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Prince of persia2

  1. 1. Prince of PersiaModding Assignment Progress Report
  2. 2. Fabrizio, Marc and Sarahdecided on the Prince ofPersia 1989 game.While working on thebackground,complications arose andthe game chosen wasmodified slightly.No longer would it bethe 1989 version withthe blonde prince, butthe version for the Macwith the prince wearingthe red outfit and theblue turban.
  3. 3. Sprites (Marc and Sarah)Sprite Sheet downloaded Examples of Sprites made
  4. 4. Other Sprites (Sarah) 2.5D elements grabbedFlash version of POP 1989 2D Sprites made from Screen Grabs of Flash Game
  5. 5. Sourcing the Sound (Sarah)
  6. 6. Sounds (Sarah)• Used to find a Prince of Persia walkthrough and obtain the sound from that using to download it.• I then tried to use to strip the video and cut up the audio and export it as single audio files. Wasted an hour expecting too much. Gave up.• Moved onto . Had naming convention issues. Resolved them via FLV to MP3 converter I found online. With this I converted a FLV into an MP3 and exported from back into .• From here I cut out each sound needed and exported them as singular sound files.
  7. 7. Level 1 Background (Marc) What we downloaded What Marc made
  8. 8. How He Did It• Using Photoshop, Marc rendered all of the 2.5D perspective imagery into 2D by: – Painstakingly modifying the edges of the walls, floors, tiles, roof etc – Modifying the non-prince sprites that Sarah made so that they could be implemented as solid objects within the room on Game Maker – Removing a lot of the room for the vertical slice – Marc rendered all of the Prince Sprite sheets into working animations.
  9. 9. Fabrizio the Game Maker• Fabrizio implemented the game play through Game Maker.• Fabrizio went through six working drafts before he finally found one that implemented the Prince’s movements without bugging.
  10. 10. Problems?
  11. 11. Problem: Solution:1. Merging code between two Game 1. Having Game Maker standard Maker projects edition.2. Setting up a finite-state machine of 2. Our solution was setting up a large the physics movements and of the amount of Boolean variables that sprite animations would trigger the different states.3. The Sprites, when the motion was 3. He removed certain states of the working, were not animated sprite animation and tuned the properly and appeared to be skiing/ animation speed while keeping in running in a very cartoon like mind the frame rate of the game. fashion4. The sprite of the Prince plummeted 4. Working with the physics functions. from one end of the room to the other with the touch of a button5. The Prince would get stuck in some 5. Keeping the same collision mask of the walls shape for each animation.6. Reducing the momentum of the 6. Using Boolean as triggers in order Prince when he falls, as he to catch the right instant when the appeared to plummet and the Prince was falling and then gravity did not look right. reducing his speed vector.