Bed 308 accomplishments and projects


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  • Beginning course details and/or books/materials needed for a class/project.
  • Introductory notes.
  • Introductory notes.
  • Objectives for instruction and expected results and/or skills developed from learning.
  • Relative vocabulary list.
  • A list of procedures and steps, or a lecture slide with media.
  • Bed 308 accomplishments and projects

    1. 1. BED 308ACCOMPLISHMENTS ANDPROJECTSSARAH SELLDr. CurranBED 308 Directed Study and Instructional Media &Technology
    2. 2. Contents Resume Accomplishme nts Assignments Web Page Final Project Summary Statement
    3. 3. Resume  A resume is the key to earning a successful job or career. Before potential colleagues and bosses meet you they will judge you and select you based on the contents and professionalism of your résumé. In BED 308 we were instructed to construct a resume through a template from Microsoft Word and were afterward encouraged to update it frequently so to obtain a prepared resume at any time. F:DocumentsResume 1.docx  Another form of resume some professions may require such as education are electronic portfolios. Electronic Portfolios are similar to a resume in their contents but carry in the display of information. Electronic portfolios can be submitted and accessed via the internet or like the only we created in BED 308 in a power point presentation. F:DocumentsDigital Portfolio.pptx
    4. 4. Accomplishments External Internal 19 Assignments  Familiarization with Microsoft Office 3 (hysterical) Videos  Discovery of and interest with the FLIP camera in the FLIP Camera and Smart Board lesson Software plans and operation  Experience with of the Smart board Smartbarod and Applications Internet explorations  Broad knowledge of Wed Microsoft Office resources exploration  Comfort in using and integrating into my future classroom new technologies
    5. 5. Assignments Introduction- Word Essay Scavenger Hunt Assignment #1- Topic resources list (Topics 1), Letter to a classmate (Letter1), Weather Report (Weather 1)F:DocumentsTopics1.docx, F:DocumentsLetter1.docx, F:DocumentsWeather 1.docx Filamentality Assignment Assignment #2- Resume (Resume 1) and Digital Portfolio (digital Portfolio)F:DocumentsResume 1.docx, F:DocumentsDigital Portfolio.pptx Assignment #3- Exploration of Power Point Templates on Microsoft Power Point and Internet Presentation (Internet Presentation 1)F:DocumentsInternet Presentation 1.pptx Assignment #4- Accomplishments Presentation (my Accomplishments)F:MyAccomplishments1.pptx Assignment #5- Airline flight information, Virtual florist, Publisher information, Job listing sites, Social networking perspectivesF:Assignment 5, memo.docx Assignment #6- Social Networking Summaries & ReviewsF:Assignment 6, social networking.docx Assignment #7- Krispy Kreme Corporation review, Krispy Kreme Stock information, News headline reviews, (internet Exploration 2)F:internet exploration 2.docx
    6. 6. Assignments(Continued) Assignment #8- youtube, teachertube, and School tube video reviews (Video Assignment)F:video assignment.docx Assignment #9- library data base presentation and review (Assignment 9)F:Assignment 9.pptx Assignment #10- Exploration of Smart Board softwareF:Asssignment 10, smart board templates review.docx Assignment #11- News Stories summaries, Smart Board Lessons, Experiencing the smart boardF:Assignment 11, Internet Exploration- Smart Board.docx Assignment # 12- Web site exploration (Assignment 12)F:Assignment 12.docx Assignment #13- world news papers reviews (Assignment 13)F:Asssignment 13 Newspaper Headline Reviews.docx Assignment #14 – Experiencing the Flip Camera and Computer applicationsC:Documents and SettingsRider Computer LabsMy DocumentsMy VideosFlipShare DataVideosVID00024.MP4, C:Documents and SettingsRider Computer LabsMy DocumentsMy VideosFlipShare DataVideosVID00023.MP4 Assignment #15- Smart Board and FLIP camera integration presentationF:assignment 15.pptx
    7. 7. Personal Web Page To better market yourself in the job market today, may people have found great benefits in creating personal web pages. Personal web pages allow potential hirers to explore the credentials and personality a person without meeting them face to face. Personal web pages should reflect the interests and causes the individual believes in. Wed pages will also usually disclose information similar to what is found in a resume such as schooling, job history, areas of studies, and obtained degrees. The personal web pages that we created were through a system called Filimentality. Filemantality was created by AT&T and enables anyone who creates an account to construct a personal web page by implementing wed sites of related interests into the interchangeable templates and settings.
    8. 8. Final ProjectSummary  My final project highlighted and explained in greater detail the INTASC Standards  INTASC stands for Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium  It’s primary goal is to supply novice teachers with what they need to know and do when beginning their teaching careers  The 10 standards/ principles are as follow: 1. Understanding Content 2. Understanding development 3. Understanding Difference 4. Designing instructional strategies 5. Managing and motivating 6. Communicating 7. Planning and integrating 8. Evaluating 9. Reflecting on Practice 10. Participating in the professional community
    9. 9. StatementUpon Enrolling in BED 308, I was completelycomputer illiterate and quite franklyintimidated by technology. Integrated for BED308 so as to gain a better understanding andmore experience with technology so as tobetter assist my students and provide for them thebest opportunities possible with technology. I amfinishing the course with a peace of mind and agained confidence in working with new means ofmedia. I have worked with smart boards, FLIPcamera, the Internet, and Microsoft office toprepare me for my future as an educator. I am nowmore ready to embrace technology, no longerafraid, but excited to explore and experiments withwhat the computer, a smartboards or a camera canprovide. I will be sure to enact on the knowledge that Ihave learned in BED 308 and pass it on to my students as apart of their essential education.