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Fear, faith and fortune, an innovation summit
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Fear, faith and fortune, an innovation summit


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These are the presentation slides from the DMA's first innovation summit on 14 November. See more information here

These are the presentation slides from the DMA's first innovation summit on 14 November. See more information here

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  • 1. XXXXXX
  • 2. XXXXXX#
  • 3. XXXXXX #
  • 4. Thank you to our headline sponsor
  • 5. Thank you to our film partner
  • 6. Follow the event at#dmainnovation
  • 7. Housekeeping
  • 8. For every £1 invested in design…
  • 9. Design is popular at.“school, accounting for thelowest truancy rate at KeyStage 4 and attracting over60,000 students (8,000 fromabroad) to further andhigher education”
  • 10. RemainingPolitical
  • 11. 2007 Unicef studyof child well-being
  • 12. 11/15/2012
  • 13. 11/15/2012 34
  • 14. Sheila has asked for herslides to not bedistributed
  • 15. Fear, faith and fortune: An innovation summit. REAL INNOVATION… November 2012
  • 16. From business case to launchWe built. months
  • 17. Within an organisation that is 592 years old.
  • 18. And an agreement that……we were going to launch with a beta test and learn format which is a first in our history.
  • 19. Whilst still delivering……68,000,000 other things…
  • 20. …everyday.
  • 21. We have built 6 new capabilities.
  • 22. And brokered 9 new partnerships.
  • 23. Recruited 20 new people externally.
  • 24. Developed a new customer experience.
  • 25. And created the home for mail in the media landscape.
  • 26. We launched 5 months ago...
  • 27. And we are working with the likes of……
  • 28. All with one single focus.
  • 29. To help agencies and advertisers unlock the power of mail.
  • 30. And one Belief…
  • 31. Because without real, there is nothing…….
  • 32. Tim HamillHead of Planning & Intelligence
  • 33. Networking tea and coffee
  • 34. A question on fear of the future –and how that affects us
  • 35. A question on health –and who well put our faith in to take care of it in the future
  • 36. A question on retail fortunes –and how shopping will change in the future
  • 37. M&S Plan A Fear, Faith & Fortune Adam Elman Head of Delivery – Plan A & Sustainable Business@adamelman
  • 38. Our Value Chain 35,000 Product Lines Involving 2,000 factories 20,000 farms 2,000,000 workers 1,000’s raw materials Engaging 75,000 employees & 21m customers each week
  • 39. Big, bold targets Aiming to be carbon neutral Aiming to send zero waste to landfill Remove all the artificial colours & flavours from ALL food & drink Reduce packaging by 25% Become 25% more energy efficiency Become 20% more fuel efficient Source 100% sustainable wild fish Cut carrier bag usage by 33% Cut water usage by 20% Source 100% sustainable timber
  • 40. Wind turbine or anaerobic digestion
  • 41. Waste image
  • 42. Carrier Bag Charging
  • 43. Product
  • 44. Carrier Bag Charging
  • 45. Strong Business Case£150m £105m £100m £70m £50m £50m b Cost -£40m Neutral -£0m -£50m 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12
  • 46. Not all about £££ £££ Brand protection Brand enhancement Innovation Staff motivation Staff wellbeing Partnerships Planning permission Supply chain resilience
  • 47. Lessons learnt Clear vision Provide Support Create the culture Partnerships Use your supply chain Bonus targets
  • 48. Questions? @adamelman
  • 49. Networking lunch
  • 50. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 96From Open Innovation to Open BusinessDMA Conference – 14th November 2012
  • 51. 15/11/2012 © 100%Open 2010 97The Fosbury FlopAt the Mexico City Games in 1968, Dick Fosbury used a then-unorthodox head-first,back-to-the-bar method of high jumping, to get the gold medal & a new world record.
  • 52. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 98Conversation, Relationship, Transactions “Ideas don’t exist in an individuals head. They exist between people, in conversations.” Jules Evans
  • 53. 15/11/2012 © 100%Open 2011 993 minute JV 1. Explain what you do. 2. Find out what your partner does. 3. Agree what you could do together. 4. Give your joint venture a name.
  • 54. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 100Open Innovation Innovating with partners by sharing the risks and the rewards
  • 55. 01/08/2012 © 100%Open 2012 101Two Models of Open InnovationDiscover and Jam Discover Jam • Starts with ‘what’ question: an innovation • Starts with a ‘who’ question: finding brief detailing a specific unmet need partners to explore a broad opportunity • Is a competitive marketplace amongst • Is a cooperative community & process , customers, suppliers or users with customers, suppliers or users • The innovation process is mediated by a • The innovation process is facilitated Trusted Agent through a Catalyst • Innovations are extracted through a • Innovations are built using an iterative linear process process • Tend to be internal routes to market (e.g. • Tend to be external routes to market (e.g. license deals) joint ventures)
  • 56. 01/08/2012 © 100%Open 2012 102100%Open Innovation Process Explore Extract Exploit Identify A shortlist of partners Taking investable Interesting Questions and solutions propositions to market
  • 57. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 103The Net Works “Networking is only a letter away from not working.” Chris Powell
  • 58. 15/11/2012 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 104Open Business Models Franchise Co-branding Peer to peer Spinout Cross licensing Delivery partnership Copyright Alliance Proprietary supplier Minority stake Design platform Majority stake Collaborative Group buying Acquisition Crowd-sourcing Merger Communities of interest Co-Creative Membership org. R&D Joint venture Cooperative Kaizen Freemium Creative commons Paywall Closed Joint R&D Market research Open source Profit share
  • 59. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 105E.ONA customer-led innovation programme which was designed and piloted, and thenrolled out cross company with 45,000 customers, to create 8 x £10m propositions.
  • 60. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 106The Net Works “Innovation is a by-product of engaged networks.” Verna Allee
  • 61. 15/11/2012 © 100%Open 2010 107OrangeAn Airlock competition that helped source and create a new £20m service propositioncalled Fun Finder that launched in Dec 2011.
  • 62. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 108Start at the End “Innovation is a U-Shaped Process.” Paul Vanags
  • 63. 15/11/2012 © 100%Open 2010 109LEGOLEGO Cuusoo is a social platform where people can submit designs, build a marketbefore investing in production, and receive a 1% royalty when it is produced.
  • 64. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 110Give Get Generosity is like compound interest. The sooner you bank it the greater the dividends.
  • 65. 15/11/2012 © 100%Open 2011 111Open Business Models Franchise Co-branding Peer to peer Spinout Cross licensing Delivery partnership Copyright Alliance Proprietary supplier Minority stake Design platform Majority stake Collaborative Group buying Acquisition Crowd-sourcing Merger Communities of interest Co-Creative Membership org. R&D Joint venture Cooperative Kaizen Freemium Creative commons Paywall Closed Joint R&D Market research Open source Profit share
  • 66. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 112Connect the Dots “Connect on your similarities, and benefit from your differences.” Valdis Krebs
  • 67. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 113It’s a small world… “The world isn’t getting smaller, the networks are getting bigger” Greg Hadfield
  • 68. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 114And Finally… “More people pooling more resources in new ways is the history of civilisation.” Howard Rheingold
  • 69. 15 November 2012 © 100%Open 2012 115Thank YouRoland HarwoodCo-Founder & Partner100%Open | Somerset House | South Building | London | WC2R 1LAPhone: +44 (0)20 78133 1006 | +44 (0)7811 761 435Email: roland@100Open.comWeb: www.100Open.comTwitter: @100Open
  • 70. Approach toInnovation- It’s all about thepeople Mike Addison 14th November’12
  • 71. Introductions• Fast Moving Consumer Goods • BSc and Ph.D Chemistry from Edinburgh University (’73 to ’80)•>175 Years old •Joined P& G late ’81 in R&D in Newcastle•~120,000 people employed worldwide • 17 years innovation for Fabric &Home Care• Operations in 80 countries • 4 years in charge of European Seed Fund to• Net Sales of >$80 billion turbo charge internal innovation.• 24 billion dollar brands •10 years establishing and developing Open Innovation interests in the UK•Spends almost $2 billion per year onR&D • Retired 31st October 2012
  • 72. Provocations !• What sort of Business are you in ?• What innovation do you want and can afford?• Be intentional on where you want to play?
  • 73. Perspective on Innovation & Collaboration P&Gs Purpose and growth strategy is to improve more lives in more parts of the world more completely — with an unrelenting focus on innovation. We want to partner with the best innovators everywhere, which is why Connect + Develop is at the heart of how P&G innovates. Bob McDonald President and Chief Executive The Procter & Gamble Company
  • 74. A Company of Brands
  • 75. Primary Business Model P&G Business Model• Obtain deep customer and consumer insight• Fulfil needs with superior technology and products• Brand the products• Build scale via world class advertising and global distribution.
  • 76. P&G’s Approach to Innovation I N • CommercialB • Creation NR • Relevance O • SustainingA V •ReachN A •TransformativeD • Profitability T • Disruptive I Where to Play O How to N Win
  • 77. Innovation Flavours• Commercial Innovation – Enhance brand appeal without product change• Sustaining Innovation – Lead a category/industry through product improvement• Transformative Innovation – Change an existing category/industry to make major share gains with sustainable competitive advantage• Disruptive Innovation – Create entirely new sources of consumption, new categories or new segments.
  • 78. Provocations !• What is your innovation process ?• How do you progress through the process?• Who is responsible for what?• Are you managing appropriately?
  • 79. New Product Development Stage GatedFront End Innovation Development Venture Proposition Business Model Market Map Product CONSUMER Concept -Prototypes NEEDS - Market tests Functional - Societal Trends -Transactional Map -Regulatory trends Learning -Technology trends Technology Map SALES
  • 80. Discovery vs. Development Discovery Development• Front End Innovation • Stage Gate• Complex • Complicated• People Centric • Process Centric• Story (Killer issue) Focus • Metric focus• Management Lite • Management Heavy
  • 81. Provocations•How can the external world helpyou?•How can they contact you?•Will they want to work with youagain?
  • 82. The Open Innovation Model
  • 83. Engaging with Open Innovation Business Goals & Strategy Innovation Strategy Open Innovation Targets Find the Build the Make it Do theOpportunities Promising contagious deal
  • 84. Facilitating External Access Internal External Deal MakingAligned with • Wide range of deal Proactive searchinginternal clients structures to deliver against high priorityFocused against mutual value needsstrategic priorities Externally • Legal support andOpen to external networked and expertiseserendipity connected • On going governanceSecuring the right Right people, right and complianceinternal resources places, right time
  • 85. Supplying Open InnovationResponding to Need Creating Demand Get Networked Get Entrepreneurial Understand the NineSigma customer Innocentive EEN (SME base) Focus on the story Focus on USP Maximise value Protect your IP Protect your IP Address the need Understand your competition
  • 86. Bringing it all together Manual Toothbrushes Stretch Electric Toothbrushes S h a Whitening Strips r eForms , Flavours, Benefits, Audience, Price
  • 87. Stories from the Front End • Disruptive • Brand Extension • Re-application of core competencies • Non obvious re- definition of need.
  • 88. Open Innovation Par Excellence CRESTSPINBRUSH
  • 89. Thanks for the attention. Mike Addison Innovation
  • 90. Thank you for attending