-friendly, requires minimal training to users 3. Web-based, therefore platform independent 4. Enables anytime, anywhere operations 5. Multi-role, Multi-user, multi-location 6. Available on pay-per-use (SAAS) mode, therefore, low investment 7. Covers all departments of a school – Academics, Accounts, Library, Transportation, Hostel, Inventory 23 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 24. Features (Roles & Permissions)  Flexibility to create multiple users within the system with different roles  Each role has separate permissions within the system  Admin has all rights, it can create masters for the system, create new users and do all the configuration level settings  Director can view all aspects of the institutions which needs management control  Academic head can view academics related information; can create subjects, lecture plan, assign Teachers to courses, create academic time-table and schedule tests and assignments  Teachers can send assignments, mark attendance, see information related to books issued/returned to library  Students can view fees related details, their own attendance records, submit assignments, view subject notes & assessment records 24 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 25. Features (Roles & Permissions)  Parents can also view the student attendance and fees related details  Librarian can view the status of each and every book issued whether to Students or Teachers  Accounts department can view details of fees outstanding, collection status, status of subsidies received  Daily activities of all users can be viewed by Academic Admin and each user can view their daily tasks performed 25 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 26. The Team 26 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 27. The Team 27 The team behind this comprises of seasoned professionals from the field of Information Technology and Education. The members of the team include: Manish Kumar, BE (EEE) BITS Pilani, M. Tech, Six Sigma Black Belt  Having more than 19 years of industry experience in hard-core software development  Has handled several large projects during earlier tenures like TCS, HCL, BirlaSoft and Dalmia Group  He is a natural leader & a trainer and has been grooming young professionals since long time Rajesh Butta, MMS BITS Pilani  He has been a co-founder of various start-up ventures in the field of IT and Education  Comes with rich experience of more than 23 years in the service industry  Tremendous organizational abilities to execute large & complex projects with ease  Has very strong people skills and go-getter attitude mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 28. Demo of SchoolERP Browse our Product Website on And click on ‘Demo’ Or Click on Login with Username: Password: 121212 28 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0
  • 29. For More Information: 29 PLEASE CONTACT: +91 - 88 00 999 281 mySchool360 – Presentation Ver 2.0