Sarah bevan power point solutions

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Solutions to the power point puzzles for Ludology and Gameplay

Solutions to the power point puzzles for Ludology and Gameplay

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  • 1. Solutions Sarah Bevan
  • 2. Who will Barry Date?
    • Barry will date Mary and Rachel.
    • His socially acceptable age is 32:
    • Rachel is 35
    • Mary is 34
    • Louise is 29
    • Gemma is 27
  • 3. Number Box answers
  • 4. What one line do you need to have every letter in this shape?
    • One diagonal red line to make a Q
  • 5. Move two sticks to make two sets of three triangles
  • 6. Dad walks in a small triangle
  • 7. Who can eat it?
    • 37 people can eat it
    • The people with a nut allergy kids can’t eat it and neither can the kids who are allergic to all three.
    • So the 23 people who can’t eat wheat and the 14 who can’t eat dairy can eat it.
  • 8. Name five 3-letter body parts found in or on the human head.
    • A. ear
    • B. eye
    • C. lip
    • D. gum
    • E. jaw
  • 9. How many squares are in this picture?
    • 30 squares
    • The sixteen on the board (16)
    • The outside square and the inside square (18)
    • 4 squares of four from the corners (22)
    • Four squares from the centre of the lines (26)
    • Four squares of three from the corners (30)
  • 10. What little square is a different colour?
    • D. None of them.
    • All of the squares are the same shade of grey, any difference is an optical illusion.
  • 11. How many belts will I need?
    • I will need three.
    • The ranking goes Purple, Blue, Green and Brown.
    • I have blue, therefore I need green and brown and the belt that comes next to be better then David’s brown.