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Professional Work Sample

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Sarah H. Knox

  1. 1.  18 Palfrey Street Watertown, MA 02472 617.429.3787    AutoCAD Boston, MA 4 years Advanced AutoCAD Illustrator Summer Continuing Education, 2008 2 Years Photoshop  7 years Cambridge, MA Indesign Theory of Globalization, Sociology 6 years Summer Continuing Education, 2007 Lasercutting 1 year  Hand drafting Photography: digital and traditional Providence, RI Wood working: General woodshop Bachelor of Architecture, 2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2007 Liberal Arts, Pending   Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 2001-2002  Photoshop rendering of Thornes, Northampton selected for publication in  NY real estate magazine. Completed for APD, Cambridge MA 2008  Center Sandwich, NH I August - September ‘09  Began construction of a house I have designed for Degree Project selected to represent my parents. Design includes general structure, Architecture department lighting plan, window specs, and sourcing of all Providence, RI 2007 interior furnishings.   Sample of studio project selected by Watertown, MA I Architect Assistant March-August 09 Architecture Department Worked on a varity of MBTA train station projects, Providence, RI 2006 particularly focusing on the interior restoration of a station in Attleboro, MA. Designed the casework,  Drawings and wire sculpture and chose the lighting fixtures and tile work. Woods Gerry Providence, RI 2002  Cambride, MA I Architect Assistant Fall 07-Present  Worked on a wide variety of retail and residentail Boston, MA 2000 projects, primarily in AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Awarded for a proposal to redesign the Photoshop. Involved in process from Schematic Shawmut train station in Dorchester, MA. Design through Design Development, as well as Completed a series of drafted renderings Environmental Graphics. and scaled model of proposed design.  Boston, MA I Intern Summer 2006 Created a series of physical models showing variations of a loft complex, for the renovation of historic mill buildings into mixed-income housing.
  2. 2. “Sensations of experience become a kind of reasoning distinct to the making of architecture. Whether reflecting on the unity of concept and sensation, or the intertwining of idea and phenomenon, the hope is to unite intellect and feeling, precision with soul. “ -Steven Holl Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture
  3. 3.     
  4. 4. Knox Residence These are recent progress photos taken of a house I have designed for my parents, located in Sandwich, New Hampshire. This is phase one of an ongoing project - The barn-like structure has a year round apartment above a garage, which will ultimately be the guest house when phase II is complete. My involvement included the design of the barn, and I also worked for our contractor in building the foundation last August.
  5. 5.   
  6. 6. 
  7. 7. 
  8. 8.  Master plan drawing for Masons Grand Lodge Final plans of design development phase for Joy Road Residence Rendering for Thornes, a marketplace in Northampton, MA Drawings of guest house, schematic design phase for Orsi Residence
  9. 9. Thornes_Northampton, MA These renderings were completed for a retail revitalization project, Thornes Martketplace in Northampton. The project was the renovation of an existing historic mill building, including a new restaurant in the courtyard, new elevators and gathering spaces, and recladding the existing staircases.
  10. 10. Environmental Graphics Sign for Marketplace Facade After showing the client several ready-made fonts, I proposed a more personal approach for the look of the market. Using sumi ink and a bambo pencil, ‘Thornes’ was written out until a font with the right look was achieved. The logo was then turned into a font using Illustra- tor, and will be used as the sign for the marketplace, as well as interior graphic wayfinding and other forms of branding.
  11. 11. Web Layout and Brochure A set of documents were created for the Tenant Design Criteria, intended for a website and brochure to attract potential new tenants to the marketplace.
  12. 12. Text was used as the back- ground, serving a decorative and functional purpose of Signs for Levels of Marketplace indicating the type of merchandise sold on each Signs were created for the three floors, level. using a font which mimicks the hand-written one used for ‘Thornes.’ Level Two: Fashion ‘Glamour, Boutique, Classic, Original, Fun, Fashion, Casual, Haute- Couture, Occasion, Style, Costume, Seasonal, Modern, Glamour...’
  13. 13. Ceiling Concepts L2 Level Two: Drape/Curving L1 Evocative of factory windows Glass windows with random colored panes Layered in progression down hall First Floor: Screens/ Pendant lights between windows Planer LL Lower Level: Linear, evocative of delicate machinery Lightbulb within abstract globe of lines and shapes
  14. 14. SOUTH STAIR
  15. 15. NORTH STAIR
  16. 16. 
  17. 17. Passage < A Collaborative Installation for Watching Passage _ A Collaborative Installation for ‘Watch’_ Instructor Kyna Leski, Fall ‘03 Beginning with the word ‘watch’ our team of seven students with shared design responsibility realized a passsage using eight foot furring strips and bolts to create a moiré pattern . This provided the experience of having the view broken up into varying degrees. The installation was constructed in segments and assembled on site.
  18. 18. Urban Renewal _ Jewelry District, Providence Rhode Island_ Instructor Lili Herman, Fall ‘05 With the relocation of Interstate 195, the historic Jewelry District will be reconnected with downtown Providence. The district’s waterfront location was an incentive for continuing the city grid to its edge by creating canals lined by student housing with an avenue of open park bisecting it. The river was also brougt further into the city.
  19. 19. Slaughterhouse to Museum _ Lugano, Switzerland_ Instructor Lynett Widder, Spring ‘06 The concept was to divide the complex into separate spaces for different functions, similar to a fac- tory. This was applied to create intimate interior and exterior courtyards for focusing on the works of art. There was also an experience of progression towards the increasingly enclosed, and arrival at the main performance hall where the view opens up of the river.
  20. 20. Light Sculpture _ Boston Center for the Arts_ Instructor Leonard Newcomb, Spring ‘04 Through analysis of Giacometti’s bronze ‘City Square,’ an understanding of the ability for objects to guide and impel one through a space was gained. An interactive sculpture was designed to act as a brand for the promi- nent corner locations of the Boston Center for the Arts. Images are projected onto cast-glass panels which re- fract light, and shadows created as one moves through the space.
  21. 21. Kindegarten, Horizon _ Providence, Rhode Island_Instructor Kyna Leski, Fall ‘06 The sloped nature of the site allowed for an opportunity to address the horizon, visible in the distance. Given the program, the design specifically dealt with how a child’s view could be raised to that of adults, and thus provided with a heightened and unique experience of what it means to be in alignment with the horizon.
  22. 22. Techtonic Wire Structure_ Instructor Jack Ryan, Fall ‘03 From the study of a leaf cell, a tectonic wire system was created based on the concept of a subsystem that operates within a larger framework. Because of the configura- tion of its joints, the interior has the ability to expand and contract, affecting the outer form. When several of these ‘cells’ are linked, they each impact the larger structure.
  23. 23. Degree Project _The North End, Boston_ Advisor Ann Tate, Spring ‘07 The proposal was to define the edge of the North End with seven buildings that act as gatehouses to the neighborhood. The conditions for the sites vary, predominantly corner lots where the blocks were severed by the Interstate. All of the sites call for a need to maximize land. The buildings are intended as cultural centers, the connection to benefit both those Downtown and the residents of the North End.