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TomTom Break free: Working with social media across channels, departments and disciplines
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TomTom Break free: Working with social media across channels, departments and disciplines


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Don Draper, John Hegarty, Vanessa Paradis, Flat Eric,John Cleese, Freddie Mercury, Mike, Leo Burnett, MarkZuckerberg, Nathan Barley, Sigmund Freud, A Lego GuyWorking with Ideas: Across Channels, Departments, DisciplinesDMA Go Integrated Conference28th March 2012@RogerWarner - chair of DMA Social Media
  • 2. We Are... In the Box: founding partner of Europe’s first (and only) independent Social PR agency network. Specialist: 100% built to conceive and run creative Social PR engagement programs day in, day out. Focused: boutique, 15 people, organised around one discipline: Social PR Engagement. Up for it: very. Good at it: see below... Average Monthly TomTom Brand Mentions Volume of TomTom Facebook Fans 90,000 90,000 80,000 80,000 70,000 60,000 70,000 60,000 900%+ growth 50,000 50,000 40,000 40,000 30,000 30,000 200%+ mentions 20,000 10,000 20,000 10,000 - Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 - 5m+ views, month #1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 1 -1 r-1 -1 l-1 -1 -1 n- b- n- g- p- c- ar ay ct ov Ju Ap De Ja Ju Au Fe Se M O M N Mentions Fans 2 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 3. Cue Draper / ‘Technology is a Glittering Lure’ • Mad Men • 1960+ • Madison Avenue (get it?) • Not much happens • Characters... • Drink • Womanise • Drink (Click) • Smoke • Drink and smoke • What can we learn? 3 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 4. Our Advertising Man, 1982 • John Hegarty buy! • Co-Founder of Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty • Author of Hegarty on Advertising • Pioneers of modern advertising (esp TV) • Founded 1982 • Levis, Audi, Lynx (Axe) 4 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 5. There’s an App for That (...for Everything - The Lure) 5 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 6. “Never stop thinking like your audience...” 6
  • 7. Social Media, 2010, 2011, 2012 • (Sir) Brian Solis, Engage, 2010 • Houston, we have a problem... @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion 7
  • 8. It’s Not About the Plumbing [On the introduction of TV advertising] The boffins had taken over - they could bamboozle clients with all the technical jargon of this mind boggling new media. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed producer proved to be king. And these one-eyed men - and they were all men - were the kings of advertising. Until, that is, someone said ‘we need an idea.‘ And then the one eyed producers were found to be somewhat wanting... Hegarty 8 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 9. What People Want9 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 10. People Thinking The key to great marketing is never to stop thinking like your audience... Understanding the role your brand plays in people’s lives and knowing how to make it more relevant is crucial... Hegarty 10 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 11. “Ideas are everything...” 11
  • 12. Chanel, Levis (Flat Eric): WTF? (Click) 12 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 13. “Authenticity is, um, the Key” • Goal: be transparent, human, real, true • But people buy brands: diamonds, Audi, Levis, etc • Facebook: “Hey guys, what did you do this weekend?” • Problem: lack of charisma is fatal / we can all play that game • Problem: what magic is there to aspire to? • What makes a brand in this environment? • Brands are different now. 24x7, always on, support as marketing, marketing as support. How do we turn that into magic? 13 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 14. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas Ideas and stories are everything, otherwise advertising is just information. The trick is to make advertising interesting and relevant... Ultimately, it’s just common sense and a desire to excite people... Hegarty 14 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 15. Planning: “The opportunity has changed...” 15
  • 16. Real Change The value of a great idea hasn’t changed, but the opportunity to exploit it has... Hegarty 16 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 17. Aim High, Start with Ideas 17 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 18. 18@RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 19. A Word from John Cleese... Integrated, international campaign: x14 markets - C&M planned and executed 6 million + video views 200% increase positive sentiment 100%+ increase online coverage/mentions 19
  • 20. Start with User Personas, User Case, User ExperiencesTomTom App Integration Map and User Experience Flow Non-live PND TomTom LiveKEY Owners PND owners Targets First time TomTom Nav Competitor Nav 2 device Nav 3 Device buyers 2 owner device owner owner owner Don’t try this alone! Engagement Facebook • Multi-team Blogs & Banner/ Live (local) Traditional Software In Store ads & Newsletter Radio Direct mail platforms News sites online ads engagement events press flashes • Multi-discipline Points of entry Booth TomTom Facebook Page TomTom Microsite Mobile phone QR Codes • Developer • Brand QR Landing Careoke Trade-in Break Free Trade-in HD traffic Break Free • PR iphone tab Tab info info Me App app Record User actions video Record Video player TRADE IN RENEW (no app) • Advertising embed SUB video Dev €50 off BUY Social • Retail View/ share elements share video capture Record capture Auto- • Product user video user info info populate: #BreakFree Log @TomTomContent hub Auto generated Personal Twitter user Break Free (backend) email with links shares YouTube Channel to users video/ creation and the • etc (all UG videos) BF FB page Personal Log #breakfree Facebook +@tomtom WIN hashtag use Incentives WIN (Grand Prize) (weekly) Personal Blog Social share video Email WIN (daily) 20 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 21. Expressions: Beyond the Like
  • 22. The Power of the Verb - Putting People in the Product Shave WANT Wish Vote GIVE! Smile 22 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 23. Avoid Planning Like This... Curation Co-Creation Adprovising Co-Co-Co-Curation Liquid Content Spreadable Media Co-Co-Co-Co-Co-Creation TransMediaStorytelling Unit 23 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 24. Respect this Man... 24 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 25. The Creative Plan... Change the Brief. Create a mission. Create joy and value. Get inside people’s heads (and shoes). Enable people to give to and share with one another. Help people be: • Benefactors • Storytellers • Sages • Entertainers and more • ... allowing them to create personal kudos. Think Social Capital. Use big IDEAS. Draper meets The Zuck. Big ideas are not dead - we need GOOD IDEAS, wired for social. Plan accordingly. 25 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 26. ? ve e i at g! buy! cr i r i nThank You! h