Introduction to perspective
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Introduction to perspective



A visual way of having students look at how we may see issues from more than one side and still be right

A visual way of having students look at how we may see issues from more than one side and still be right



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Introduction to perspective Introduction to perspective Presentation Transcript

  • An introduction
    Perspective taking
  • perspective [pəˈspɛktɪv] n
    1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc., and judging their relative importance
    2. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity try to get some perspective on your troubles
    What is perspective
  • Perspective is how YOU see the world.
    Your perspective will be different from others around you.
    No one else can have the exact same perspective as you because they are not you…they have different life experiences.
    Two people can have a similar perspective, or may agree on a perspective…but it is still individual….
    What does this really Mean?
  • What do you think the following expression means?
    “some people see the world in black and white, and others in shades of grey”
    Discussion Point One
  • Class Examples for discussion
    Write down what YOU see in each of the following pictures
  • Picture One
    Do you see?
    Trees and the sky
    A face
    Can you now see both?
  • Do you see?
    A vase
    Two faces looking at each other
    Can you now see both?
    Picture two
  • Do you see
    A beautiful young woman?
    An ugly older woman?
    Can you now see both?
    Picture Three
  • Answer the following questions in full sentences:
    Is it possible for two people to be right even if they are seeing different things?
    How does this relate to perspective and issues? Can people see totally opposite sides of an issue and still both be correct?
    Individual Written response
  • Develop a criteria be for being correct or having a correct perspective?
    List three things that you would have to have for a perspective to be correct. What does correct perspective look like?
    Write your each of your three ideas on a different sticky note.
    Take your sticky notes and put the on the white board.
    If you have the same or very close to the same idea as another group, stick your note on top of theirs.
    Partner Written response