Nurture                                                                            SUMMER 2011 A D V A N C E D   S K I N  ...
discover      nurture skincare         Welcome to your complementary issue of                                        The  ...
let the sunshine in     skin exposure special    Incidental                                                               ...
nurture protect      NEW                                                                                        SKIN BOOST...
natural oestrogen replacement        a unique programme just for you                                                      ...
50pApril ’11                                matters                                        A bite-sized                   ...
“You may be getting                               your                                                                   D...
“Y our views”    “I suffer from insect bites and stings although                                                          ...
April                                            is the month to...                      See what’s new this month with ou...
T H E U K ’ S L E A D I N G H E A LT H C A R E M A G A Z I N E   W W W. H E A LT H S PA N . C O . U K                     ...
dIGEsTIoN     Bowels:     THE LAST TABOO                                                               by Dr DawN harPer  ...
Reader’s story          IBS     Reader’s story     O V E R C O M I N G I R R I TA B L E B O W E L S Y N D R O M E .      I...
Professor Greg Whyte          ANTIOXIDANTS     There’s                                                                    ...
Healthspan Magazine Layouts
Healthspan Magazine Layouts
Healthspan Magazine Layouts
Healthspan Magazine Layouts
Healthspan Magazine Layouts
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Healthspan Magazine Layouts


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Various layouts I have designed for Healthspan Group over the years.

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Healthspan Magazine Layouts

  1. 1. Nurture SUMMER 2011 A D V A N C E D S K I N N U T R I T I O N A N T I - A G E I N G S K I N C A R E Introducing nurture protect TM Combining science & nature for effective anti-ageing FREE Day See inside for details Cream Award TMFOR INNER HEALTH & OUTER BEAUTY DEVELOPED BY
  2. 2. discover nurture skincare Welcome to your complementary issue of The “Protect today ‘Nurture’, dedicated to bringing you the latest skincare news and advice from Healthspan. If you haven’t discovered nurture skincare before, now is Editor’s for beautiful skin tomorrow” Letter the time as we’ve recently gone through a ‘make-over’ with some stylish new packaging and exciting new products! In this magazine we’re delighted to launch our newest Did you know that 90% of skin range – nurture protect. All products in this range are free ageing is the result of UV exposure? from fragrances, colours and artificial preservatives, as well as being hypoallergenic so suitable for sensitive skin. Read all about them on page 6. Introducing our NEW skin protection I also want to take this opportunity to remind you about our unique award-winning nurture solutions and expert advice overleaf... replenish range. This is the only range in the UK which helps to feed back essential levels of oestrogen which decline during and after the menopause. I hope you enjoy reading this issue and join the thousands of women who have already discovered the ‘nurture’ difference. Take advantage of our introductory offer today - spend just £10 and we’ll give you our new protect day cream FREE. Jill Chadwick P.S. Don’t forget to check out our new website 5 This month’s experts ALICE HART DAVIS. An award-winningContents beauty journalist writing for The Times, Red and The Daily Mail. She has written a book called ‘Be Beautiful: every girl’s guide to FREE 4 Incidental sun damage hair, skin and make-up’. 5 Introducing nurture protect DR DAVID DJERASSI. Currently the Wellness and Nutricosmetic Director for LycoRed Corp. He has a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical nurture protect day 6 Skin protection solutions Chemistry and an MBA in Marketing. He has been awarded a number of patents in the cream - worth £9.95 8 Feed back what time takes away Health and Beauty field and published numerous scientific papers on vitamins, when you spend £10 on your first nurture order10 amino acids and antioxidants. Head to toe solutions 8 DR SARAH BREWER. Qualified from12 Free trial offer Cambridge University. Having worked as a GP and hospital doctor, she now specialises in nutritional medicine and is a medical consultant to Healthspan. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, therefore this magazine has been printed on paper sourced from well-managed forests. Nurture is a Every effort has been made to locate the copyright holders for 10 Registered Trademark of Healthspan the images used within this publication. However, if we have Limited. All rights reserved. missed anyone, please email: 3
  3. 3. let the sunshine in skin exposure special Incidental “New clinical Introducing evidence for sun nurture protect supplements” An innovation in skincare to help defend against the many external influences that can accelerate the ageing process of skin. Following nurture’s sun damage A WORD TO THE WISE inner health and outer beauty philosophy, the Dr David Djerassi is from LycoRed Corp, an range comprises of both nutritional supplements innovative nutricosmetics company who have and moisturisers which not only help prevent made significant investments clinically trialling premature ageing, but also contain the latest in anti-ageing active ingredients to help reverse and proving the benefits of ingestible nutrients the existing signs of damage. for use in skin supplements. The entire range: It has been well established that sun • Contains clinically proven active We all know that UV rays are damaging to the health of our exposure, imbalanced nutrition and smoking ingredients such as biomimetic tetrapeptide are responsible for 90% of skin ageing. skin. In fact, they are the No.1 cause of premature ageing. ChroNolineTM to help reduce the appearance Carotenoid and polythenol antioxidants are of fine lines and wrinkles. In this special edition we have asked two skin and beauty among the key ingredients incorporated in • Also contains natural plant extracts such as beauty supplements to boost the skin’s own edelweiss extract to help protect against free experts to share their words of wisdom about how best defence system. Lycopene is a carotenoid radical damage. to protect your skin. whose photo-protective benefits have been • Is hypoallergenic so suitable for even the demonstrated thoroughly and proven in most sensitive of skin. numerous studies. In 2009 a study over a • Is FREE from fragrance, colours and 10 week period found that a daily intake artificial preservatives. FIRST WORD of natural lycopene showed a three-fold reduction in the formation of sun burn Alice Hart Davis is an award-winning desk. Their effects might seem slight, cells compared to a placebo. beauty journalist. She tells us how it’s not but they add up over the years. just the sun worshippers that need to worry At LycoRed we have taken this one step There are no handy statistics to show further, taking our unique high strength TM about UV exposure... the effects of incidental, everyday lycopene and combining with lutein and I exposure, but if you ask a skincare rosemary extract. The results created t’s the sun-damage that you professional, they’ll tell you that it is the synergy; the formation of sunburn cells don’t even know is happening, biggest contributing factor in the was further reduced as compared to the slow, stealthy assault on your skin-ageing equation. After all, what combining science and nature using Lycopene alone. This is amongst the for effective anti-ageing NEW skin that adds up over the years proportion of your time do you spend only combination of ingestible nutrients and results in rough skin texture, basking by a pool, or playing golf in full which are proven to offer skin protective wrinkles and age spots. “Incidental” sun? It’s during the rest of your life that properties from within.” exposure to ultra-violet light is part of the damage is done. everyday life. It’s the rays that you pick But knowledge is power. Choose a up on a day-to-day basis, walking the skincare product with both UVA and dog or going to the shops. UVB protection and wear it every day, When the weather is cool or dull, the whatever the weather. For backup, ‘burning’ UVB rays aren’t a worry, but protect your skin from the inside, by the ‘ageing’ UVA rays still are. These eating colourful, antioxidant-rich foods are present in daylight all year round, and taking a high-strength antioxidant and pass through glass, so still reach beauty supplement. That way you’re you in the car, or at a window-side covered. And talking of cover, you could always add a hat...” See overleaf for details.4 www. 5
  4. 4. nurture protect NEW SKIN BOOSTERS Skin protection solutions NEW protect moisture boosting serum This moisture boosting, calming serum contains a specially formulated blend of active ingredients that are kind enough even for the most sensitive skin. With NeutrazenTM; an innovative tri-peptide for optimal penetration and efficacy. Also contains squalane and Our entire nurture range follows a unique two-step vitamin C to help condition and deeply moisturise. philosophy of inner health and outer beauty. That is, £9.95 30ml pump feeding your skin from the inside with skin nutrition supplements below the surface where traditional creams can’t reach, alongside complementary moisturisers. Serums can help super-charge The nurture protect 2-step programme NEW protect eye cream the anti-ageing for inner health and outer beauty This anti-ageing eye cream contains a specially formulated blend of active effects of the rest ingredients to target crows’ feet and fine lines around the eye area. With ChroNoline™ to help smooth fine lines of your skincare S T E P O N E - I N N E R H E A LT H STEP TWO - OUTER BEAUTY and wrinkles. Plus edelweiss extract helps to soothe skin and protect it from environmental damage. NEW protect day cream SPF15 and night cream £8.95 15ml tube These light creams contain a unique blend of active ingredients and natural plant extracts. Active ingredient CLEANSING SOLUTIONS ChroNoline™ a biomimetic (man- made technology which mimics the properties of substances found in nature) tetrapeptide, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Edelweiss extract The first step of any beauty regime protects the skin against free radicals should be thorough cleansing to leave and has a soothing effect. The day cream contains vitamin E plus UVA/ your face clean and refreshed. UVB filters to provide additional skin By starting with a clean base you are helping the active ingredients protection against UV-induced ageing. to soak into the skin, therefore allowing your skin to have the full Also with aloe vera to help calm and benefits of your chosen serum and moisturiser. soothe the skin. The night cream NEW protect skin contains rice bran oil, which is rich in nourishment supplement bioactive substances such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It helps NEW protect soothing Our supplement contains the condition the skin leaving it feeling soft cream cleanser same blend of high strength and supple. A calming cream cleanser to help remove lycopene, lutein and rosemary dirt and make-up without causing irritation extract as used in LycoRed’s or drying the skin. It leaves the skin clean, clinical trials (see page 5). These soft and hydrated with pro-vitamin B5. ingredients combined help to This cleanser will also help to soothe irritation reduce sunburn cell formation, FREE and moisturise the skin. and so protect your skin from the inside. These nourishing skin TRIAL NEW protect gentle toner supplements also contain vitamin C, from acerola cherry extract, OFFER* A new gentle facial tonic with a specially bamboo extract (providing silica), formulated blend of active ingredients to grape seed extract and selenium. help tone, refresh and remove any last traces of make-up, or dirt that your skin may have accumulated. It also helps to ensure skin is not stripped of its natural moisture balance. £10.95 30 tablets Pro-vitamin B5 helps to maintain 1 month’s supply £9.95 skin elasticity. £4.45 each 50ml pump each 200ml bottle * When you spend £10 recieve nurture protect day cream SPF15 free.6 www. nurture www.nurture 7
  5. 5. natural oestrogen replacement a unique programme just for you Natural phytoestrogen replenishment for during and after the menopause Feed back N urture replenish is a unique skin care programme which has been Oestrogen is vital for the production of collagen, the protein building block of your wrinkling. These effects are hastened by the damaging effects of sunlight.” what time specifically developed to help skin. As oestrogen levels fall it has an effect From your mid-thirties, collagen levels begin women who have already throughout the body. Dr Sarah Brewer, to decrease at a rate of 1.5% a year and as transitioned through, or are going through the co-author of ‘Menopause for Dummies’ says collagen is the major structural protein of the menopause. Each of our replenish products that oestrogen levels “boost production of skin accounting for 75% of it’s composition it is contain phytoestrogens, natural plant collagen protein and promote skin thickness. takes away... important to feed back what time takes away. oestrogens which mimic the body’s natural As oestrogen levels fall, skin becomes thinner, Nurture replenish helps to do just that. oestrogen levels. perhaps with dryness, itching, slackness and Because we care about the environment, following nurture’s makeover, for a short time only you may recieve these products in their original packaging. However they are the same great quality product inside. ...with nurture replenish. A unique 2 step skincare range which contains phytoestrogens to help feed skin with all that is lost during and replenish collagen replenish intensive after the menopause. boosting serum pigmentation reducing complex* Winner of ‘The Best Miracle Cream’ in Jo Fairley’s Beauty Bible ‘Beauty Steals’ A highly effective night awards. This serum contains advanced treatment to help reduce phytoestrogens to help restore skin’s the appearance of age spots density, thereby making it appear and pigmentation patches S T E P O N E - I N N E R H E A LT H smoother, so wrinkles appear reduced. on hands, face or body. 1 Plus a blend of patented ingredients With highly effective skin (Ronacare™ and Matryxl™) to help brightening agents kojic replenish skin nourishment supplement £10.95 one months supply both stimulate collagen synthesis and dipalmitate and retinol which reduce existing collagen degradation. work together to help fight age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, £9.95 30ml pump visible sun damage and other Designed specifically for more mature skin, wrinkles. To help your skin to retain moisture signs of ageing. these day and night skin supplements feed overnight the night time capsule contains your skin from within with essential nutrients. omega 3 fish and borage oils. They also £13.45 30ml tube The day tablets contain phytoestrogens help protect against premature ageing by of soy bean extract which help to restore containing powerful antioxidants vitamin E skin’s density, making skin smoother, thus and lycopene. decreasing the appearance of fine lines and 2 STEP TWO - OUTER BEAUTY replenish facial replenish lip replenish hand wash and eye contour cream SPF15 replenish day cream SPF15 replenish night cream serum A luxuriously creamy Your hands can be one This luxuriously rich award winning day cream contains Containing phytoestrogens of red clover and soy bean foaming facial wash With nourishing shea of the most obvious phytoestrogens to help restore skin’s density. Also extract this rich night cream helps to stimulate skin with nourishing borage butter and soothing areas to show your containing nourishing ceramides and pro-vitamin B5 metabolism, encouraging newer, younger cells to oil to help skin retain pro-vitamin B5 to help age. Help reduce the to help improve long-term moisturisation. Antioxidant replace dead surface cells resulting in a brighter, moisture, therefore improve long term appearance of wrinkles vitamin E plus UVA and UVB filters help protect skin healthier complexion. Vitamin E and squalene help reducing the moisturisation, reduce and age spots with this from environmental damage. ensure that you wake up to fully hydrated skin. prominence of fine inflammation and rich, intensive cream. lines which appear due puffiness around the To protect your hands to lack of moisture. eye area. from sun damage UVA and UVB filters have £6.45 75ml tube £8.95 15ml tube been added. Also with skin whitening agent, Tyrostat™, which helps to reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation. £9.95 £9.95 50ml jar 50ml jar £5.95 75ml tube *PRECAUTION – Please read the label carefully, retinol (vitamin A) is a highly effective ingredient and may not be suitable for all skin types. We always recommend you try a patch test for 24 hours before full application.8 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www.nurture 9
  6. 6. 50pApril ’11 matters A bite-sized guide to your natural health Love your joints Easy to follow tips and advice PLUS Sustainable omega 3 + Hot health tips
  7. 7. “You may be getting your Did you know? Zinc: the 5-a-day fruit and veg, but are you getting yo Calcium cannot be absorbed by the body common cold’s foe ur without sufficient quantities of vitamin D, Taking zinc can shorten the life of the common cold, 3-a-day wholegrains ? so look for both when buying supplements. says a review of numerous medical studies. And while Fibre-rich foods are traditional chicken soup might soothe the soul, zinc essential to our heal can make symptoms like a runny nose and sore throat th and we should give Nutrition myths busted! feel less harsh and also shorten the length of a cold by Diets... them more importan Contrary to popular opinion, not all fats are a few days. The only catch is that for it to work it must ce in our diet.” bad, so don’t be so hasty to cut every trace of be taken at the very first signs of a cold. what to avoid Angela Dowden, regist them out of your diet. Good fats, such as ered nutritionist Quick fixes – aim to lose 1-2 omega 3 fatty acids, are vital for good health. pounds per week Very low calorie diets (less than 800 calories per day) Single or limited food diets HOT HEALTH TOPICS Banning foods – this can increase craving and result in failure Fasting or self starvation ...and how they affect you While it’s not exactly a subject that people openly discuss, it is thought that up to Spinach: Perhaps surprisingly, the a third of British men iron content of spinach is not particularly high. It is however a suffer with some form of erectile How much Co-enzyme Q10 great source of vitamin C, folic dysfunction. should I take? Dr Sarah Brewer givesto choose: for which supplement her advice acid, vitamin A and lutein. And now, with 60mg General use in those April increasing Seasons eatings! research under 30 years of into the problem, 30mg age. General use in those over 30 years of age. Watercress: Rich in vitamins and the amino acid L-arginine, is 100mg minerals, especially iron. During the industrial revolution, becoming known as an aid for For high blood pressure; freshly cut watercress and bread was a typical breakfast sufferers. Studies show it can those on statins who have for workers, and watercress sandwiches - perhaps enhance the action of nitric For heart and circulatory health; exercise muscle aches and pains. with the addition of eggs, prawns or salmon - are still a nourishing treat. oxide which relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels. performance; those on statins who do not have significant muscle side effects. 200mg April 2011 76 April 2011
  8. 8. “Y our views” “I suffer from insect bites and stings although Star Letter “We have just returned from almost month in South America, where we a spent some considerable time at high altitude the Andes. It was suggested to us that in my wife seems immune. A doctor friend says taking gingko biloba would help to the difference is in our pheromones and combat altitude sickness. We are recommended vitamin B6 which can be found pleased to report that neither of us in Marmite. I don’t particularly fancy Marmite experienced any ill effects from the all the time although she says that vitamin B6 altitude, other than occasional slight may alleviate the effect of the stings or bites!” breathlessness, neither did we suffer Regards, Bill Fraser. from any of the usual problems associated with air travel – swollen legs, ankles etc. So, to anyone What a sight! planning a long haul flight, or Ask the Experts: activities such as walking and hiking ba a try. Q: Being now a widower doing my own cooking I eat at high altitude, I’d say give gingko bilo plenty of potato and not much rice. I don’t see potatoes Yours, mentioned anywhere by many nutrition experts but in. Elaine Wiltshire & Wally Johnson, Spa only rice as being a source of fibre. Are potatoes frowned on these days as part of a healthy diet? filled with skincare goodies! Our star letter gets luxurious hamper A: Yes, potatoes are a source of fibre as are all Coo kin g up a storm fruits and vegetables. They are, however, a source of starch carbohydrates which puts them high up Topical tweets on the glucose to glycaemic index i.e they provide the body Spring has officially sprung! What’s your favourite thing about springtime? with a higher amount of glucose than wholegrain rice. “Loving this sunny weather - everyone’s happy! “I can’t wait for spring! I love In essence potatoes are not unhealthy but they are not the optimum Love the UK in Spring” @paulinenorris wearing my loose spring dresses and open toes” @asyleenrez source of fibre or nutrients. Rice, however, is rich in fibre and essential B vitamins. “First day of spring this year. I love those first warm streaks of light” @HornetZz Tell us what you think, about your life, your health, anything, we LOVE hearing from Henrietta Norton, Registered Nutritionist you! Send your letters to Health matters, PO Box 64, The Grange , St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 5HS or email: April 2011 April 2011 11
  9. 9. April is the month to... See what’s new this month with our seasonal round up.Did you know the first eggs A visit to the coast is always rewarding. Locationsgiven at Easter were birds’ eggs? These with cliffs often bring thewere painted in bright colours to give prospect of seeing a varietythem further meaning as a gift. of spring migrants togetherCelebrate life this Easter, try your handat egg painting with some inspiration The with views of sea birds such as fulmars and guillemots.from garden is waking up and so is your rhubarb. Pick the sweet, tender pink stems this month to enjoy an early crop packed with flavour and perfect for favourite desserts like rhubarb April 7th is World Health Day crumble. For 2011. WHO will launch a worldwide Royal Wedding further ideas see campaign to tackle antimicrobial We cannot wait for April www.nationaltrust. resistance – also known as drug 29th when the Royal resistance, which renders medicines Wedding of William ineffective. Take a look at and Kate takes place. for more information. According to official sources, Kate will be the oldest ever royal bride, which is astounding. Although, we can’t help but wonder if they’re forgetting about Camilla! www.theroyalwedding PLeaSe RecycLe:
  10. 10. T H E U K ’ S L E A D I N G H E A LT H C A R E M A G A Z I N E W W W. H E A LT H S PA N . C O . U K J U LY 2008anyonefor tennis?sUe Barker sHares HerWiMBLedon MeMoriesand top tips forLiVing YoUnger FREE P&P WITH EVEry OrDErTHEABC OFHEARTHEALTHBY dr roB HicksNUTRITION FOR A HE ALTHY LIFESPAN
  11. 11. dIGEsTIoN Bowels: THE LAST TABOO by Dr DawN harPer Maintaining a good digestive process is essential if we are to ensure adequate nutrition, but as we get older it can become disrupted and sometimes cause some embarrassing problems. The British have never been perceived as a uncomfortable and lethargic. But the good Bloating particularly open or forthcoming nation so it news is, most problems can be resolved with If I had a pound for every time I have heard is no wonder that we have remained discrete some simple lifestyle changes such as increasing someone tell me they feel so bloated they about our toilet habits, creating an air of secrecy fluid and fibre intake and taking more exercise. look six months pregnant, believe me I would around subjects such as constipation, flatulence, It may sound daft but if you are sluggish, probably be sunning myself on a Caribbean bloating, diarrhoea and pretty much any of our chances are your gut will be too, so get beach right now! Bloating is incredibly other digestive functions. It seems that our active and watch your bowels follow suit! common and often associated with constipation bowels really are the last taboo – many of us – at least four out of five people suffering with discuss our sex life openly and will even talk constipation will also have a degree of bloating about our bladders but when it comes to our “Over 14 million people in the which is caused by trapped gas from the waste intestines, the stiff upper lip prevails, which UK suffer constipation at any build up in the gut. Getting the bowels a bit is sad given that we will all experience some more active can really help here. sort of tummy trouble in our lifetime. I can’t one time and one in ten is remember the last time I did a surgery without constipated regularly leaving flatulence seeing someone with a gut-related problem, so It surprises most people to learn that it is let’s take a look at some of the commonest them feeling uncomfortable normal to produce anything from 200ml to complaints I see in general practice. and lethargic.” two litres of gas in our bowels every day. Wind is made up of a collection of gas bubbles Constipation produced in the colon by the action of bacteria One of the problems with being secretive about on the foods we eat. Some, such as cabbage, our bowels is that many of us don’t actually cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts and beans may know what is normal. In fact ‘normal’ is make us more prone to flatulence so cutting anything from going three times a day to twice back on these may help. It is also worth taking 10 tips to a healthier gut a week. So being constipated is a very individual time over your meals as bolting your food may 1. take regular exercise – the less active you are, 4. take prebiotic soluble fibre – prebiotics 7. sit down to eat meals and take your time problem. If you are someone who normally goes mean you ingest a lot of air with meals. Also the less active your bowels are likely to be. Just 30 provide food for the good bacteria in your gut – eating on the go often means you bolt your every morning, then going twice a week could avoid too many carbonated drinks as all that minutes walking a day can make a real difference. and so aid digestion. grapefruit is a good food and are more likely to swallow unwanted be constipated for you but completely normal fizz has to go somewhere! 2. drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water a day and source of dietary prebiotic. air at the same time. for the next person. I think one of the most My guess is, the UK is a long way off if you’re not sure you are taking enough, look at 5. Reduce your intake of foods known to increase 8. try to relax – stress is known to exacerbate important points is that it shouldn’t be painful breaking wind unabashed anywhere but the your urine. it should be straw coloured. if it is flatulence – digesting cabbage, sprouts, constipation. and you shouldn’t need to strain. If you were rugby club and that’s probably a good thing, darker than that, you are probably dehydrating cauliflower, broccoli and beans may mean 9. take a regular probiotic – probiotics can help struggling to breathe or found it painful, you but I do think it’s a shame that so many people and more prone to constipation. the production of more gas in your gut, so maintain the balance of bacteria in the gut and would ask for help – having a poo shouldn’t suffer in silence without getting the help and 3. increase your fibre intake – swap your bread, cutting back on these should help flatulence. hence the natural fermentation process to help be any different. advice they need to make their life more pasta and rice for wholegrain varieties or try a 6. try a little acidic liquid – lemon juice or vinegar prevent the production of excess gas. Over 14 million people in the UK suffer comfortable physically and socially. With that digestive fibre such as psyllium husk to help can help to stimulate the production of gastric 10. Consider artichoke or peppermint constipation at any one time and one in ten in mind here are my top ten tips on avoiding bulk up your stools. acid and aid digestion. – both are popular remedies for bloating. is constipated regularly, leaving them feeling embarrassment from your bowels.12 f R e e p o S TA G e A N D pA C k I N G w w w. h e A lT h S pA N . C o . U k 13
  12. 12. Reader’s story IBS Reader’s story O V E R C O M I N G I R R I TA B L E B O W E L S Y N D R O M E . IN-DEPTH YOUR EXPERIENCE Healthspan’s Regulease is a prebiotic carbohydrate I have suffered from the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel fibre that contains the syndrome) for the past six years. I’d frequently suffer from simple sugars, fructo- oligosaccharides. As fibre diarrhoea and cramps, but mostly constipation. The bloating passes through your gut, it would be painful, but mainly it would make me feel sluggish helps to cleanse your and unattractive. I tried laxatives, but found it difficult to find intestines from waste. Prebiotic fibre specifically something which was effective and predictable. I’d also acts as a source of energy read that the long-term use of laxatives is not good for you. to help promote the growth of friendly bacteria in our So I looked for a more natural solution and found Healthspan’s gut, further improving our Regulease Prebiotic Fibre. Not only has it helped to ease my constipation and digestive function. keep me more regular but it has significantly reduced my bloatedness. This has Please see page 29 for Healthspan’s Regulease. consequently improved my social life. I now feel much happier. Thank you. Mrs W. Day, Liverpool “I’d frequently suffer from constipation, cramps and bloating, which meant that I would often felt sluggish and unattractive” Ins and outs Constipation tends to be viewed as a taboo cramps and bloating. A lack of fibre, reduced subject and embarrassing condition – yet fluid intake, lack of exercise, stress and simply millions of us suffering from constipation visit getting older all cause constipation. our doctor every year. It is an especially Many people turn to laxatives as a quick fix common complaint from those of us taking rather than improving nutrition. This is not non steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers. always the best solution as laxatives can These contain codeine which has the side become habit forming and most doctors prefer effect of constipation. to advise patients of the age-old adage – eat a Because the frequency of bowel movements well balanced diet, high in fibre and fluids, and differs from person to person, constipation is a take regular exercise. decrease in the frequency of your own normal habits. Symptoms often include lethargy, WHAT ELSE WORKS? PSYLLIUM HUSK is a pure dietary ARTICHOKE helps to stimulate the PROBIOTICS are live fibre that passes through the gut flow of digestive enzymes, aiding the microorganisms that help to restore without being digested. It is most breakdown of more fatty foods. It also the natural balance of beneficial flora popularly used as an effective helps to increase bowel movement, in the gut. This is turn has been seen laxative and helps to promote thus helping to reduce the symptoms to improve gastrointestinal disorders efficient colonic function. of constipation. and alleviate constipation.30 FR EEPHONE 0 8 0 0 73 123 77
  13. 13. Professor Greg Whyte ANTIOXIDANTS There’s What are the key pollutants adverse health effects arising from acute oxygen species (ROS2), also known as free and what effect do they have? exposure to increased levels of PM10 include radicals. Antioxidants serve to mop up free Ozone (O3) is produced by the action exacerbation of disease in chronic obstructive radicals produced through oxidative stress of sunlight on volatile emissions from pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma mechanisms and, although the body has something in the air combustible sources, principally road patients. In addition the elderly and patients antioxidant defence mechanisms, these vehicles. Thus, ozone is worse on sunny days, with cardiovascular disease show an increased can be depleted by the high oxidative peaking in the middle of the day. Human risk of death associated with increased PM10. stress caused by pollutants. Therefore, exposure to elevated ozone concentrations This is also thought to have adverse effects it is important that we consume adequate can give rise to inflammation of the lung as a result of oxidative stress-mediated amounts of antioxidants in our diet to protect lining by causing an increased generation of inflammation. against the negative effects of pollution. The The summer months with warmer weather and longer days see an increase in outdoor free radical molecules and oxidative stress, main source of dietary antioxidants is from How can we reduce the impact fruits and vegetables which contain varying exercise and leisure activities. But the extra hours of sunlight give rise to an increase leading to a reduction in lung function. of pollution on our health? amounts and types. Whilst the government Sulphur dioxide (SO2) can narrow the in air pollution, the highest of which is experienced during the peak summer months air passages in the lungs, irritating the upper The UK Department of Health currently recommends five portions of fruit and/or advises susceptible individuals, such as vegetables per day, consuming enough and the adverse health effects of which have been recognised for centuries. respiratory tract in particular. As is the case for the majority of pollutants, asthmatic asthmatics and sufferers of chronic antioxidants through food can be difficult individuals are more sensitive to the effects obstructive pulmonary disease, to stay due to busy lifestyles, poor diets and the In the ninth century, the burning of sea coals considerably cleaner. However, in the UK today indoors during high ozone pollution lower levels of antioxidants in foods of SO2 than a healthy population. was recognised as generating intolerable noxious the pollution of the environment results mainly episodes and to avoid strenuous exercise. associated with farming methods and Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are a family fumes in the city of London. In the thirteenth from the effluent from transport sources and This advice is often applied to the entire transport. Antioxidant supplementation of highly reactive gases, including nitrogen century, Edward I even banned the use of with the increased number of cars on our roads population. However, it is not always combined with a healthy, balanced diet can dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO), that form such fuels in London in order to prevent the and increased numbers of car journeys, high practical and alternative ways to reduce optimise your antioxidant intake. Selecting when fuel is burned at high temperatures. In accumulation of acrid smoke. More recently, pollution levels are not uncommon. the impact of pollution are required. nutritional supplements that contain a broad the lungs NOx can also generate free radicals the burning of fossil fuels in towns and cities, Air pollution has a variety of negative health It would appear that the main effect range of antioxidants will help to ensure an and result in inflammation. combined with periods of cold weather when effects including impaired lung function, chest of pollution on the lungs, as well as other optimal intake of antioxidants and reduce the Particulate matter (PM10) are particles there is little air mixing, has been associated pain, coughing, wheezing and eye and skin organs, is to increase oxidative stress as a potential impact of pollution on health.  small enough to reach the airways and lower with a generation of smogs. That which occurred irritation. The impact of is greater in individuals result of an increased production of reactive regions of the lung during ventilation. Major most famously in London in December 1952 with pre-existing disease, in particular asthma saw midday London appear more like midnight, and chronic lung and heart disease. In addition with theatres closed due to the inability of the to the acute effects of pollution on health there audience to see the stage. This episode was is also a ‘chronic’ result. Living in a polluted associated with thousands of deaths that area increases the likelihood of developing continued to rise for the weeks following. lung disease (i.e. asthma), cardiovascular As a result of such smogs the government disease and cancer compared to living in a less of the day introduced the Clean Air Acts that polluted place. The World Health Organisation resulted in a steady decline in such pollution (WHO) now estimate that there are 4.6 million and now the atmosphere in UK cities is pollution-associated deaths per year. “It is important that we consume adequate amounts of antioxidants in our diet to protect against the negative effects of pollution.”14 FR EEPHONE 0 8 0 0 73 123 77 W W W.HE A LT HSPA N.CO.UK 15