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A mixture of emails for Healthspan Group and Nurture, a beauty skin care brand. Also an Info graph for Healthspan Folic Acid web site.

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Web Designs

  1. 1. Introducing our award winning skincare range.Is this email displaying correctly? Click here to read it online. To stop Healthspan emails being seen as junk, add ‘newsletter@email.healthspan.co.uk’ to your email address book.NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFESPAN FREE NEW NURTURE PROTECT DAY CREAM SPF15 OFFER VALID FOR 1 WEEK ONLY FREE NEW protect day cream SPF15 (worth £9.95) when you buy just one other product in the nurture range read more nurture protectTM is a NEW innovation in skincare to help defend against premature ageing as well as reducing existing signs of damage. The entire nurture protect range; • Helps protect against UV damage - the No.1 cause of premature ageing. • Contains clinically proven active ingredients such as biomimetic tetrapeptide ChroNoline™ to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. • Contains natural plant extracts such as edelweiss extract to help protect against free radical damage. • Is hypoallergenic, so is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. • Is FREE FROM fragrance, colours and artificial preservatives. Buy ANY nurture product to claim your FREE protect day cream SPF15 Click here to see all products NEW protect skin NEW protect day cream NEW protect night cream nourishment supplement SPF15 With rice bran oil to help A blend of rosemary, lycopene With ChroNoline™, helps to leave skin soft and supple. and lutein helps to protect smooth fine lines, wrinkles your skin from sun damage. and regenerate the skin. £10.95 £9.95 50ml £9.95 50ml 30 tablets read more read more read more buy now buy now buy now NEW protect moisture NEW protect eye cream NEW protect soothing boosting serum cream cleanser Edelweiss extract helps to With pro-vitamin B5 to help This calming serum is enriched soothe skin whilst helping leave the skin clean, soft with Neutrazen™ to calm, to protect it from and hydrated without soothe and boost hydration. environmental damage. causing irritation or drying. £9.95 30ml £8.95 15ml £4.45 200ml read more read more read more buy now buy now buy now Join us on Facebook to: • Read expert advice and articles • Receive unique promotions • Share your skincare stories • Win nurture goodies www.healthspan.co.uk FREEPHONE 0800 73 123 77
  2. 2. In the 3rd or 4th week of pregnancy, a narrow sheath down the embryo’s back folds and closes to form the brain and spinal cord. In some pregnancies this does not happen  - resulting in a Neural Tube Defect (NTD) such as Spina Bi da. Why do  Research shows that the right amount of folic acid I need can signi cantlyreduce the chances of your baby being born with an NTD. Folic Acid? 1995 - 2000 Did you know... 250 Folic acid is a B vitamin, 1990 - 1994 it’s present in many foods... 500 ✻ green veg ✻ pulses ✻ Marmite 1985 - 1989 1,000 The Department 1980 - 1984 of Health 2,250 recommends that you start taking folic acid as 1975 - 1979 soon as you stop using  3,500 You should 12 contraception. It can be Birth hard to know when you’ll take folic s wih conceive and the baby’s acid for atsp spine develops very least ina bifida* soon a er conception. weeks a er conception. * Falling rates are attributed to better diet, better pregnancy screening methods and www.nhs.uk/Livewell/pregnancy/Pages/Folicacid.aspx folic acid supplements. www.statistics.gov.uk/articles/hsq/HSQ10congenital%20_anomalies.pdf In pregnancy, women also like to take... ✻ Ginger - for morning sickness. ✻ Omega 3 - for foetal brain development. NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFESPAN ✻ Evening Primrose oil - for stretch marks. www.healthspan.co.uk
  3. 3. May 2010NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFESPAN Home Quick Shop Products A-Z Customer Favourites Articles Discover the UK’s No.1 Direct Vitamin Company Dear Mrs Jeff Smith Welcome to Healthspan. Our advanced range of supplements are all formulated by leading doctors and nutritionists to the highest possible standards and are available to buy at a fraction of high street prices. For more information simply visit www.healthspan.co.uk or call our highly trained UK call centre on 0800 655 6570. Best Wishing you the very best of health, Quaaer’sty d li Derek Coates, founder. Re Digest 25 Buy direct & save %your off first order Offer code: EMC1-GMY on high street prices Compare our prices to Holland & Barrett and see how much you could be saving by shopping direct with Healthspan Glucosamine Omega 3 1,000mg 180 tablets 1,000mg 180 capsules £7.45 £8.95 Price per tablet Price per capsule H&B 8.3p H&B 8p Healthspan only Healthspan only 4.1p 5p Ginkgo Biloba Co-enzyme Q10 6,000mg 360 tablets 100mg 60 capsules £10.95 £14.95 Price per tablet Price per capsule H&B 33p H&B 30p Healthspan only Healthspan only 3.1p 24.9p Açai Berry Evening Primrose Oil 2,000mg 120 tablets 1,000mg 180 capsules £10.95 £9.45 Price per tablet Price per capsule H&B 20.8p H&B 8.5p Healthspan only Healthspan only 9.1p 5.3p Over 100 Gold standard quality supplements Free P&P with every order Letterbox friendly packaging Freephone UK call centre 0800 655 6570 with a fully trained customer care team Your satisfaction guaranteed We truly believe in our product quality and value. So much Best Best so, if for any reason at all, you are not satisfied with your Value Quality Healthspan product, we will offer a full, no quibble refund. Reader’s Reader’s Digest Digest As voted by Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand survey, ‘Best Quality’ and ‘Best Value’ for seven consecutive 2003 - 2009 2003 - 2009 years within the vitamin category. NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFESPAN www.healthspan.co.uk FREEPHONE 0800 655 6570 EMC1-GMY This email was sent to #EMAIL ADDRESS#. Did someone forward you this message? Skip the grapevine and sign up to our e-newsletter to receive news and exclusive offers from Healthspan. Click here and hear it first. Healthspan do not pass your information to 3rd parties. If you do not wish to receive our regular newsletter please unsubscribe. Offer Code: EMC1-GMY. Offer and prices expire at midnight on 31.05.10. Holland & Barrett prices taken from www.hollandandbarrett.com on 29.04.10. Holland & Barrett prices are on single purchase only and exclude any price or multiple purchase promotions. For details visit www.healthspan.co.uk Healthspan Ltd, PO Box 425, Healthspan House, The Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3WU. Registered in Guernsey No. 19775 enquiries@healthspan.co.uk | www.healthspan.co.uk | 0800 655 6570
  4. 4. Please remember to add newsletter@healthspan-nurture.co.uk to your email address book to continue receiving our emails in your mailbox. If you are having difficulty viewing this email click here to view the web version FREE UK DELIVERY When ordering With every order. Tax FREE prices. please quote code: NEM1-KAU new nurture replenish skin nutrition systems moisturisers cleansers skin nutrition supplements beauty bulletin August 2010 more articles... a healthy the future of skincare approach -nutricosmetics Analyze & Realize AG is a consulting to ageing company which evaluates market trends and ingredients, specialising in nutraceuticals... Jo Carlowe gives read more us a postive spin on ageing and how to prolong ‘our youthful longevity’ by following a few simple suggestions. overnight skin treats Using a night cream is equally as important to your skin as a day cream. Night creams are thicker and often more intensive because overnight, We’re all living longer and that should be cause for whilst you are resting... celebration, yet society seems obsessed with turning read more back the clocks. The word ‘anti-ageing’ says it all – it implies we should wage war on our own bodies and a conversation with a beauty cling to our fading youth by our fingernails. journalist Yet it needn’t be this way. There is a growing movement Despite her youth, Jo Fairley has of people who talk not of ‘anti-ageing’... already had a long career in journalism, starting... read more read more price check ...dear nurture Our skincare specialists answer your questions... Q: I have been taking prescribed HRT medication for over 15 years. My doctor suggested I wean myself off them gradually. This I have now done. Having taken them for so long my main concern now is if, as everyone says, HRT keeps you looking and feeling younger, what will be the consequence of stopping? I’m now looking for a herbal alternative have you any suggestions? A: Oestrogen is responsible for many functions within the body, including having a direct impact on skin’s health and appearance as it is oestrogen which stimulates the production of collagen. Many women choose to go on HRT to help combat a variety of menopausal symptoms but most doctors wouldn’t advise taking HRT purely for skin benefits. That’s why there are an increasing number of women who are, like yourself, searching for more Vs natural alternatives. Nurture replenish is a sub range of nurture which is specifically designed for women who are either perimenopausal or replenish day/ Imedeen postmenopausal. All products contain night skin Prime renewal phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens) supplements to help feed back oestrogen (and therefore collagen levels) to skin. These plant £9.95* £53.95* oestrogens are less potent than HRT but still mimic the qualities of oestrogen, therefore 1 months supply 1 months supply stimulating the production of collagen.*Prices correct: Imedeen website 29.07.10
  5. 5. Please remember to add newsletter@healthspan-nurture.co.uk to your email address book to continue receiving our emails in your mailbox. If you are having difficulty viewing this email click here to view the web version FREE UK DELIVERY When ordering With every order. Tax FREE prices. please quote code: NEM2-KAUnewnurture replenish skin nutrition systems moisturisers cleansers skin nutrition supplements15 offbank holiday beauty bonus! % Receive 15% OFF your order as well as the usual FREE delivery when you order by midnight Wednesday 1st September. When ordering please enter 15% offer code NEM2-KAU. OFF all produ cts click here to view all nurture products order now - visit our new website www.healthspannurture.co.uk FREEPHONE 0800 072 9510