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Minutes of meetings for performance

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MusicalDate – Wednesday 2nd November 2011 Meeting 1 – Period 3 – A136 Meeting 2 – Lunch – Media Suite Meeting 3 – After school – Media SuiteParticipants – Meeting 1 – Marie, Nazish, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, George, Parnyan, Rajan and Zahra Meeting 2 – Nazish, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, George, Parnyan and Zahra Meeting 3 – Nazish, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, George, Parnyan and ZahraAbsent – Meeting 1 – Michael and Khatra Meeting 2 – Michael, Khatra, Marie and Rajan Meeting 3 – Michael, Khatra, Marie and RajanMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed in Meeting 1 Briefly gone through each and every person’s idea(s) for the main plot /the sub plot for our musical.Points discussed in Meeting 2 Decided which elements we could use from whose ideas and how we could also develop them. Discussed and decided which ideas could be used for our main plot.Points discussed in Meeting 3 Read the final plot. Briefly went through the plot. George (Director), Nazish (Assistant Director) and Navina (Production Manager) – Wanted to create new names for the characters identified so far, to stop confusion with the actual names of people and their character in the YMT workshop. Discussed about the characters and their names. How to break down scenes.Action agreed in Meeting 1 By whom 1. Every member of the team should come back at lunchtime Majority of the and be present in the second meeting to finalise the main people in the team. plot.Action agreed in Meeting 2 1. The main plot of our performance would be based on the Majority of the two characters, Carla and Nicole, who drift apart after people in the team. entering the prison.Action agreed in Meeting 3 1. The main plot – Carla and Nicole are best friends. One day, Majority of the Carla finds out that her boyfriend – Zack, has been cheating people in the team. on her with another girl called Kate. Carla holds Kate responsible for trapping her boyfriend. Carla is furious and reaches Nicole’s house to tell her about it. She tells Nicole
  2. 2. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical rdDate – Thursday 3 November 2011 – Period 4 – A101Participants – Marie, Nazish, George, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Khatra, Michael, Parnyan, Rajan and ZahraAbsent –Minutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Re-capped on the main plot and the storyline. Sara – Feels to change few of the names of the characters as they are not multi-cultural names. Discussed about the beginning of the plot. Discussed about the new names of the characters. George - Explained and went over each scene break down - what he wanted to see in the scene, which characters are involved, what’s their personality is like, the main storyline of the scene, the setting of the scene. George – Which scene should be given to who, in the team, to write a script, according to their ability and preferences. Sathma – Wanted to know where roughly each song would be placed within the script and its content.Action agreed By whom 1. To add in at least one multi-cultural name. 2. To change the new names of the existing characters: The Governor from Zoe to Ms Sullivan. Guard 1 from John to Mr. Mitchell Watson. Character A from Stacey to Carla Guard 2 from Arthur to Mr. Rajan Chandra. Innocent newbie from Carla to Yasmine. 3. Names for new characters: EVERYONE IN THE TEAM. Name for the victim – Kate. Name for Yasmine’s boyfriend – Zack. 4. Which scenes should be written by: Scene 1 - Scene 2 – Scene 3 - Scene 4 - Scene 5 - Marie Logan Sathma Navina Nazish Scene 6 - Scene 7 - Scene 8 - Scene 9 - Scene 10 - Michael Parnyan Sara Zahra Rajan Scene 11 - Scene 12 – Scene 13 - Scene 14 – Scene 15 - George Sara, Zahra Parnyan Logan & George & George George
  3. 3. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical thDate – Friday 4 November 2011 – Period 4 – A136Participants – Marie, Nazish, George, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Michael, Parnyan, Rajan and ZahraAbsent – KhatraMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed When should all the 11 scripts, written by individuals (present today), be ready and emailed to George by. Went over the revised script break down and its summary, together. Ensured everyone was clear and understood what to include in their scripts by going through each scene break down with the person the scene was assigned to. Discussed the new changes made by George and Nazish in each scene break down to clarify any confusion. Individually discussed any points/ problems in our own scene with George.Action agreed By whom 1. Everyone in the team, including the two people who didn’t finish their scripts – Michael and Parnyan, should complete their scripts for George assigned scenes by period five. Individuals allowed working on and editing their scripts at lunch and in the first twenty minutes of period 5. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical thDate – Friday 11 November 2011 – Period 4 – A136Participants – Marie, Nazish, Khatra, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Michael, Parnyan, Rajan and ZahraAbsent – GeorgeMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Checked how far Assistant Director – Nazish, has reached in re-editing the script. Checked whether pairs, who worked on composing lyrics for scenes on Tuesday 8 th November, have completed it and sent to Mr. Wasiq to be checked. Discussed on the dates mentioned in our production schedule for certain tasks to be started and completed. Discussed on changing the dates for holding the auditions, due to lack of preparation time. Listed down and discussed tasks each person needs to do in the next lesson, according to the tasks related to their individual roles.
  4. 4. Action agreed By whom 1. Assistant Director – Nazish to complete the whole script (the Nazish editing, adding and remove bits) by next week, Monday 14 th November. Sathma 2. Parnyan to re-send the lyrics for scene 15 to Mr. Wasiq or Sathma by lunchtime. Sathma 3. Michael and Rajan to type up their composed lyrics for scene 4 and email to Sathma by the end of the day. Everyone in the team Everyone in the team 4. Moving forward the date for holding auditions for the whole school, on Monday 21st November. 5. Spend the second hour in Creative & Media after school session, to Logan go over and read the whole script together. 6. Individual tasks, every person in the team has to do in the next Parnyan lesson: Nazish Logan – Research into lighting. (What lights and colours Sara would create which moods etc.) Zahra Parnyan – Brainstorm ideas for set designs. Do at least 2 drafts of drawings. Marie Nazish – Continue working on and editing the script. Khatra Sara – Work on creating one routine-exercise. Michael Zahra – Work along side Nazish and Navina to create character profiles and also decide on dates for holding Rajan auditions. Sathma Marie – Start by creating a title for our musical. Khatra – Brainstorm/list props that might be needed. Navina Michael – Start creating drafts of costume designs for at least 2 characters. Rajan – Get hold of all the lyrics from Sathma/Mr Wasiq and start editing lyrics composing book. Sathma – Check if a music room is available to compose music or develop melodies. Navina – Complete any pending minutes and also support Zahra in completing character profiles. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical th Date –Tuesday 15 November 2011 – Period 3 – B102 Participants – George, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Michael, Parnyan, Rajan, Zahra, Khatra, Nazish and Marie Absent – Minutes taken by – Navina Points discussed
  5. 5. Progress of the script – complete. Progress so far - which tasks have been completed. Discussed which tasks still have to be done by the end of this week and by whom.Action agreed By whom 1. Following people to send Navina their task list which contains all the Navina tasks they need to do individually with each task’s deadline: Sara, Nazish, Logan, Parnyan, Khatra, Marie and George. 2. Who needs to complete which task(s) by the end of this week: Task Who? Deadline Complete character profiles – Zahra Friday 18th Navina in detail and in a presentable Nov way. Zahra Create a poster and a power point which informs Cranford students about the whole school auditions, as well as persuading them to sign up for Nazish, George the auditions. Support Zahra in tasks related Nazish, Friday 18th Navina to auditions. George Nov Make any changes in script Thursday 17th that is needed. Nov Michael, Navina Complete all minutes. Navina Friday 18th Support Zahra in tasks related Nov Sathma, Rajan, Navina to auditions. Create drafts of two costumes Michael Friday 18th George each, for the key characters Nov and the guards. Organize singing rehearsals. Sathma, Friday 18th Rajan Nov 3. Read the script as a group. Following people will read the following characters in the script: o George – Joe & Stage directions o Nazish – Nicole o Navina – Andi o Marie – Inmate 2 & Whitney o Khatra – Inmate 1 & Newbie 2 o Sara – Carla o Rajan – Mr Chandra & Newbie 2 o Logan – Mr Watson o Sathma – Yasmine o Parnyan – Mr Moorland o Zahra – Ms Sullivan & Kate o Michael – Mr Borris
  6. 6. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical thDate – Wednesday 16 November 2011 – Period 3 – A101Participants – Marie, Nazish, George, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Khatra, Michael, Parnyan, Rajan and ZahraAbsent –Minutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Discussed our opinions so far on the scenes we’ve read. Discussed how we could create tension and a more of an intense relationship between Carla and Nicole, in scene 3. Zahra – Scene 4 – finds the character Nicole, has changed dramatically, from bad/rude to friendly. This change is very quick. Sara – summarized scene 4, to re-cap what happens in the scene and how Nicole suddenly opens up to Yasmine. Nazish – Slightly disagrees with Sara and Zahra. Feels Nicole and Yasmine need to open up in scene 4 as the next scene that has Nicole and Yasmine together, is in scene 6. In scene 6, both of them talk to each other about how they got in the prison, so they need to be friendly. Discussed how we could change the dialogues in scene 4 to stop Nicole from becoming overly friendly. Possibly create a situation where Nicole is forced to/accidently open/s up to Yasmine. Carried on reading the script, from scene 9. Same people reading the same characters. Also gave feedback after reading each scene. Sara – Scene 10 – feels there are not enough dialogues in the scene. All the dialogues in the scene are very quick and short. Majority of the people in the team – confused about the idea of Nicole telling the truth to Yasmine first, and then straight away telling her it was just a joke. Discussed about problems. According to our production schedule, we are meant to be holding auditions for the whole school, next week on Monday, which is not possible because of the little time left and lack of preparation for the auditions. Discussed about which day, next week, we could hold the whole school auditions.Action agreed By whom 5. Change dialogues in scene 3, between Carla and Nicole so that it’s different to the dialogues between the inmates. 6. Tone down the relationship between Yasmine and Nicole in scene 4. Change dialogues in scene 4 to show a gradual build-up between Yasmine and Nicole and Nicole’s attitude, rather than a quick change. 7. Change dialogues in scene 9, to show that Inmate 1’s and Inmate 2 are specifically looking for Carla’s file, instead of just looking through the files without any intentions. EVERYONE IN THE TEAM. 8. Show a negative relationship between Carla and Inmate 1 & 2, before scene 9. 9. Add in more dialogues in scene 10. 10. Adapt and edit scene 12. Make it a more of a sentimental scene. 11. Change the structure a little bit of scene 15. Remove short snippets. 12. Navina to research into - if personal possessions or which specific things are allowed for prisoners to take in with them into the prison. 13. George to find the original scene 12, written by Sara and Zahra and add in the remaining dialogues from the scene, to the script. 14. George (Director) and Nazish (Assistant Director) to work with Ms Raz in the next lesson, to edit the script and add in the lyrics. 15. Not holding the auditions for the whole school, next week on Monday. 16. Holding auditions for the Creative & Media team, on Friday’s lesson, period 5. 17. Zahra , Nazish and George deciding on who should play which character.
  7. 7. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical thDate – Thuday 17 November 2011 – Period 4 – A101Participants – Sathma, Marie, Nazish, Khatra, George, Logan, Sara, Parnyan, Navina, Michael and Rajan.Absent – ZahraMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Discussed which individual needs to complete which task(s) by the end of this hour. Discussed on which day next week, after Monday, we could the auditions, as it’s not possible to do st it on Monday 21 partly due to lack of preparation.Action agreed By whom 18. Following task(s) that need to be done by the end of today’s lesson and by Navina whom: Role Who? Task Choreographer Sara Complete choreography for scene 7. Sara Assistant Director & Nazish & Re-draft scenes from 1 to 7. Director George Create a mood board and 1 set design Nazish &George Set Designer Parnyan that shows a jail. Take over some of Zahra’s (Casting Parnyan Director) tasks of organising auditions Production Manager Navina – discuss with Mrs Saroya and complete which ever tasks that need Navina to be done ASAP. Create a mood board that shows props seen/needed in a jail. Also work Prop Designer Khatra along side Parnyan to ask which props are needed in the set design. Complete the 2 drafts of the inmate’s Khatra Costume Designer Michael costume design. Also come up with 4 more designs. (coloured) Create a poster for promoting the Marketing Manager Marie auditions. Also draft and design 1 Michael poster for the overall performance. Music Composer Sathma Complete melodies for choreography. Edit lyric book and songs with the new Lyric Composer Rajan Marie changes made. Create a table for lighting ideas. Light Designer Logan th Sathma 19. Auditions for whole school will now be held on Thursday 24 November st 2011, instead of Monday 21 November 2011. Rajan Logan Navina
  8. 8. Minutes of Meeting Planning the Musical thDate – Friday 18 November 2011 – Period 4 – A136Participants – Sathma, Marie, Nazish, Khatra, George, Logan, Sara, Parnyan, Navina, Michael, Rajan and Zahra.Absent –Minutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Discussed about what we have to do (as a team) in the next lesson. Created a plan for period 5. Discussed on another day for the auditions to be held, as on Thursday, the concert hall and teachers are not available.Action agreed By whom 20. Follow the plan (below) in period 5: Time Task Duration of task Lead by? 2:15 – 2:20 Group discussion of ideas for 5 minutes Zahra casting. (whole team) 2:20 – 2:35 Dance rehearsal and audition. 15 minutes Sara (whole team) 2:40 – 2:55 Distribution of 15 minutes George scenes/dialogues to cast and EVERYONE IN THE TEAM. acting audition. (whole team) 3:00 – 3:15 Singing rehearsals and 15 minutes Sathma audition. (whole team) 3:15 – 3:45 George, Nazish and Zahra to 30 minutes George, discuss about who should play Nazish and which character. Zahra 21. Navina to be the timekeeper during all the tasks. 22. Change in the date for the audition. Now will be held next week, on Wednesday rd 23 November 2011.