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Build a blog worth 50,000 Document Transcript

  • 1. I’ve sold several blogs for around $20,000. Its fair to say I’ve discovered the formula for asuccessful blog. I’ve worked full time from home since age 24. This is all about helpingyou build a blog or online business worth at least $50,000 – possibly a whole lot more.This guide (which a lot of bloggers would make you pay for) is going to give youeverything you need to start your blog and grow it to a full time business so you caneither cash it out for big bucks or quit your job and work from home – the bloggers dreamlife.IMPORTANT: You might want to bookmark this page as it is constantly evolving andbeing updated. I also constantly expand on the topics here on the blog itself. Considerthis as a blogging-for-profit index.The Progressive Stages of Profitable Blogging Here are the steps you will need to follow. You can navigate one at a time.• IMPORTANT: Choosing a niche that makes money• Getting a domain name that gets noticed• Getting your own host and theme setting up your blog for success• The Money is in the Mailing List: Creating a newsletter and free automatic giveaway• Getting started with viral content• The $50,000: Making money from your blog Important: Choosing a Niche That Makes Money Nothing else matters if you can’t find a topic that makes money. In this section I am going to show you exactly how to figure out what will work for you and why most bloggers just can’t make it happen. Too niche or not too niche? That is the question! The quest here is to find a topic that has four things: traffic, people who will buy stuff, not too much competition and is enjoyable to work in. This section will hopefully help you figure out exactly how to do that. 1. Download Market Samurai to find the best niches Market Samurai is the most important keyword research tool you will ever use. It allows you to look at all your competition and see what keywords and backlinks they are going after. This is extremely useful when deciding on a niche to blog about as well as being useful every time you write a post. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want to write a blog about dog collars and have the domain name picked out. But after having a look on
  • 2. MS you might find that the phrase “cheap dog collars” getsway more searches and has less competition than “cool dogcollars“. One quick search might have just saved you monthsand months of work.Make a list of all the niches you are thinking about exploringand then use Market Samurai to see if there is any real juice inthere.2. Consider your long tail and short tail keywordsA short tail keyword in this instance is “dog collars” whereas along tail keyword would be “beautiful dog collars”. You willneed to plan out your short tail keyword making sure it is arelatively popular one but you also need to make sure there isenough to write about for all those long tail keywords.I’m not just talking about traffic here – I’m talking about yourability to write on a topic. If you run out of long tail topics in ayear you are going to be in big trouble.3. Make sure you love it to deathIt sounds corny but unless you absolutely love the topic todeath you are going to fail and fail quickly. Writing posts getsboring, even on topics you really like. So imagine spendinghours of each day working on and thinking about a topic youdon’t care about? It would be dreadful.I have literally dozens of sites that I don’t maintain because Ijust don’t care enough. All of my successes have been in nichesthat I love.4. Analyze the big boysOnce you have done a little bit of thinking and researching thenext step is to take a look around at the big guys and gals in
  • 3. your niche. You want to look at their blogs and take notice of things like how many subscribers they have got, how many Twitter followers they have, how many comments they get, how they do on social media and bookmarking sites, etc. The point here is to make sure that there is room to grow in your niche. If there aren’t any big guys it either means that you have found the best niche in the world (unlikely) or that there just isn’t much going on in that topic. 5. Start with your product and work backwards – IMPORTANT Here is the really important part. You want to make sure you know roughly what you are going to sell on your blog in order to make money before you begin. Many people start thinking that they should get as much traffic and subscribers first and then think about how to make cash. BAD MOVE. Why? Because sometimes there just isn’t a really good way to make cash in certain niches. Before you start out you should have a think about how you are going to make money and then only select your niche if the competition is right and the product(s) fit well. Niche Resources:• Market Samurai – the bloggers best friend for keyword research.• Niche Finder – World’s Most Powerful New Niche Finding Software.Getting a Domain Name that Gets Noticed This section is about how to choose the perfect domain name that will last your business the next 50 years. You want it to be sexy, workable and memorable. Your domain name is extremely important. And let me be frank. It cannot have .blogspot or .wordpress in it. It needs to
  • 4. be your own domain name that you own and respect. Don’t panic! It is cheap and super easy to set up. Why you need your own domain? Because you want to build your own brand, not someone else’s. And because Google doesn’t rank those domain names as highly as self hosted ones. This is about business. What if I already have a blogger or wordpress one? Don’t worry, it is easy to change over. And well worth the time. Where do I buy domain names? The best place is I have used them for years and they have super fast support and very cheap domains. How do I know what to choose? Choosing a domain name is a really important process that can (and should) take a lot of consideration. There are three main routes to take:1. Name it after yourself A really good idea these days is to name your blog after your own name. This is a fantastic idea if you want to position yourself as an expert in the field and grow your own personal brand. And that is what blogging is really all about – building a good brand name. Just make sure you only use your name if you are going to provide constant quality and helpful information.2. Use a keyword rich name Jump on Market Samurai and start researching domain names in your niche that have your short tail (see above) keywords in them. For example, if you want to write about cupcakes and is taken then you can do and build up a quality resource site.3. Go memorable Memorable domain names are things that are done more for shock and interest factor. Some examples of this would be Smashing Magazine, Viper Chill and Shoemoney. They don’t mean much but people remember the brand.
  • 5. Make sure you spend a lot of time thinking about your different options. Make sure you believe in the brand Remember, the whole point here is to build a brand that attracts a loyal following. A brand that you love and want to back for the next 10 or 15 years. Make sure it is something you are proud of and something you believe in all the way. Domain Name Resources:• Check out for the cheapest domain names with the most speedy support team. The Machine’s Engine: Getting Your Own Host & Theme & Setting Up Your Blog for Success This section is about why ALL bloggers need WordPress and their own cheap hosting account. I’ll even show you how to set it up and find the best blog templates that are perfect for SEO and reader interaction. Beginners are really afraid of buying their own web host but it is the most important thing you will ever do. Hosting your own WordPress blog is the way all the big guys do it and it is a lot easier than you think. I’ll show you the steps here but you can always contact me if you have problems. Here is how you do it: 1. Sign up for Blue Host Click here and sign up for a Blue Host account. You pay around $7 a month and can install unlimited blogs and email addresses and you never get any hidden fees. NOTE: Blue Host has 24 hour live support and they are always super helpful. Any time anything has gone wrong I have had the problem solved in minutes. You are never alone. 2. Login to Namecheap and change your DNS
  • 6. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. You need to point yourdomain name to your correct web host in order for anyone tosee your blog when they type in your address. Think of it as theletterbox that connects people to your house by using youraddress.You will need to change your DNSto and ns2.bluehost.com3. Login to Blue Host and install WordPressOnce you have done your DNS you then login to Blue Host andinstall WordPress.First add your domain name to the account if you haven’talready.
  • 7. We are now going to use Simple Scripts to install your WordPress blog. Its made for beginners so its super easy. Just click the button, then click WordPress and then find your blog URL in the drop down menu. Fill out the name and choose a password and hit INSTALL. It will then give you your URL and a log in page. Save these to your bookmarks. NOTE: Remember, if you get stuck at any stage just open up Blue Host LIVE Chat and talk to one of their support staff. Easy! 4. Choose a theme (template) for your blog Now that your blog is set up you need to add a theme that has all the functionality that you need. I highly recommend choosing a PAID theme right away because they are often much easier to use, edit and change. The best ones are:• The Thesis theme for bloggers• Elegant WordPress Themes• Mojo Themes• Theme Forest These themes are cheap and allow you to change the look and feel of the site extremely easily. They are also safe and secure and much harder to hack.
  • 8. Free themes are available everywhere but the problem is that a lot of them have secretly embedded links and other strange things going on with them. I once used a free theme for about six months and the whole time was unwittingly promoting a gambling site. The theme’s designer had snuck in some hidden links. 5. Tips for choosing a theme When choosing your theme you want to make sure it fits with your branding and marketing goals. For example, if you are writing a finance blog you want your theme to look clean and professional and solid – people will judge you on the way your blog is set out visually. You should also take in to consideration things like:• Room for photos• Ability to change header logo• Ability to add your Aweber newsletter• Security measures.• Support . 6. Install your new Theme Your new theme will come in a .zip format. You can upload it directly into your WordPress Dashboard by logging into your WordPress site ( and then going: APPEARANCE > THEMES > INSTALL THEMES > UPLOAD THEMES and then uploading your themes .zip file just like you would add an attachment to an email. You now have your very own blog with its own domain name and hosting to play with! Hosting and WordPress Theme Resources:• The Thesis theme for bloggers• Elegant WordPress Themes• Mojo Themes• Theme Forest
  • 9. • WPRemix Premium WordPress CMS Theme• Blue Host – the host with the best support for bloggers• Just Host – a fantastic alternative to Blue Host• Gravity Forms – the sexiest contact forms, order forms, comment forms and much more The Money is in the Mailing List: Creating a Newsletter and Free Automatic Giveaway A successful blog is made up of four areas – your blog content, your newsletter, your free giveaway and your social media activity. This section is devoted to setting up a successful newsletter and free giveaway in order to attract more email subscribers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the money is in the mailing list. All of the big bloggers, without exception, are able to make MILLIONS of dollars per year because they have a big list of engaged email subscribers.So what do email subscribers do? Why are email subscribers so important? Well, that’s easy.• They look at every blog post you write (your newsletter should also send out blog posts)• They promote your articles to their friends• They act as a base to launch all your products and new websites to The goal of your blog should be to capture as many loyal, loving and friendly email subscribers as possible. That is what I am going to teach you now. 1. Sign up for Aweber for powerful blog newsletters The first step is to sign up for Aweber – the best email marketing software for bloggers. Aweber is used by Problogger, Copyblogger, Shoemoney, Smart Passive Income and, of course, Blog Tyrant. So why is it so good?• It allows you to send automatic emails that you pre-write for your subscribers• It allows you to send a free eBook when people sign up to your list
  • 10. • It allows you to bring all your Feedburner readers over so you don’t lose anyone• It has massively cool stats that show you everything your readers are doing with your content• Much more For my first five years of blogging I refused to pay for email marketing and left everything with Feedburner. It was one of the worst mistakes I ever made and it cost me a lot of money. I hate to think how much I could have made with my blogs if I was using Aweber from the start. 2. Add your blog to Aweber Once you have signed up for Aweber you need to fill out all the details required to make a new list. For example, you’ll need to give your list a name, provide the URL of your blog, RSS feed, etc. If you get stuck with this process don’t worry because Aweber have some amazing tutorial videos that show you how to do every step of the process. 3. Create a beautiful free eBook that will encourage people to sign up This is one of the most important steps in creating a blog worth $50,000 – you need to give away something for free in order to capture as many subscribers as possible.
  • 11. Some eBook covers made using Killer eCover Scripts or eBook Cover Impact – Awesome eBook Cover Templates & eCover Action ScriptsFor example, on Blog I give away a free eBook, You can only get this eBook if yousubscribe by email and I use Aweber to automatically deliver that eBook right to people’sinbox.• Step 1 – Write your eBook The first step is to write an eBook about a topic that is really narrow to your niche. You want to make sure that everyone who visits your blog will be interested in reading it. This step also involved thinking of a really catchy title that is specific and enticing.Write your eBook in Word or Open Office.• Step 2 – Design some graphics You want your eBook to look professional so make sure you design some nice graphics to use as a title page. If you need graphics done you can always pay me to do them for you.Add your graphics by going INSERT > PICTURE > FROM FILE• Step 3 – Add some professional photos Photos are a really good way to illustrate your points and take your eBook to the next level of professionalism. The best place to get royalty free photos (so you don’t get sued) is Dreamstime. You simply use Paypal to buy a few credits and then download them to your file and import them into Word the same way as above.• Step 4 – Export as a PDF All eBooks are just PDF files and Open Office and new versions of Word allow you to make your file into a PDF by going FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT AS PDF. You then select the settings you want like zoom and quality. I recommend setting it to 110% zoom and 100% quality.• Step 5 – Create a beautiful eBook coverBy creating an eBook cover you are essentially making something insubstantial seem more solid and that gets people interested. These eBook covers are made using Killer eCover Scipts which is a great download I highly recommend all bloggers invest in. You will use it again and again. 5. Upload to your blog
  • 12. The next step is to upload the eBook and your cover to yourservers. The easiest way to do this is by logging intoWordPress and using the image upload functionality.Make sure you copy the URLs of your image locations as weare going to use them next.6. Add a subscribe box to your blog and set yourautomatic give awayThe final step here is to add a subscription area to your blogwhere people can enter their email address and name and getyour free eBook. This is a little bit more involved so I’ve made avideo for you to follow.How to send a free ebook to your email subscribers!7. Create your pre-set Newsletter (called Follow Ups)The next step that you need to take to create a blog worth$50,000 is to set up an automatic newsletter or series of followup messages.This is one of the real advantages of Aweber in that it allowsyou to pre-write all your newsletters and send them out toevery new subscriber over a set period of time. For example, I
  • 13. have a newsletter set to go to every subscriber after 8 days haspassed.Just sign in to your Aweber account and click MESSAGES >FOLLOW UP and you will be given a screen where you canwrite your newsletters and choose from options like what timeof day you want it delivered.You want to write at least 10 quality newsletters that providereal value to your readers. They don’t have to be long but theyshould ideally be something that people on the blog don’t get –something exclusive for your newsletter readers.This is also the part where your blog could earn most ofits money. But I’ll talk about that in the money section later.Now you are all ready to go! You have a free give awaythat automatically gets sent to new subscribers and you have anewsletter that goes out only to your mailing list. This is thebasis of any successful blog.8. Massively boost your email subscription rate(hugely!)Now, I know a lot of bloggers don’t like pop up ads. But this istotally different. Well, not totally different; its still a pop up.But in the year that I have been using Pop Up Domination Ihave had no complaints and almost 2000 subscribers use it. In
  • 14. fact, it is the second highest converting sign up form on myblog.In three years I estimate that this form would have pulled innearly 10,000 subscribers which is worth about $100,000 ayear. Not bad at all!If you want to massively boost your email subscriber rate Ihighly recommend you purchase Pop Up Domination. If youcan’t afford it right away you could wait until you make yourfirst bit of blog money and reinvest a portion back intogrowing your blog through this software.How does it work?All you do is download the plugin and install it like any other.You then get a screen in your WordPress Dashboard that letsyou choose from a bunch of pop up themes, change text, set theduration the ad displays for and so much more. You just addyour Aweber details and it creates the form for youautomatically.
  • 15. The great thing about this plugin is that it is really non- invasive for a pop up ad. You can see them in action on almost every big blogger’s website. Some Newsletter Resources:• GetReponse – the best email marketing service for bloggers and web marketers• Pop Up Domination – Beautiful pop ups to get more subscribers• Killer eCover Scripts – the easiest way to produce beautiful book covers for your eBook Getting Started with Viral Content This section gives you a valuable insight into how you can shortcut your way to blogging hero status! For that you need epic content that goes viral. The importance of pillar articles Before we get started I want to introduce you to the idea of pillar articles. This is a concept that I think originated with Darren Rowse but which I have always found to be really important. A pillar article is something that forms the basis of your blog and sets the tone for the rest of your future posts. Some people call the cornerstones in that they make up the foundations of your ideas and writings. The idea is to write at least five pillar articles that are exceptionally crafted, long and packed full of information and resources. EXAMPLE: Here is an example of one of my pillar articles that both set the tone for all my blogging as well as going viral. 1. Spend ages writing brilliant titles Your title is what advertises your article to the world. It is what gets people’s attention. And, believe it or not, a good title is more important than good content. If your title is perfectly written it will encourage people to read on even if your opening content is a bit iffy.
  • 16. So what makes a brilliant title?• It can ask a question Titles that pose questions often get more user engagement – especially if you don’t fully answer the question in the post.• It can create an argument Some of the most successful titles are ones that pose a problem. For example, “America is Doomed: Why the USA is Not Going to Survive“. It creates emotion and hooks people in.• It can use classic title techniques I call these classic techniques because they have been working for years. Things like “How to….” and “The Top 10…” which always seem to do quite well.• It can be super specific What sounds more enticing to you: “How I Sold my Blog” or “How I Sold a Blog for $20,000 in 8 Months“? The second one of course! People love the specifics. It also gives you authority. Make sure your titles are amazing before getting into that post content. 2. Develop a style with lots of spaces, headings and dot points People are too easily distracted these days and as such you need to create a blogging style that uses lots of lists, headings and paragraphs. The idea is to make it as scan-able as possible. WordPress lets you add bold text and list points really easily so make use of them. This is especially powerful if you can carry that same content style over all of your posts. People become used to the way you write and share it more with their friends. 3. Exhaust your topic, but not fully One of my biggest tricks is to write really detailed posts that expand on lots of points with the article topic. This usually leads to massively long articles with lots of resources attached but people love it.
  • 17. The key here is to not fully exhaust the topic. You should stillleave some questions in peoples’ minds. This generates a lot ofbuzz because readers will want to share the content to findmore answers from their friends.4. Always add resourcesViral content on Digg or Delicious always has resources on it.The best posts on any blog are ones that people bookmark andcome back to in order to get information on the topic. Don’t beafraid to link out to other blog posts or tools in order to giveyour readers as much knowledge and power as possible. Itmakes you look more powerful.5. Base your posts on other successful postsWant to go viral? Take a look at how other people have done it.Before you write a post spend some time looking at the mostsuccessful posts in that niche on the biggest blogs in yourcategory. Look at what they did and how they did it. Find outwhy people liked it so much. Have a look at who Tweeted it outand then ask them to do the same for you. Don’t re-invent thewheel – just make it better.6. Ask for help from long term alliancesA good blogger has a whole list of other bloggers he/she canask for help. You need to build these relationships up carefullyover a long period of time but after you know these guys wellenough to call them “friend” you can be sure they will be happyto help you promote a new post and help it go viral.7. Give your best posts away to other blogs (elite guestposting)One of the quickest ways to go viral is to give your bestmaterial to other blogs in the form of guest posts. This is one of
  • 18. the ways I launched Blog Tyrant so quickly – I wrote hugelymassive sexy posts for Problogger to really show off to his400,000 readers what I was all about. A few strategic linksback to your best posts on your own blog and soon people aresharing your content like the flu.If you want to know about my specific guest post strategy thatinvolves a very white-hat but tricky “sales funnel” then makesure you subscribe to my Newsletter. That is the type of typethat often only goes out to my email subscribers.8. Spend money on advertising… oftenI don’t do this on Blog Tyrant but I have done it for my otherblogs. You need to advertise if you want to grow into a largebusiness that taps into audiences from all over the net.Bloggers hate the idea of spending money on marketing but allreal businesses do it – why don’t we? I wrote about this on myguest post about advertising for blogs.9. Don’t just write posts – make videos, podcasts andtoolsViral content these days is no longer just about the writtenword. As iPhones and iPads and hand held devices get moreand more popular you will find that the shift heads towardsmedia that can be digested easily on those platforms.This means that you have to do things like make apodcast and Youtube videos every now and then.The idea here is to give people new pathways to find you aswell as offering your existing readers something more personaland detailed. Its like creating a new product line. Video,especially, is now the number one choice for internet marketerswho want to personalize their sales pages and create moretrust. I highly recommend you get onto it. The $50,000: Making Money with Your Blog
  • 19. Now we get down to the nitty gritty – how you can make $50,000+ a year from one blog alone. It is my hope that this information kick starts your blogging career. They say that 10,000 email subscribers is worth about $100,000 a year. So if you haven’t read the section above on creating a mailing list you should go back and read it now. And if you haven’t got my free eBook on how to capture 120% more email subscribers over night then enter your email below and get started on that too. So, what ways can you do it? There are two general categories: 1. Your own product The first method of making an ongoing income with your blog is to develop and sell your own product. This is the hardest way to do it but also the most rewarding as you reap most of the profits and get to see something that you created do so well. Types of products are many but could be:• An eBook If you have something really good to say then an eBook can be a really easy way to make money. All it takes is a few weeks writing and a quick upload and you are cooking with gas. You have to make sure this is something really special, however, as the market has been flooded with eBook for a long time now.That being said, with the popularity of iPads and Kindles rising there is a bit of a resurgence with the amount of eBooks being bought. I don’t imagine it will last for long though.• An e-Course This is like an eBook but a whole lot more valuable because you can include elements like voice and video into the delivery. People will pay a lot more to be tutored in “person” by their favorite expert on the block. You can stagger the delivery of the course so that one module gets sent out every week until all modules are completed. This gives the user the feeling of constant value.• A membership site Membership sites are HUGE at the moment. The idea is that you build up a blog following by providing quality free content and when you get to a few thousand subscribers you launch your paid content area that gives people videos, e-courses,
  • 20. forums and, most importantly, access to you via email or Skype. These coursesregularly sell for $500 and upwards which is a lot of money if you can sell a fewthousand of them.Now, creating each of these products could fill up a blog initself so what I am going to do is start regularly covering thesethings on my mailing list. Make sure you are subscribed usingthe form above if you want to learn more about the ins andouts of creating a highly profitable course or membership site.2. By promoting affiliate productsThe second way to make money on your blog is by promotingaffiliate products to your users. This is actually how most of themoney is made on blogs.How do affiliates work?Imagine you just made a new eBook (like above) and decidedthat you needed help selling it. So, you created a programwhereby people get paid a certain percentage of the saleamount in order to sell your product. They become youraffiliate.Well, there are tens of thousands of affiliates out there. All youneed to do is sign up for a websitelike or and choose affiliate programs thatare relevant to your readers.How do I know which ones to promote?It is different for everyone but the test for me is simple:Have I used it myself and had a good experience with it?If I can’t say yes to that question then I don’t recommend it tomy readers. You see, your readers should be important to you.Many of my readers are now close friends. So why would I
  • 21. jeopardize that relationship to make a few measly dollars? Don’t do it. How do you promote affiliates to your readers? To promote to your readers you need to be careful. It is NOT a hard sale. You are NEVER going to send out an email or a blog post saying “buy this or else”. There are four main ways you can do this:• Small, unobtrusive ads on your blog This is the “lazy” way. I actually still do this at the bottom of every post; you’ll see a little Aweber banner that leads you to their sign up page. Ads like this must never get in the way of your reader experience.• In post links The second way is to link to affiliate products in your posts. You have to be really careful doing this because some people don’t like the idea of being referred to affiliates even if they are highly relevant and useful. It is a good idea to have a disclosure policy so people don’t get offended.• Mail out links This is the most effective way of all to make money on your blog. The idea here is that you very occasionally send out emails to your mailing list that include some affiliate links. These links should never be alone and out of context but rather you should show your mailing list why it is useful before mentioning it. For example, I really recommend Market Samurai to my readers but don’t say “buy Market Samurai” unless I give you some context as to why.• A pre-sale page Pre-selling is something that a lot of bloggers are afraid of but, in reality, it actually makes for a more honest and enjoyable reader experience. Here’s how it works.Let’s say you want to promote GetReponse to your mailing list but you don’t want to just drop it on them. What you can do is create a pre-sale page that is a lot more gentle and inferring as opposed to hard selling and direct. For example, you might send them to a page which contains the affiliate links but doesn’t really resemble a traditional sales pitch. The idea with pre-selling is to gently introduce your readers to an idea without selling it to them. Mail outs are a great way to wet their appetite. You will actually find that, if done right, these things convert a lot higher.
  • 22. The whole idea about promoting affiliates is that you willenhance your readers’ blogs. You want to give them a resourcethat you believe in and have tested for yourself. Never everpromote something unless you really know that it is a qualityprogram. Jeremy Shoemoney once said that he doesn’tpromote an affiliate product unless he has met the owner inperson. That’s the kind of dedication you need.What about Adsense and Advertising?A lot of bloggers make their money with Adsense. That is fine.But if you ask me, there are a lot of better ways to make moneywith your blog. In fact, I believe that Adsense actually loses youmoney.Why?Because every time someone clicks an ad on your site you makebetween 20 cents and a few dollars and lose that readerforever. That is a reader that could have subscribed to yourmailing list and bought your products down the road, sharedyour content on social media while becoming a loyal fan. Allfor a few cents.Advertising is fine but I just never place my hopes in it unlessyou are getting millions of page views per month. The revenuejust isn’t going to cut it.A powerful affiliate strategyThe last thing I want to talk about here is an extremely simplebut extremely powerful affiliate strategy that can make youconsistent income for years to come. If you like this strategyyou might want to make sure you subscribe to my email listbecause this is the type of thing I share with them regularly.
  • 23. 1. Find an affiliate product that you want to promote Take a look at all the affiliate networks and find and affiliate product that you can test and then promote to your readers. Make sure it is highly relevant and useful.2. Pick a target keyword phrase You want to then jump on to Market Samurai and pick a target keyword phrase that is relevant to your product as well as something you can writing a detailed post about.3. Write a post that mentions the affiliate in a general way Write a hugely detailed post about a topic related to the product and then mention the product in a general, incidental sort of way. You are NOT writing a review of the product or anything like that.4. Add your affiliate link to that post Add your affiliate links into that post such that they are informative and helpful – much like a side resource.5. Publish the post Weeeee!6. Guest post on related topics The next step is to do guest posts on related topics on the big blogs in your niche. In those posts you want to link back to your big article that contains the affiliate links. What this is doing is funneling relevant traffic back to your blog post which is, in turn, acting as a pre-sale page for the affiliate product. The real sexy thing about this strategy, however, is that all those guest posts and inter-linking do wonders for your SEO rankings. If you picked your target keyword right you will find that over time you start to rank organically on Google and thus drive huge amounts of traffic to your affiliate product page. Something missing? Is there something about the blogging process that is missing from this guide? Are you still confused? Now that we have reached the end of this guide I’d like to invite you to ask me any questions that you want by heading over to my Facebook page and writing on the wall. I will do my best to update this page to include all of your questions and I might even link back to you.