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HootSuite How-To Guide
HootSuite How-To Guide
HootSuite How-To Guide
HootSuite How-To Guide
HootSuite How-To Guide
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HootSuite How-To Guide


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This How-To guide was created using Microsoft Publisher 2010. Its purpose was to supplement a social media editorial calendar that was created for Brothers Drake Meadery (Columbus, Ohio) as part of a …

This How-To guide was created using Microsoft Publisher 2010. Its purpose was to supplement a social media editorial calendar that was created for Brothers Drake Meadery (Columbus, Ohio) as part of a real life public relations campaign. However, it has been generalized so that it will apply to many small companies.

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  • 1. How-To GuideThis guide will give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how touse HootSuite, a powerful platform created to help managemultiple social media pages. HootSuite has been adopted byhundreds of business to effectively manage their presenceonline, and was named the Best Social Media ManagementTool by Mashable.By combining the use of HootSuite with a social media plan-ning calendar, your company will be able to reach your ta-get audience and represent your brand in a manner that iseffective and time-efficient.We hope this guide makes you a HootSuite pro! But if youhave any additional questions please contact Sarah Puchtaat, or visit for tips,guides and news about HootSuite.
  • 2. How-ToStep 1: Add your social media networks Once you add your social media accounts onto HootSuite you will be able to view followers, post content and moderate comments all from one dashboard. Your profile screen shows all the social networks associated with your HootSuite account. After you click the button to add more networks it will prompt you to select a net- work and confirm permission for HootSuite to access your accounts.  Free HootSuite accounts have a limit of 5 social media profiles per account  HootSuite only supports the networks listed on the left side, but many other com- panies make apps that can be added including YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr (there will be a page about adding apps later).
  • 3. How-ToStep 2: Create streams for your social networking outlets  “Streams” are used to organize information from the various social media ac- counts. This tool can be helpful in organizing your information all in one place.  Streams can be managed from either of the buttons circled on the dashboard bellow.  Here is an example of Stream options for the Twitter tab.  Helpful streams may include “Mentions” so you can gauge how active others are with you, “My Tweets, Retweeted” to see what content you post is popular, and “Scheduled Tweets” so you’ll know what is coming up.  Each social media network will have different types of streams offered.
  • 4. How-ToStep 3: Using apps in HootSuite HootSuite offers many third party apps that allow even more cus- tomization and social media management options. Many of these apps are “Premium” and require a monthly fee, but there are still lots of free options. Access the App Directory by clicking the puzzle piece on the left side of the dashboard. Here is a list of some of my favorite free apps  The free YouTube app (be careful there is also a subscription one!) allows streams to view your videos, subscriptions and search.  Instagram app will provide a single stream that can toggle be- tween your home screen content, popular pictures, and your posts.  Mail Chimp is a free tool used to create email campaigns sent to a list of subscribers or customers. The HootSuite app allows you to see a list of past campaigns.  The Evernote app will sync all of the notes associated with your ac- count into a stream on HootSuite.  When adding third party apps you will be redirected to their websites to confirm access to your already existing accounts (you may need to create a free ac- count to use some of these apps on HootSuite).  Once added a new tab will appear for each app at the top of the dashboard.
  • 5. How-ToStep 4: Using publisher to schedule content One of the most helpful tools offered by HootSuite is the ability to write posts and schedule when they will be published. This allows for better time management of multiple social media accounts. There are two places in HootSuite used to manage scheduled content– the pub- lisher tab and the compose message bar at the top of the screen. Publisher tab view options Schedule in Bulk: this is a feature for premi- um accounts that allows scheduling of up to 350 messages using a spreadsheet Scheduled: a list of posts that have already been set up to be published at a future date Require Approval: used when there are mul- tiple collaborators on an account, some with limited permission to post content Past Scheduled: a calendar view of content that has already been successfully posted Compose message top of the screen  Click on the calendar for the dropdown box with scheduling options  AutoSchedule will pick an optimal time for you, or you can select times manually  If you do select AutoSchedule you can always change the time by going into the scheduled messages on the publisher tab