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This is a presentation regarding the Major Project - Kenpo App.

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Kenpo presentation

  1. 1. KENPO APP Requirements
  2. 2. FIRST THINGS FIRST I came up with a planfor an Ed Parker Kenpo app focused on REVISION and not TEACHING.
  3. 3. I CONFERRED WITH MY INSTRUCTOR I conferred with my instructor every step of the way This annoyed him greatly
  4. 4. SURVEY RESULTS Over 40% were Black Belt and Up 40% would pay up to 3 euro Over 72% said they were interested Audio gradings were suggested bymost people Over 86% wanted History
  5. 5. ALISON COLLINS, STUDENTAge: 15Children: NoGender: FLocation: TrimBelt: OrangeGoal: To become an adult black beltQuote: “Kenpo you say? I’m in.”
  6. 6. A N T H O N Y C U M BA R D S, I N S T RU C T O R , P R I S O N G UA R DAge: 38Children: Yes, 2, At HomeGender: MLocation: TrimBelt: 2nd Degree BlackGoal: To become an advocate like Bob WhiteQuote: “Always go back to your basics.”
  7. 7. HARRY GRAY, BUILDING SITE MANAGERAge: 47Children: Yes, 2, Joint CustodyGender: MLocation: DublinBelt: PurpleGoal: To become an international instructorQuote: “It’s tough but it’s worth it.”
  8. 8. T I G G Y T OW E R S, PA R T- T I M E R E S I D E N T I A L N U R S EAge: 37Children: noneGender: FLocation: AmericaBelt: GreenGoal: To become a part-time instructorQuote: “Kenpo has to be taught in person”
  9. 9. User Needs
  10. 10. AC C E S S T O A L L I N F O R M AT I O N N E E D E D T O P RO G R E S S T H RO U G H T H E B E LT S Y L L A BU S T O 1 S T D E G R E E B L AC K
  11. 11. SECURITY OF EPKK INFORMATIONNot having all of the techniques taught onthe app prevents non-EPKK practitioners from LEARNING from this app thus protecting the information
  12. 12. M E A N S T O C O N S C I O U S LY T E S T K N OW N I N F O R M AT I O N Multiple Choice Quiz
  13. 13. M E A N S T O U N C O N S C I O U S LYT E S T K N OW N I N F O R M AT I O N Audio tracks which simulate grading’s from Yellow right through to First Degree Black
  14. 14. INITIAL REQUIREMENTS LIST Simple Menu System Interactive Technique Sheets Audio simulated ‘gradings’ Video TutorialsPDFs and Audio to help improve the basics of the Users Kenpo via information and testing A multiple choice quiz History Facebook Upload
  15. 15. FUNCTIONAL MODULES Index Users can navigate to any area of the app from this page Quiz Users can have a test of 20 questions based on anything from 40 to 200 questions based on the belt they selected. Facebook Upload Link with an existing Facebook account using their API and upload their score. VideoDownload and embed a video into the app from a private YouTube video account as opposed to having it directly on the app.
  16. 16. C R I T I C A L S U C C E S S FAC T O R S That it is instantly recognized as ED PARKER’S KENPO KARATE (Achieved via the Crest, Creed and name)That people are aware that it is for REVISION and not for TEACHING (Information provided in the description on the App Store) That it offers more then the current apps out there. (More on this later)
  17. 17. M I N I M U M V I A B L E P RO D U C T1. Bright, Easy-to-UnderstandUser Interface2. Syllabus showing everythingneeded to progress to next belt3. Video Tutorials
  18. 18. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS KENPO YELLOW BELT 3.99 PROS Easy to understand Layout Clear Syllabus CONS Very small window in which to view text Takes up 428 MB on i-Phone Only covers yellow syllabus Covers everything on yellow syllabus so offers no protection.
  19. 19. C O M P E T I T I V E A N A LY S I S P T 2 ED DOWNEY’S DYNAMIC KENPO DVD 30.00 per DVD PROS Each technique, form and set is clearly and legibly explained. CONS It is on a DVD so it is not portable, convenient or cheap. Each technique is explained so it bypasses any security or need to learn in a studio. Is not available on the i-Phone
  20. 20. C O M P E T I T I V E A N A LY S I S P T. 3 FIGHTVIDEO KENPO 1.59 PROS Very informative videos CONS Cannot access if offline. Dull layout. Awkward interface. Only useful from Blue Belt up. Downloads videos from Youtube only.
  21. 21. C O M P E T I T I V E A N A LY S I S P T. 4 REAL KENPO SYLLABUS Free PROS Bright Layout Clear Navigation Simple to use Interface CONS Not Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate No videos, audio or basics explanation No means to test the User’s knowledge
  22. 22. How does my App differ?
  23. 23. It is a tool for REVISION and not forTEACHING
  24. 24. IT HAS A BRIGHTCOLOURFUL AND SIMPLE - TO-USE INTERFACE “I’m 11 and I understand it.”“You’d want to be stupid not to be able to understand it, it’s pretty obvious.”
  25. 25. A L L OW S T H E U S E R T O T E S TTHEMSELVES BOTH CONSCIOUSLY AND UNCONSCIOUSLY “Im minded of the audio tapes I made wayback when as an aid to practicing techniques.”
  26. 26. GETTING REAL USERS 10 Real Users and Their Feedback
  27. 27. H I G H F I D E L I T Y P RO T O T Y P E
  28. 28. H I G H F I D E L I T Y P RO T O T Y P E 2
  29. 29. 10 Real Users
  30. 30. “YOU HAD ME AT KENPO ” Name EMMA CALLIS Occupation Student, Scoil Mhuire Age 17 Belt Blue Personal Works part-time in Super Valu Has been doing Kenpo for 18 months Details Has the syllabus printed out at home Goal To achieve her 1st degree black and be a strong female ambassador like Barbara White Attitude/ Goal-Oriented, Focused, Strong Kicks Skills Feedback Loves it, loves the idea, likes the idea that the focus is on revision and wants it as soon as possible. Would change nothing.
  31. 31. “PUNCH LIKE A GIRL, AS IN P U N C H P RO P E R LY ” Name ALISON ANDERSON-HILLEY Occupation Student, Boyne Community Age 15 Belt Brown with Black Stripe (child’s syllabus) Personal Has 2 Brothers and a Father in Kenpo Has been in Kenpo for 7 years Details Goes to the Gym and does BJJ for Transition Year Goal To become the first female Junior Black Belt for TKKA Attitude/ Strong Fighter, Happy to Help Skills Feedback The App menus needs more colour as do the syllabuses.
  32. 32. “ L E A D B Y E X A M P L E , F O L L OW B Y CHOICE” Name DAVID HILLEY Occupation CAD/IT Manager, Haughton and Young Age 44 Belt 2nd Degree Brown Personal Is Father to 3 Brown belts in TKKA Had to take an extended hiatus due to surgery Details Has entire Adult Syllabus on PDFs on his phone Goal To achieve his 1st degree black and assist his Instructor in teaching Attitude/ Patience, Perseverance, Leadership. Slower to learn but results with a much higher standard Skills Feedback Likes the idea of having all of the syllabus information in one convenient place instead of having to exit and restart his PDFs. Should be external links about the history from the history page.
  33. 33. “ T H AT L O O K S C O O L , H OW D O I D O T H AT ? ” Name KATIE MAGUIRE Occupation Student, Scoil Mhuire, Trim Age 17 Belt Blue Personal Is a key member of her school’s Camogie team, Joined Kenpo with Emma 18 months ago Details Goal To achieve her black belt and have a strong level of self-defense Attitude/ Eager to learn, natural ability in stances from Camogie. Skills Feedback Likes the idea, likes being able to revise on her own and having everything she needs in one place.
  34. 34. “FOCUS ON YOUR STANCES” Name GERRY SHANAHAN Occupation Actor, Part-Time Instructor Age 56 Belt 1st Degree Black Personal Married to Helene Meade, Recently achieved 1st Degree Black Details Often abroad for extended amount of time due to career Goal To help Matt become a full-time instructor Attitude/ Patience, Perseverance, Respect Skills Feedback More audio tracks testing the user then just grading, more focus on the basic. (I will get Gerry to record audio tracks testing the User on stances and combinations)
  35. 35. “ B E P R E PA R E D T O W O R K F O R I T ” Name JONATHON HILLEY Occupation Student, Boyne Community Age 18 Belt 2nd Degree Brown Personal Ireland’s Official Karate Kid, In Kenpo since the age of 8 Details Has won multiple competition and non-competition sparring tournaments Goal To achieve 1st Degree Black and make a living from Competition fighting in the US Attitude/ Strength, Fitness, Skill Skills Feedback Likes the app and thinks there should be more information about competition dates and venues on it. (currently out of scope)
  36. 36. “ S L OW T O L E A R N, S L OW T O F O RG E T ” Name MATT MOLLOY Occupation Kenpo Instructor, Triatholon Runner, Advisor for the Irish Farmers Association Age 39 Belt 3rd Degree Black Personal Teaches 12 classes a week Teaches Kettle Bells Details Accepts knowledge of other disciplines to strengthen his own Goal To become a full-time instructor Attitude/ Keen observer, Patient Teacher, Excellent Stamina Skills Feedback Thinks that everything to do with a certain belt should be accessible from that belt only (This will be implemented in the next revision of the app)
  37. 37. “ H A R D WO R K , BU T WO RT H I T ” Name TAEGAN THOMAS Occupation Student, Boyne Community Age 16 Belt Blue Personal Drummer in a band, piano classes with Helene Meade, goes to the Gym with Alison Hilley, lives with her Mother and Brother both of Details whom are in TKKA Goal To achieve her 1st Degree Black and maintain learning the art whilst touring with her band Attitude/ Speed, Strength and slow, focused learning Skills Feedback Thinks that there should be focus on competitions and local clubs dependent on location. (currently out of scope but may be added at a later date)
  38. 38. “ T H AT ’ S O N A D I F F E R E N T B E LT T H E N M I N E BU T I’LL STILL HELP YOU IF YOU LIKE” Name TIERNAN HILLEY Occupation Student, Kilbride National School Age 11 Belt Brown with black stripe Personal The youngest member of TKKA with a brown with black stripe belt. Details Has won awards at multiple Kenpo competition tournaments. Is the youngest of the Brown Belt Hilley family in TKKA Goal To earn his Junior black and his Adult 1st Degree Black and spar at competitions as an adult. Attitude/ Slow, patient learner who practices consistently and often. Skills Feedback Thinks that the children’s syllabus should be available in an app. If not this app then another one, so even if the parent is not involved with Kenpo they can help the child at home.
  39. 39. “CAN I HELP?”Name HELENE MEADEOccupation Piano Teacher, Licensed Natural Therapist, Red Cross Volunteer, Director and ProducerAge -Belt 1st Degree BlackPersonal Has flown solo across Ireland, is part of the Irish Ladies Rifle Shooting Team, took leave from Kenpo to support herDetails Husbadndand achieved her 1st Degree Black with him.Goal To become a prominent example for females in and out of the TKKAAttitude/ Kindness, Patience, Perseverance and personal strength.SkillsFeedback Likes the idea of the app and being able to use it off and online at her own convenience. Would prefer less focus on the video tutorials and more focus on the personal testing IE. Audio and quiz.
  40. 40. ISSUES AND RISKS What could go wrong?
  41. 41. RISK 1Non Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Practitionerscould use this and hurt themselves if they practice the techniques without prior knowledge and warming up.
  42. 42. ISSUE 1I don’t have any coding experience outside of thiscourse but and all of the elements I need to makethis app, I am currently learning in Dynamic Web. e.g. JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc.
  43. 43. ISSUE 2 Some feedback was that Kenpo canonly be taught in person and an appmay not be able to convey what needs to be conveyed in teaching the art.
  44. 44. ISSUE 3There may be a very limitedaudience for the Kenpo App
  45. 45. QUESTIONS?