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Hanover County Public Schools-SBM

  1. 1. School Board MeetingTuesday, February 12, 2013Closed meeting 6-7:30pmPublic meeting 7:30-10pm200, Berkley St., Ashland, VA
  2. 2.  I. The board will assert its role in the communityas the educational policy leader of publiceducation in Hanover County. “Policy: School boards set the general rules about what isdone in the schools” II. The board will promote the delivery ofeffective instructional services as the primaryresponsibility of the entire school community. “Curriculum and assessment. The board developscurriculum…[and] implement and report on stateassessments”(Ornstein, Levine, & Gutek, 2011)
  3. 3.  III. The board will demonstrate leadership in andsupport efforts to attract and retain the bestqualified employees. “Staffing. …the board is responsible for hiring all schooldistrict employees” “Employee relations. School-board members areresponsible for all aspects of employee relations” IV. The board will monitor the effects ofsignificant fiscal influences and consider plans fortheir effective management. “Fiscal matters. The board must keep the school districtsolvent and get the most out of every tax dollar”(Ornstein, Levine, & Gutek, 2011)
  4. 4.  V. The board will embrace additionalopportunities to promote its accountability tothe public. “Community relations. The school board mustrespond not only to parents but also to othermembers of the community.(Ornstein, Levine, & Gutek, 2011)
  5. 5.  I. Manage the impact of prevailing budget/fiscal trends. II. Form salary/benefit proposals that support Hanover’scompetitive position and reflect market adjustments wherenecessary. III. Promote instructional programming. IV. Implement and monitor action plans. V. Develop and maintain a responsive, systematic approach tolong-term building maintenance, construction, custodial services,furniture/equipment replacement, technology system upgrades,other operating efficiencies, and long-range financial stability. VI. Identify the impact of emerging issues and mandates on theschool budget.
  6. 6.  John F. Asxelle III(Beaverdam District) Earl J. Hunter, Jr.(Henry District) Robert L Hundley, Jr.(Chickahominy District) Henry D. Lowry, Jr.(Ashland District) Robert L. Wood(Cold Harbor District) Glenn T. Millican, Jr.(Mechanicsville District)
  7. 7.  Teachers Students- Award winners Working on projects requiring school boardattendance Speakers Parents and young children
  8. 8.  Open Session Invocation (Prayer)/Pledge of Allegiance Approval of Minutes Consent of Agenda (Approval of Superintendent’sRecommendations) Action Agenda (Approval of Preschool Initiative) Information Items (Status Report/Calendars) Topics for next session Adjourn(The majority of these items were discussed and decidedupon during the closed meeting)
  9. 9. Certificates Award in Recognition of… VSBA School Board Appreciation Month 2012 Stock Market Game Winners- 3 students from Atlee HS 2013 winner of VA History Writing Contest- John Roakes (laptopto student/$1,000 to school awarded) 2012-13 NCWIT Award for Aspiration in Computing- VanessaGentry (1 of 2 in VA), Atlee HS Hanover’s 2013 Spelling Bee Champion- Yashna Nainani (4/5 yr.winner), Chickahominy HS VA School Counselor of the Year- Elizabeth Beatley, Pole GreenElementary
  10. 10. Guidelines: Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes to presenttheir views to the board at the podium. Groups are allowed 6 minutes to present.Main topics of concern based on speakers (~12): Budget cuts- Pay to play, IB test fees Defense of teachers
  11. 11.  Anthony Smith (Hanover HS student): Studentsurvey of disconnect between school boardand teacher concerns; provided breakdown oftechnology requests, how to fulfill themthrough departmental grants with studentessays, projects, etc. Daniel Chen (Hanover HS student): Worked onproject with Anthony; presented on teachertime budgets and need to allow moreplanning time
  12. 12.  Carol R. (Patrick HS student): Providedgeneral perspective, including defense forstudent opinions, viewing teachers with morerespect and higher pay, fear that budget cutswill drive away quality teachers; also againstpay-to-play indicative Randy Wright (Middle School Teacher): Infavor of raising taxes to increase budget;argued political views are impacting schooldecisions
  13. 13.  Jordon Goodman (Lee Davis HS student): Againstrequiring students to pay for IB testing; encouragedreimbursement for testing due to additive sums ofmultiple test taking Katie G. (Lee Davis HS student): Same views as Jordon;students can not afford to pay for testing Speaker: Support retired teachers as part-timeeducators to save budget money Renee (Lee Davis Physics instructor): Must come upwith creative solutions to problems given timeconstraints and limited materials (used simulationexample she uses in the classroom with popsicle stickconstruction.
  14. 14.  Parent: Against limiting students with pay-to-play because students that are unable to paywill not be as successful or competitive asthey could be if schools continued to providefree sports Group of 3 students: Proposed raising taxesand fund raising in order to pay for IB testing;provided personal stories of financialstruggles of their families
  15. 15.  Board members seemed genuinely interested andtook notes Students agreed on the two key issues: No pay-to-play and schools should continue to pay for IB testing Touching that students were concerned with thepossible financial struggle effects of the budget cuts After all comments, Daniel Chen stood back up tospeak: He had “crunched numbers” during the talk ofraising taxes on food in the local areas and found thatthe board could cover costs by doing so Appreciated the passion of everyone that madecomments
  16. 16.  An overall informative experience Decisions seemed to have been made duringthe closed meeting and simply announced tothe public Nice to see board members engaged Surprised there was a prayer to begin meeting
  17. 17.  On the evening of February 21, the School Boardunanimously adopted the 2013‐2014 Annual Financial Plan including… a Total Operating and Debt Service General Fund Budget of$177,701,129 a Textbook Budget of $1,043,378 a Food Services Budget of $7,179,978…totaling $228,267,000. The 2013‐2014 school budget has been provided to theCounty Administrator as the next step in the budgetdevelopment process. School Board members expressed their appreciation for thepublic’s engagement as a budget shortfall of $5.4‐millionwas closed.
  18. 18. Hanover Schools final budget decision leaves some unsettled...http://wtvr.com/2013/02/22/hanover-schools-final-budget-decision-leaves-some-unsettled/
  19. 19.  Hanover County School Board. (2012). HANOVER COUNTY PUBLICSCHOOLS SCHOOL BOARD GOALS July 2012- June 2013. Retrievedonlinehttp://hanover.k12.va.us/schoolboard/School%20Board%20Goals%202012-2013%20Approved.pdf Hanover County School Board. (2012). Hanover County SchoolBoard 2012-2013. Retrieved onlinehttp://hanover.k12.va.us/schoolboard/School%20Board%20Goals%202012-2013%20Approved.pdf Hanover School Budget Decision. [Video File] Retrieved onlinehttp://wtvr.com/2013/02/22/hanover-schools-final-budget-decision-leaves-some-unsettled/ Ornstein, A., Levine, D., & Gutek, G. (2011). Foundations of education.(11th ed. pp.212-13). Belmont, CA.: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.