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Researching methods and techniques

  1. 1. Researching Methods and Techniques A New ‘James Bond’ Film By Sarah Innes
  2. 2. Target AudienceMy target audience for the new James Bond movie would carry on from the previous audience and fans from the earlier movies.The success of the movies has gathered many more followers from across the world, even though a new James Bond movie willinstantly be a topic of interest amount the public the movie still has to be at a excellent quality to attract the target audience. Theaudience for these bond movies expect high end quality and new interesting plot lines, as this movie has been carried on for manyyear it still has to reflect the traditional values but show case the new technologies of the new film making world. With this inmind the primary audience is young males due to the amount of action which is included, even though this film is targeted at themale population young girls are also interested in the movie as well as the 40-50 age range who grew up with the original Bondmovies of the 60s and 70s.The target audience for the new film will over 18, many of the product placements of the previous films such as 1997s TomorrowNever Dies included Heineken Beer, with the drinking age in the UK being 18 it shows that the Producers and the Beer companyexpect people in their 20s + to see the film and connect with the placements. Another incentive to have the target audience intheir 20’s and more so targeted at males due to the about of the product place Aston Martin is seen in many of the action scenes,this shows how the car makers understand that the audience of the film will connect to the conation of the car being a spy carwhich will attract the older males to buy the new range of car.According to the Spokeswomen of Smirnoff, the company is no longer seeking the Bond audience, "We are really looking toattract customers that are more in the 21 to 29 age group, People in that age group socialize more." The Bond audience, said theSmirnoff rep, is men 25 to 45, and not into socializing, just into being cool. Bonds studio, MGM, insists that the Bond targetaudience is men and women age 13 to 59, which means that those on the low end shouldnt be drinking anything at all.
  3. 3. Genre and Methods of Marketing of James BondGenre of James BondAccording to Guinness World Records, the James Bond films are the most profitable film series of all time. It is also the longestcontinuing series of English language films. The James Bond series is considered the best in genre for Action, these films includemany typical action movie stereo types such as a the man A evil Villain is usually the course of the fighting in the movie whichcourses the Hero to fight back with guns, explosives and frequent car chases resolve the feud between them in the storyline.This is a typical storyline for all the James Bond movies , a this stereotype is very vague it allows the writers too expand intoother characters and the motives for the fighting, usually involving a typical ‘Bond Girl’.The action oriented, sophisticated andskilful agent often have a set characteristics such as James Bond. In the many movies which have features the character JamesBond has shown him with a man of taste, liking fancy clothes, dry vodka martinis shaken, not stirred, hi-tech gadgets, and cars(Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit, and BMWs). He has also battled various types of eccentric, deadly and infamous criminals whoplanned to assault the world.Methods of MarketingThe James Bond movies have developed a key for marketing there films, with more and more of there movies planning to comeout there is a bigger hype for the next one, this constantly ads a bigger fan base for the release of the next movie resulting inbigger box office success. The main method of marketing for the James Bond movies is linking the movie with a product, Bondmovies are especially popular with advertisers because of their appeal to the young and old. An example of this is during therelease of Casino Royal (2006) as the producers linked the movie with the new Aston Martin DBS. This allows the option forextra print and TV advertising for the cinema release of the film, the producers can include in the contract that the film releasedate and title has to be mentions in any adverting produced for the product. The method worked extremely well for CasinoRoyal (2006) as people were excited to see the new model of the Aston Martin DBS, the wanted to see the new car in actionresulting them turning to the cinema to have a first look.Opening Weekend: Casino Royal (2006)$40,833,156 (USA) (19 November 2006) (3,434 Screens)£13,370,969 (UK) (19 November 2006) (505 Screens)€1,238,414 (Netherlands) (26 November 2006) (132 Screens)PHP 26,214,062 (Philippines) (19 November 2006) (135 Screens)
  4. 4. Country of exhibitionThe new James Bond movie is going to have three different Premieres, one in Lester Square, LA and France, Paris following in thefoot steps of the James Bond For Your Eyes Only (1981). I will make sure that all the main cast and crew attend all the premiere tomaximise attention and marketing for the film. These film will also be shown in all cinemas due to the popularity of the previousmovies, maximising profit. To show the UK heritage of the movie I realise the movie 2 weeks before world wide realise in the UKallowing the UK citizens to feel their importance to the success of all the other Bond Movie. This will also boost hype about themovie before the realise in the US to maximise first weekend taking at the Box Office.In 1964 Goldfinger made a worldwide gross of $124,900,000 which is a increase of the gross from Dr. No (1963) which made$59,567,035. The big increase of the success from Goldfinger was the result of overseas press, Goldfinger was released in 17different countries in the duration of 6 years, the movie was also premiere in New York, Paris, LA and London. James Bond Premiere for Quantum of Solace Roger Moore promoting the James Bond film For Your (2008) London Odeon Lester Square. Eyes Only in Paris, France (1981).
  5. 5. Production CompaniesEON Productions is the main film production company known for producing the James Bond film series, the company operatesfrom Pinewood Studios UK. This production company has proven that it is a perfect suit to produce the Bond movies due to hugesuccess the that have achieved. For my new Bond movie I would choose this production company to help me create this movie,it understands the marketing techniques which suits these movies as well as the type of strategies which could help create aneven bigger buzz for the up coming movie. The company has produced all the Bond movies and has also produced other bigsuccess includes Call Me Bwana (1963) . The companies role as a film production company to manage the running of the movieincluding hiring, financing, marketing , equipment and the organising of the daily filming of the movie.EON Production Company – filmographyQuantum of Solace (2008) Production Company (as Albert R. Broccolis Eon Productions)Casino Royale (2006) Production Company (as Albert R. Broccolis Eon Productions Limited)Die Another Day (2002) Production Company (presents) (as Albert R. Brocollis Eon Productions Limited)The World Is Not Enough (1999) Production Company (presents) (as Albert R. Broccolis Eon Productions Limited)Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Production Company (presents) (as Albert R. Broccolis Eon Productions Limited)GoldenEye (1995) Production Company (made by)Licence to Kill (1989) Production CompanyThe Living Daylights (1987) Production CompanyA View to a Kill (1985) Production CompanyOctopussy (1983) Production Company (as Eon Productions Ltd.)For Your Eyes Only (1981) Production Company (made by) (as Eon Productions Ltd.)The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Production CompanyThe Man with the Golden Gun (1974) Production CompanyLive and Let Die (1973) Production Company (as Eon Productions Limited)Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Production Company (made by) (as Eon Productions Limited)On Her Majestys Secret Service (1969) Production CompanyYou Only Live Twice (1967) Production Company (as An Eon Production)Thunderball (1965) Production Company (as An Eon Production)Goldfinger (1964) Production Company (as An Eon Production)Dr. No (1962) Production Company
  6. 6. Genre and Methods of Marketing of 5 Other FilmsThese 5 film are in the same genre as the James Bond movies, this genre include action/ adventure. I will explain their marketingstrategies and how it could be helpful in the marketing for the new James Bond Movie.1. Warrior (2011)This movie share the same action genre as the James Bond movies, even though it is not a spy based movie it still creates the samesuspense and thrill which you get when you are watching the James Bond movies. This advertising strategies was aimed at themiddle age working man, as the name of the movie is the same as the Mitsubishi Warrior Truck they made a advertising connectionwith the car manufacture so when you test drive the car you get a chance to enter in a competition to win tickets to the premier ofthe movie in London . Even if the person does not win it raises awareness of the movie and create a vibe about the feeling of thefilm due to the connection with the truck. This is a good idea to connect a movie with a make of car which represents the film aswith many movie targeted at men they feel that if they can buy the car which is associated with their favourite character they canfeel they carry the same characteristics such as James Bond.2. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)This movie share many similarities of the James Bond movies at it shares the genres of action/adventure and it is also about a spy.This movie was advertised thought a viral campaign , Google and Universal created a online game “inspired by the ‘Bourne’ films” inwhich players take on the role of a CIA operative tracking Jason Bourne across the planet. Google also arranged to get a screenshotof a Google results page during a scene in the film. Google helped to promote the film through the game due to a extra productsurrounding the story of the film, the game was realised a few month before the movie was released helping in a box office total of£227.2M. This strategy would work for any action movie which was soon to be released, but this would only work if the was a sagato help the buzz of the game release.
  7. 7. 3. Safe House (2012)This movie shares the same genre of action with the James Bond movies. This movie used its cast as the advertising strategy forthis movie, with a cast of Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds the movie was well herd of by the time of its release. Denzeladvertised this movies by appearing on many chat showing including the UK Jonathan Ross show and the US David Lettermanshow. In these interviews Denzel hypes up the movie by taking about the stunts he performed and about the preparation he had todo to get himself ready for playing such a in depth character. He also talks about working with American heart throb Ryan Reynoldsand how the movie will attract many different people to cinema. This advertising technique is used allot in many Hollywoodblockbusters due to the fan base the actors bring with them, counting in a large profit at the box office.4. The Hunger Games(2012)This movie includes the genre of action/ drama similar to the James Bond films. This movie has a strong advertising strategy dueto the amount of buzz which surrounds it because of the success of the Hunger games books. The movie trailer is one of thecentre points to the film due to the amount of gripping action which is shown in it, they use this to their advantage to advertising iton TV. When The Hunger Games trailer was released on UK TV it was cut up into 2 second clips, jumping between differentadverts to attach the viewers, making them wonder what the movie was about. This is a very good was to get a movie noticed intoday society as so many different techniques have been used before, the trailer clips let the audience deep into the world of thefilm and leave them wanting more, this is when they visit the cinema.5. Contagion(2011)Contagion is a drama/thriller movie, this movie had a unit marketing strategy which made many residents of Toronto start talkingabout it. Warner Brothers used two storefront billboards for the movie using live bacteria, fungi and mould. The media promotionteam hired 25 microbiologists and immunologists to test which bacteria would work best for the sign. The boards were handstencilled and the bacteria brushed on spelling out the movies name. When the ads first went up, the name of the film was hardlyvisible, but as time went on the name of the movie started to appear. This is an amazing example of a unique advertising strategy,it helped spread the word of the movie as it was such a mystery about what the signs were advertising.