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Fractal art
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Fractal Art, Art Appreciation, May 3 2012, Final Project, by Sarah Hensley …

Fractal Art, Art Appreciation, May 3 2012, Final Project, by Sarah Hensley

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  • 1. Fractal Art Artists: William Latham Kerry Mitchell Vicky Brago-MitchellPresentation By Sarah Hensley Scott Draves
  • 2. What is it?• Computer and digital art• Form of Algorithmic Art• Detailed pattern repeating itself• Not drawn or painted by hand
  • 3. The Fractal Art Manifesto • By Kerry Mitchell"Fractal Art is a subclass of two-dimensional visual art, and is in many respects similar tophotography—another art form that was greeted by skepticism upon its arrival. Fractal imagestypically are manifested as prints, bringing fractal artists into the company of painters,photographers, and printmakers. Fractals exist natively as electronic images. This is a format thattraditional visual artists are quickly embracing, bringing them into Fractal Arts digital realm.Generating fractals can be an artistic endeavor, a mathematical pursuit, or just a soothing diversion.However, Fractal Art is clearly distinguished from other digital activities by what it is, and by what itis not."
  • 4. Types• Standard Geometry• Iterated Function Systems (IFS)• Strange Attractors• Fractal Flame• L-System Fractal• Complex Polynomials• Newton Fractals• Quaternion• Fractal Terrains
  • 5. Gallery• No more than 4 works on a wall• Singular light on each painting• Soft music playing in background
  • 6. William Latham
  • 7. Kerry Mitchell
  • 8. Vicky Brago-Mitchell
  • 9. Scott Draves
  • 10. Citation• William Latham • http://www.doc.gold.ac.uk/~mas01whl/• Kerry Mitchell • https://www.fractalus.com/kerry/• Vicky Brago-Mitchell • http://www.abm-enterprises.net/wallpaper.html• Scott Draves • http://scottdraves.com/