7 blippar summary august


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7 blippar summary august

  1. 1. Updated January 2012
  2. 2. What is blippar?•  What is blippar: http://youtu.be/hT-Z6yhiLD8•  A truly game changing new content medium•  To blipp: a fun new verb, rapidly being adopted by consumers, brands and media-owners•  Instantly converts static, physical collateral/ graphics into spontaneously ‘pulled’ interactive content experiences•  Fastest tech in world today with broadest range of applications•  Measurable to the very last blipp•  Track record: Global leader in this space. 100s of paying clients, international expansion, Qualcomm invested
  3. 3. What can blippar do?Any real-world creative e.g. press ad or page, logo,billboard, POS, package or signage can be used asa ‘marker’ (no codes, watermarks or tags) to triggerany smart-phone action. Any combination of thebelow could be delivered:BrandingEntertainment & engagementHugely immersive consumer experience, drivinghigh dwell time and consumer’s undivided attention.Drives brand association and point of difference.• Off pack gaming• Exclusive video/ music/ sport/ fashion content e.g. virtual‘try on’/ celeb photo opportunities• 3D/ animated augmented reality experience• Video playing ‘on’ marker (image coming to life)• Secret ‘reveals’ and story telling (e.g. image/ product turnsinto something else)
  4. 4. What can blippar do?Direct ResponseUtility and functionalityConverts spontaneous interest into a tangibleactivity –trackable to exact #s of interactions/blipp-throughs• Blipp to buy now• Web linking (to mobile website/ YoutTube/ Facebook/Twitter etc.)• Nearest store locator• Add to calendar/ dial phone• Download content to phone e.g. recipe file, lyric files,user-guides etc.
  5. 5. What can blippar do?Direct ResponseValue-rich offersDrives direct conversion to purchase•  M-Coupons (with partners’ preferred solutions)•  Exclusive discount m-commerce or booking codes•  Mutli-blipp incentives•  Competition opportunities (randomised winners, sweep stake or ‘every xth’)
  6. 6. What can blippar do?Dynamic Content DeliveryRich, real-time informationKeeps blipp fresh and helpful – with users checkingback in regularly for updating content• Real time travel/ weather/ sport information• Real time news• Polling/ voting – with real-time scores and results• Refreshed content – different response each time user blipps• Customisation to location, as required (e.g. languagelocalisation, or targeting to nearest ‘x’)
  7. 7. Our track record
  8. 8. How blippar works1.  Choose your marker(s) e.g. press page, image, logo, package, billboard - or any combination2.  Add the blippar call-to-action - ensuring it’s specific and compelling i.e. what do they blipp, and why should they? What’s the compelling story or value you’re offering?3.  Decide what you want to ‘unlock’ from the marker/turn it into4.  Provide a written/ graphical brief for tech review & quotation •  Sign agreement form/ sign-off briefing form •  Collate preferred graphical assets - marker & response to send to blippar5.  Get blipping! Timelines: 1-3 weeks according to complexity Price: On application, according to complexity Assets: Guidelines available on-request
  9. 9. How to get the best results for your blipp1.  Invest in your content •  It is the content that the consumer wants – not just the tech •  Ensure that what is ‘unlocked’ is compelling, exclusive or tells a good story… •  Invest in creative production specifically for the medium2.  Invest in the consumer education •  The size and compelling nature of the ATL call-to-action is THE largest factor in conversion •  Create intrigue e.g. ‘this is not just an ad… this is an interactive xxx’ •  Be specific: i.e. ‘blipp this ad’ or ‘blipp our logo’ to… •  Be compelling: to…’play game’, ‘see exclusive video’, ‘enter the draw ’ etc. •  Don’t confuse the users with additional/ conflicting actions e.g. QR codes3.  Support your blipp •  The best blipps are promoted across multiple formats – on pack (where applicable), in-store, in press, outdoor – even radio/TV can be used •  Press release your brilliant execution, submit it for awards! •  Socially seed everything you do. Create a YouTube video demo, post your markers on Facebook/ Twitter4.  Use the experts •  The beauty of the one platform model is that we know what does and doesn’t work. Let us help you!
  10. 10. Success to date AUGUST 20121,000,000 85% 70% AVERAGE BLIPPSDirect downloads The largest singleplatform, image-recog 15% 30% 7.5x per first time userAR audience globally (85% active)AVERAGE DWELL MANY CAMPAIGNS DATA TRACKING TOOL Unique/ total blipps by date/ time, geo-2.5 mins 250,000+ mapping, % response by marker activity in blipp e.g. click thru, downloads, photo- per blipp INTERACTIONS shares etc.
  11. 11. Just don’t take our word for it!A selection of awards, nominations and press profiles
  12. 12. Get blipping now! Install and start up the app Tap on ‘my blippar’ Tap on ‘location’ Scroll down and select ‘demo’(ensure you have latest version) and then blipp the following markersNOTE: you must reactivate ‘global’ to see live blipps. Do this by selecting ‘Global’ from the location list.
  13. 13. Blipp each marker individually
  14. 14. Blipp each marker individually
  15. 15. Blipp each marker individually
  16. 16. Blipp each marker individually
  17. 17. Blipp each marker individually
  18. 18. Blipp each marker individually
  19. 19. Blipp each marker individually
  20. 20. Blipp each marker individually
  21. 21. The futureThe Behavior •  User habitually ‘blipps’ the flat, static world around them •  Content is developed with this medium specifically in mind •  Media is bought according to how it converts •  One app. One call-to-action. One cumulative audience acquired to the app• The Business •  Series A investment this summer •  International expansion - US Q3, 2012, ROW, Q4 2012 •  ‘blipps’ built directly by brands & media owners around the world on an open self-service platformHow? blipp
  22. 22. Thank you