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Globalisation Task
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Globalisation Task


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A Powerpoint file created to test the use of mobile tools for ePortfolio creation, as part of a study group exercise. …

A Powerpoint file created to test the use of mobile tools for ePortfolio creation, as part of a study group exercise.

The Powerpoint outlines a simple collection task that could be completed on a mobile.

The Slideshare will be used for test viewing from Safari on an iTouch, and also to test viewing from Facebook and other tools which might be used for ePortfolio collections.

All the content in this Powerpoint was created by me.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Globalisation
    • Your task:
    • Use the mobile to collect information about globalisation in your community
  • 2.
    • nominate a category (write/type)
    • take 2 photos (camera/mobile)
    • describe the photos and e(write/speak)
    • explain why the photos represent globalisation (write/speak)
    • upload all material to computer
    Steps to complete this task
  • 3.
    • Choose a category to research:
      • food in the supermarket
      • cars in a car dealership
      • clothes or shoes in a clothing store
        • Write or type your choice into the notebook, or audio record your choice as a voice note (see How to record).
    Step 1 - choose
  • 4. Step 2 - snap Take AT LEAST two photos that fit your category and represent globalisation. For example, if you chose ‘food in the supermarket’, go to the supermarket and take two photos of food items that you think represent globalisation.
  • 5. Step 3 - describe
    • Make a new text or voice note for each photo, explaining:
    • what the photo shows
    • where you were when you took the photo
    • what else was around you when you took the photo
  • 6. Step 4 - explain
    • Make another note or VoiceMemo for each photo and answer these two questions:
    • What is in the photo that makes you think of globalisation?
    • What would you rather have:
    • Lots of consumer choices here
    • Locally-made items here
  • 7. Step 5 - upload
    • connect the mobile to a computer using USB cable or wifi
    • open your blog page in a browser
    • email or copy-and-paste the text and voice notes to your blog
    • download the photos to the computer and copy them to your blog
    This information will change, depending on the software you’re using! See separate docs for details on each method.
  • 8. Tips for collecting Its OK to make lots of different text or voice notes. Just make sure you have answered all the questions and recorded everything you can think of.